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The CRC documents the Christian Industrial Complex and other forms of Babylon Sponsored Christianity.



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Christafari's "Response To The Essay"


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“SUBJECT: Re: A Final Rebuke To Messian Dread

FROM: Messian Dread (

TO: Devon And Mark Mohr (


Greetings Devon and Mark Mohr,

Thank you for posting some sort of statement to your website.

I'm not going to point out to the many factual inconsistincies, your choice to call me a skunk and deny my faith, as they are appearantly the only arguments you have left and so I perfectly understand why you can't find more thoughtfull words to describe your position. It is sad, however, to see the reactions as it could have been an opportunity for Christafari to right the wrongs they have done in the Name of Yesus Kristos.

Now it is obvious where this path will lead you to but time will tell....

I do however want to express my disapointment over the fact that Mark Mohr is still not willing to defend his theology and philosophy in a debate and turns to misrepresentations of facts and censorship to further his ideology in the Name of Christianity....”

(Messian Dread, private e-mail to Christafari, October 23, 2004)


This e-mail was sent to Christafari shortly after their “rebuke”. What followed was a short period in which I had an intense correspondence with Christafari’s Mark Mohr.

The correspondence climaxed itself into a 2 hour long phone conversation and gave birth to a public statement called “Mark Mohr’s Response To The Essay”, all of which we will analyse more fully in a next chapter.

As said before, the correspondence and phone conversation were like an interogation. Tricks were used, manipulation techniques, and even the Bible was drawn into it.

I feel for the many who have been subject to these techniques before. And I know there are many. I know some by name and have read their private reports.

Many are too afraid to speak out on this issue because they are being intimidated.

They fear the anger of God. But in reality they have been brainwashed. They think that God wants them to hide the truth in order to protect the wellbeing of a self proclaimed God-chosen leader. At the cost of rotten fruits all over.

Every inch of strength in my spirit and soul was needed to counter the many attempts to make me stop what I’m doing. But I can’t stop.

I’m bringing to light what is hidden, coming up for the Name of my Saviour Yesus Kristos. Exposing the profiteering in and abusing of His Name….

Because that is what we are talking about here. A very clever, some would say not so clever, and admitted way of using Rastafari and Christianity too for the sole purpose of “filling a gap in the christian industry”.

Remember how Christafari called “the culture we created with our fan base” “Christafarianism”? Remember the claim that “God” has chosen Mark Mohr to be “a leader to plug the gap in the Christian Industry”?[1]

Please realize how this is a blasphemic equation of reaching a certain commercial position with the functions of Moses and David. Because by doing so Mohr claims that “the Christian Industry” is the Kingdom of God!

This is an industry, that has “Christianity” as a product which they market to potential customers. It is in this very same industry, with it’s “churches” and “gospel music industry”, of which Mark Mohr claims: “God chose me to plug that Reggae Gap in the Christian Industry”.

When you confuse babylon kingdom for JAH kingdom, when you confuse leading the way in Babylon kingdom with being a leader to lead Gods People in Gods Kingdom you are either confused, or worse.

The apostle Petrus had something to say about that.

And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: (2 Peter 2:-3)

The Christian Industry in a nutshell. Is this something a Christian should surely support, follow and defend? If so, what kind of “Christianity” are we talking about? Biblical Christianity? Or “Xianity”, the White Geezus religion of Babylon? The false Christ Paulus warned us for so many times?

Personally I became convinced, that it is. I became convinced that the Christafari Cult are workers for the Babylonian Anti-Christ. Everything points towards it. Wittingly or not, that ios relevant for the individual’s relationship with JAH, the Head Creator.

The Christian Industrial Complex, in which Christafari plugs gaps in obedience to their “God”, is another false church of babylon. There are even a few supporters of Christafari who claim to realize this. Some of them even speak out against the “Christian Industry” but yet they fail to see how Christafari is an active participant in building this very same industry. Even using the christian faith of their supporters to get to the top.

And admitting all of this too.

Meet Scott Whelan, the businessman of the ministry[2]. He is introduced on the Christafari website together with President Mark Mohr of Lion of Zion Entertainment:

Lion of Zion Entertainment (LoZ) is a record label formed in 1999 by Christafari founder Mark Mohr and musician/businessman Scott Whelan for the purpose of "Reaching the World through World Music."

The page continues mentioning the business structure of “Lion of Zion Enterntaintment”, it’s a normal business introduction page. But oddly enough, the webmaster has titled the page ministry.html[3]. 

In “Lion of Zion Entertaintment”, the Businessman and the Pastor literally meet and the Pastor becomes President!

I came across a letter from Scott Whelan. In it he gives his comments to one of the many “Gospel Music Awards”: the Dove Music Awards.

A very interesting piece of text in which you can see how the true purpose of the Gospel, sharing the Message of Yesus Kristos, is being transformed into exactly these things where the cermonies and awards are for in the first place: making profit for the Industry.

What many think is “preaching the Gospel” turns out to be “introducing non-believers to the genre”, everything to reach “greater sales”. Here’s the complete:

Well, our obvious beef is the fact there are no world music categories which pretty well excludes any of our artists, including Christafari. As many new reggae and other world music style artists are impacting the Christian music scene, we would like to see a world music category added for next year.

Overall, I think I agree with a lot of what Steve Camp has to say on the matter, but I do think the awards ceremony can help the genre grow and introduce it to non-believers (if they don't ever pull what they did last year again-holding the awards anytime other than prime time and at the conclusion of GMA week).

