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Christafari's "Response To The Essay"


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In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when ye are gathered together, and my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.

(the apostle Paulus, 1 Corinthians 5:1-5, KJV) 

And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell [it] unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.


I am sorry to make this rebuke public, but that is what we are called to do according to Matthew 18 and 1st Corinthian 5

(christafari, october 23, 2004)


As we saw in the preceding essay, one disastrous aspect of Christafarianism is that Christafarians continually mistake critique on their created culture for attacks on Christianity.

We also saw how even the most extreme and militant Rastafarians are not against Christafari because of Christianity, but because of Christafarianism.

This “mistake” feeds the conflict continually. Of course. It is a final defense mechanism. To be applied when all arguments fail…

But when arguments fail, truth is no longer served.

The exposee of “Christafarianism 1.0” has brought this to light. Christafari was triggered to utilize their defense mechanism to the ultimate degree. And with that, expose themselves even further.

Again, I’m only bringing this to the light. Again, the truth may be an offense but not a sin. Everything I state is documented. And of course I’m by far not the only one to have critique on Christafari.

Christafari explains it to their fan base as “The Gospel Is A Stumbling Block”. Ofcourse that creates a mind-set within the Christafarian community. When you critisize Christafari, you must be an anti-Christian.

And so it became appearant that Christafari not only abuses Rastafarian symbology to forward and maintain their position, they do the same with Christian doctrines.

My essay triggered Christafari to take this mind set to the ultimate degree. Because it only started with the Christafari Forum administrator deleting a discussion around a sample chapter from it.

When I wrote them about it, their reply came in the form of an open letter entitled “A Final Rebuke To Messian Dread”.

A very interesting letter.

It was literally loaded with unsubstantiated accusations and misinterpretations of almost anything you can possibly mis-interpretate. All to explain the “spiritual public execution” that the letter turned out to be.

One off-line CRC[1] analyst described to me the anger he saw in the letter. I hadn’t noticed the full depth of this anger until he pointed me out to it. Our thoughts were driven to that Bible Scripture which warns the reader not to sin in her or his anger.

When anger is your motivation and religion the language you choose to express that anger, you just got to be very cautious. Especially when your anger is personal.

Now there’s an extra dimension to that, if the anger is expressed in written form.

Writing is a thinking process. The more easy it is for you to read certain writings, the more difficult it was for the writer to find the words.

When I write, I often sit and stare at the computer screen for hours and the only result is a few lines.

Especially when I write something I know will be read by many people.

I write some words, stare, delete them, and write again. I look outside my window, in my archives, in my coffee supply, on the Internet, and write some more. I try to read my words like I was you. I print them out, put myself down on a chair and read. And then it starts all over again. Until I’ve reached a point in which I think the writing is - more or less- finished.

I have to be highly motivated to write what I write, and I have to use every promille in my IQ to find the words. I am forced to think not only twice, but many times before I “say” a thing.

So if anger is the motivation for me to write, and I write a thoughtfull piece, you can bet I’m angry. And you bet that anger isn’t going away very soon. And you should be able to bet that my anger has to be just, too.

Especially when my anger is expressed by putting an anathema on a brother or sister in Yesus Kristos. In other words, when my anger makes me deny the faith of my brother or sister.  Because then I put myself on the seat of JAH Himself, and make myself a mere tool of a Higher Anger, the Anger of JAH!

Now I did not only illustrate the process of writing, I also just described the “final rebuke to Messian Dread”.

It was written by someone who was very angry, and the analyst I mentioned suspected that Devon was closely related to Mark Mohr. Is this an important detail? Yes, absolutely.

Because as we will see, most of the responses from Christafari HQ are aimed at me as a person. The main reason for that is because the contents and the argumentation of the essay can not easily be disproved. A second, very interesting aspect we will see is how Bible scriptures and evangelical correct language are being applied to justify and multiply this personal anger.

And that is where we enter the weird mind set of the Christafarians. Because the “final rebuke to Messian Dread” only makes sense to Christafarians and analysts.

Christafari exposed how far they were willing to go to in their efforts to keep the Christafarians tightly under control.

It showed how Christafari tried to repair the damage they felt was done to one of the pillars of their “culture”: a complete seperation of true Rastafari and true Christianity. Now that they could no longer easily deny the faith of Rastafarian Christians anymore, their remarkable step was to separate Rastafari and Christafarianism even further as a result.

At first they simply explained the seperation between them and Rastafari as the logical seperation between a Christian and a Pagan. But no longer could they maintain that position as they were publicly proven wrong now. Not in a small posting on a messageboard or in an e-mail, but in a book.

Now they could have taken the points in my essay as an invitation, as a reached out hand. If they would have read it carefully they would have seen that they were given the opportunity to stop the theatre and be real dreads.

To be, if you will, Christian Rastafarians: Christafarians.

Now I’m sure that if Christafari ever takes the trouble to try and write a reply to this book, they will use this as evidence for the Christafarians that I am only trying to make Rastafarians out of Christians. But with that they would state that Rastafari is opposed to Christianity, that it is wrong for a Christian to be a Rasta. And this they also admitted was not so.

So the more Christafarianism is confronted with logic, with facts, with non-Christafarians, the more the weakness of it becomes clear. And I say without apology that the message of Yesus Kristos isn’t weak. So is Christafarianism the message of Yesus Kristos? No, it’s not.

The more people see that the emperor has no clothes, the more he will know that he is exposed. And unless someone thinks that being a Christian is like saying that the naked emperor wears nice clothes, this should ring all the alarm bells.

But at the moment I write this the only alarm bell ringing in the heads of the Christafarians is the “smell bell”. And it’s not coffee what they smell.

Please let me explain.

Or even better, let Christafari explain in their “Final Rebuke To Messian Dread[2]:

Christafarians (if there is such a thing) know the truth when they hear it and can smell a skunk in the room no matter how much it hides.”


Is there such a thing? Definitely.

Please keep in mind, that the word Christafarians is used by Christafari to adress their fan base with who they have created the culture they themselves call christafarianism.

Do they know the truth? Definitely not about Rastafari and Christianity!

In the essay that preceeded this one, we’ve seen how the youths in the evangelical world are being kept “inside”. And in the same time their in-sight concerning Rastafari is so shockingly wrong that they view all Rastas as anti-christians who hate Yesus Kristos.

Can they smell a skunk in the room? Huh?

Of course, a description of the discomfort a Christafarian feels when (s)he is confronted with critique on his/her culture without any argumentation to counter this critique. The stress (s)he can feel if there is a gap between verifiable information and the teachings they have received.

As it was in the end, so it was in the beginning of the “rebuke” where Christafari adresses the recipients:

We at apologize to all of those that have been hurt, offended or belittled by his irrational and often vicious posts throughout the years. We are sorry that you have been wounded by this individual's sharp words.”

It was very interesting and noteworthy to see how the contents of the critique itself was bypassed as much as possible throughout the whole letter. Alternatively, a big focus was placed on emotional discomfort. This showed Christafari’s focus in an unquestionable way.

They also admit this in their next paragraph:

We have attempted to fix this problem many times. In this forum, we have always tried to foster a friendly environment where individuals can discuss without being disrespected or belittled. As the administrator of this board (a responsibility that I do not take lightly), I am again being bombarded with a host of phone and e-mail complaints about this person. Given this, we are forced to take action once again.

This “action” they were “forced to take” because of the many expressions of experienced discomfort did not consist out of an administrative ban from the website.

In some of the first reaction people gave to that “rebuke”, in which they expressed disagreement, Christafari stated: “Messian Dread has not been removed or otherwise banned from this forum, he removed himself by stating that he wouldn't be posting on this forum anymore.[3].

So what was the action they were forced to take after so many people have expressed their discomfort?

The action, as you could read in the quote that started this chapter, was that I was handed over to Satan in name of Christafari. That I was spiritually executed and to be treated as a “publican and heathen man”. But they made Yesus Kristos and Paulus say these words for them…

It’s very odd, if you think about it. Here we have a Forum Administrator[4] actually doing her work in a religious way. This exposes the mind set within Christafari to a great extend. People are banned from the Christafari Message Boards in the same way as people are banned from the Kingdom of JAH, and supposedly for the same reasons.

Another practical work-out of christafarianism, where the unbiblical character of it becomes so blatant that those who don’t see it should be seriously considered brainwashed!

Yes, people are being given to satan. The example from 1 Corinthians 5, when they have used to explain their actions, was against someone who, without willingness even to repent, was committing fornication. Sexual immorality that even today in western “civilization” is considered abject: incest.

It is reported commonly [that there is] fornication among you, and such fornication as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have his father's wife. And ye are puffed up, and have not rather mourned, that he that hath done this deed might be taken away from among you.  For I verily, as absent in body, but present in spirit, have judged already, as though I were present, [concerning] him that hath so done this deed,  In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when ye are gathered together, and my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ,  To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus. (1 Corinthians 5:1-5)

The above sin is clearly a sin against the Most High. Because you are violating the Temple of the Holy Spirit when you commit fornication.  But for Christafari, when you’re doing something perceived to be personally against Mark Mohr, this will also get you on the list of candidates for people to be handed over to Satan. Spiritually, a very very serious, to use an understatement: “error”..

I am sorry to make this rebuke public, but that is what we are called to do according to Matthew 18 and 1st Corinthian 5.

As I have digested this matter for some time, I am reminded of Jude 1:18-19 that says;

"In the last times there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires. These are the men who divide you, who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit."

This is not to say that you do not have the Spirit, only God knows that.[5]

What does the Lord Yesus Kristos tell us in the 18th chapter of Matthew? Let’s take a look.

Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. But if he will not hear [thee, then] take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell [it] unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.  (Matthew 18:15-17)

For Mark Mohr and Christafari there is no difference between committing incest and doing a personal thing “against a brother”.  For Mark Mohr and Christafari there is no difference between delivering someone to Satan and telling the Church.

But that doesn’t bother Christafari. When they can abuse the Bible for their Purpose, they’ll do it. The whole Christafarian Image, the use of an outward charicature of a Rasta, shows this too.

Because where Paulus never told the Christians they should utilize the “wolfes in sheeps clothing” method, Christafari bends it’s bible interpretation so that they make Paulus say such a thing. With that, of course, they discredit Christianity.

And where Paulus and Yesus never told the Christians to hand people over to Satan for a mere disagreement, a Christafarian bends it’s bible interpretation so that they make Yesus and Paulus say such a thing. With that, of course, they discredit Christ!

But these are only two examples out of many, in which it becomes very clear how lightly Christafari HQ picks certain things out of Rastafari and Christianity, bends them for Purpose and then brings it in some kind of presentation that caters to the itchy ears of the “Christian” world. Ears that want to be tickled without being confronted too much with the “big bad outside”.

If you spend some time in the CRC archives, you can find many deleted threads. Make yourself comfortable and browse through the many discussions. Read how many times, when there are no more arguments left, the language changes. You’ll find sentences like: “Be carefull not to run in danger of having the mark of the divider”.

This can be explained quite easily when you take into consideration how Christafarians are trained to consider any critique on Christafarianism an attack on Christianity.

Put yourself in their position for a while.

Imagine that you think that Rastas are haters of Yesus Kristos and willing to even physically attack a Christian for his faith in the Divine Saviour.

Of course you read the press where the “stories from the frontline” can be quite sensational. The Buju incident for example has been covered extensively in the Christian press and is used by Christafari until this day to express how “the Gospel” can be a “stumbling block”.

You have a high and deep respect for these “workers on the frontline” and you admire their courage to go into the lion’s den: the Reggae Sunsplash tour and even mission trips to Jamaica.

In your eyes these people can’t be wrong and any opposition they face is obviously an attempt to stop the Gospel.

Now here comes someone[6] who claims that Christafari is wrong in their assertions. But he can not be discredited instantly by being identified as a non-Christian. His message: “There are Christian Rastafarians and you are hurting them by denying their faith”. You become confused, because you read at the Christafari website that “it is seriously misleading for a Christian to call themselves Rasta”. After all, that’s why Christafari is called Christafari...

Now someone does not agree with that statement you read and hold as truth, the Christian Truth, and can not easily be proven wrong. However, he  is clearly opposing a lot of things which you have learned to be “very Christian” so to speak.

You start to “feel” that there is something wrong. You get confused. You see that others around you get confused. Stuff you learned turns out to be far from the universal truth you thought it was.

And since you were unaware of the many facts mentioned in the views opposing christafarianism, you have no answer.

You feel like you are experiencing an attempt by Satan to infiltrate in the church and to divide the christians. You and your group being the Christians, of course.

And that’s when you “realize” you should tell the other one: “you are a divider”. You don’t realize how you yourself have followed the divider who denied the existance of Rastafarian Christians, calling them “deceivers” until this day. Because he spoke your evangelical correct ...

How great is your relief when you see a “final rebuke” to the “divider”, starting of by apologizing to you for the lack of peace and safety you experienced during this most unpleasant period. A time in which you felt like someone was rocking at the foundations of your very Judeo Christian Belief System. In a place where you came for an enviroment of, peace and safety.

You are amazed about the patience of Christafari when you read that “he has been rebuked both privately and publicly for his maijuana use and compromising blend of Rastafarianism and Christianity”.

The word “marijuana use” triggers your alarm bell. Now you know what that smell in the room was that disturbed your peace and safety. You also forget to wonder why this compromising blend has never ever been defined by Christafari. Because you are happy with the relief you experience.

This is a bit how the mind set of a a Christafarian works.

The world is big and bad, (s)he therefore wants some safe hidingplace where (s)he can re-create her/his own enviroment and culture in an evangelical correct way.

That’s why it shouldn’t be too big of a surprise to see all kinds of things that lack any appearant logical explanation.

An example.

Only since the release of Christafarianism do they now publicly admit that there are Christians within the movement Rastafari. This is the only major change in the update from Christafarianism 1.0 to 2.0, by the way.

On the Christafari message board you can see how uncomfortable they are with this alone as it complicates the way in which they communicate about Rastafari considerably.

And they don’t have a scapegoat to blame for “dividing the church” now. Not really, that is.

Out of many, here is one particular story that evolved a few weeks after Christafari introduced Christafarianism 2.0.

In a discussion on the Christafari Message Boards about certain parts of my book, someone tried to make a point. Attempting to defigure the difference between worshipping a wrong God and worshipping God wrong, he wondered:

What if someone thought that Jesus returned in the person of Michael Jackson for instance and they praised him. That is not praising God wrong, it is praising the wrong God. [7]

Initially, Christafari’s Mark Mohr wholeheartidly agreed with the full statement. He said:

That is some serious wisdom”.

But someone else saw through it and stated: “What an odd idea”.

Mark Mohr quickly realized something and corrected what he first called “serious wisdom”. He did so by correcting the original poster, with the words:

I see your point, but just be careful who you compare with Selassie. That could seriously offend people. Let's compare him with Billy Graham. That's better. Both sinners without Christ, both godly men. Neither are God.

To further clarify the reason for this new “political correctness”, a Christafari moderator added:

That is for real! We know that there are those lurking to catch phrases to twist in to "evidence" that we said something...even when they only read about half of a point.

It was rather interesting to see how this was all done without mentioning the name of the executed, by the way. It is one of the things that follows the “public execution” automatically.

But, much more importantly, it also showed the philosophical struggle Christafari went through, in their quest for a new position in the scheme of things.

We see a philosophy which is aimed at the public’s eye as decisive factor. When someone feels something considered negative, this is of more importance then a correct application of the Bible. Giving someone to Satan over something called elsewhere “a superficial issue in the public’s eye[8] displays how Christafari is simply using a Christianese Correct image to do something quite unchristian.

As you can see, the public execution that was the intitial response of Christafari to my book which exposed their methology has little to do with real Christian principals. During the time in which I was writing on these chapters you now read, I increasingly became aware that Christianity had become a mockery just as much as the Rastafarian charicature that forms Christafarianism.

That’s the reason why I go into the developments directly after Christafarianism was exposed. Because you really see the true colours.

In their “rebuke”, they have quoted scriptures to make treat me as a publican and heathen man, I am called a skunk and (indirectly) a swine and in another referance to the Holy Scripture they have given me to Satan. These are their answers to the contents of my essay.

They even called it a final rebuke but in no way did they practice what they teach cause it only marked the start of their public responses to my book.

Because in the same time that this was all done, Mark Mohr had an extensive correspondence with me and even a phone conversation in which he repeatly stated “I want to fix this problem now”. He acknowledged to me the unbiblical nature of his practice, because if he was right in handing me over to satan he should not talk to me.

But he did. And it was like an interogation.


[1] CRC: Center for Research on Christ Pharisees. This center was founded after the publication of “Christafarianism” and is currently collecting documentation on the “Christian Industrial complex”

[3] See the Christafari Message Board archive at the CRC website. Link

[4] In the hierarchy at the Christafari message boards, there are “moderators” and there is one “administrator” who basically functions as a “moderator of the moderators”. A moderator on the Christafari message boards can, and will, change or delete messages that are labeled “touchy”. Basically, the moderators keep the people on the christafari Messageboard under control and make sure that do not “start fires”.

[6] I am not neccesarily speaking about myself as there are many more who have trod that road. I am only speaking out louder as a result of my choice to “blow the whistle” and inform the public.


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