A Dove win or even nomination can have a significant positive impact on press/promotion, airplay, consumer and retailer awareness, distribution, festival/concert appearances, etc. which all lead to greater sales. And yes, I think it's quite political. The artists and labels with the connections seem to get the nominations.

Thanks for asking.[4]

What kind of mind-set are we dealing with here?

Christafarianism is equated with Christianity. Any opposition and critique is seen as attacks on the “foundations of our judeo christian believe system”.

Preaching the gospel equated with “introducing non-believers to the genre” in order to achieve “greater sales”. What kind of “gospel” do we speak about here?

When Christafari says “The Gospel Is A Stumbling Block” when they describe the critique they face, what gospel do they speak about?

Can you tell what kind of “gospel” Scott Whelan is speaking about when he calls it a genre?

And can you tell me why he is unable to say whether or not he supports the critique of one Steve Camp and puts “introducing non-believers to the genre through industry ceremonies” as an alternative to this message of this man Steve Camp?

Who is Steve Camp? Maybe this quote will help getting a better look on the “big picture”:

"People in our industry have created a sub-culture. This is really at the heart of the issue. The world has Rolling Stones, we have CCM. The world has the Grammys; we now parent that and have the Dove Awards. GMA has created a Christian ghetto. They have Chevy sponsored tours...ah, let's get corporate sponsors. There is no Biblical modeling and very little if any Biblical leadership. They have created a Christian ghetto and a Christian sub-culture that they want to function within. Rather than partnering with the church and going into the marketplace as real Roaring Lambs, we have to be distinctive."

Prompted by his faith, Camp has removed himself from the machine of the Christian music industry. With the formation of Audience One, a Christian-based record label, Camp is trying to show the industry that Christian music can be distributed, sold, commercially viable, played on the radio, and effective without being put out by a secular record label. Camp said Audience One is the only Christian label that exists.[5]

In the previous book we’ve seen how things perceived or presented as anti-Christian are transformed and integrated into the evangelical culture where it serves a variety of rather unspiritual needs. In the above quote we’ve read how one of the most prominent Christian Artists has identified and critisized this as well, allbeit not to the fulness.

Lion of Zion, however, isn’t sure whether mister Camp is right. They have an alternative: introducing non-believers to the genre, which will provide greater sales

After all, they admitted too that they believe Mark Mohr is chosen by the Almighty to get a position in the Chrisitan Industry (“plugging the gap”).

And if sales are still not great enough, they simply turn to the Christafarians to ask for money since building Mark Mohr’s home studio turned out to be a bit more expensive than expected.

They even bring in the picture of the “poor African” to help the Christafarians come over the bridge and give money. But they don’t promise they’re actually going to use that money to go to Africa. They don’t mention Mark Mohr is not even listed as a missionairy in Africa by his mission organization who collects his money.

Christafari HQ makes this obvious mix of spiritual image with business targets unoticable for the Christafarians by simply using the word “Gospel” to speak about both the music and the message of Yesus.

Use money people give you for missions and use it for business. It doesn’t matter, after all it should feed you both ways.

Oh, you think I’m being sarcastic? I just summarized one of Christafari’s “newsletters”, adressed to the Christafarians (SEE APPENDIX 1).

In a very clever piece of fund raising, a “compromising blend” of Christianity and Business reveals itself for the eyes of the attentive reader.

In it, Mark Mohr admits having used gifts that people gave him to “spread the gospel” to build a home studio.

Don’t worry, I will proof this to the fulness right here and right now.

Mark Mohr in the fund-raiser:

I took all of my savings and love gifts, and built a home studio.

What are these “love gifts”? Well, actually, exactly what it says. Christians who want to help missionairies spreading the Gospel (the message, not the music).

When you want to check out why these love gifts are payed to Christafari, simply follow the route they give themselves.

Another quote from the fundraiser: “You may send your love gift to our missions organization The Sowers International. Please make your tax-deductible donation check payable to The Sowers International, and put Christafari on the lower left corner.

Now when you check the website[6] of this organization, get ready for a shocker.

The sowers group turns out to be, other then closely connected to the Mohr Family, an organization aimed at Asia and especially communist China. Their website tells stories about of people who, in danger of their own life, want to spread the gospel in places where this is stricktly prohibited. Planting churches in china, under life threatening conditions, mostly by Chines people themselves by the way.

Now compare this with the target as layed down by the Christafari organization themselves. Mark Mohr as the founder of Christian Reggae, chosen by God to be a leader like Moses and David to plug the gap in the music industry.

Is it the same to donate some money so an iniginous missionairy in Asia can buy a motorcycle to move from place to place then to give money to a producer so he can build a home studio in order to plug some gap in some industry?

Ofcourse not.

But to add a little bit of that “mission vibe” to the Christafari “ministry”, Mohr says:

(…) many times we have to turn down opportunities to minister for lack of financial support. For example, we receive countless emails from fans all over Africa (especially Nigeria and Kenya) begging us to come minister there in person because they're seeing lives transformed by hearing our recorded message (CD's and cassettes) in a language (reggae music) they love and understand. However, these are poor countries--unable to provide even the cost of transportation for us to go there.

Needless to say, any financial support is greatly appreciated.[7]

You can say that at least a suggestion is given that Christafari will use the financial support to go to Africa and “minister there in person” because “lives transformed by hearing our recorded message (CD's and cassettes) in a language (reggae music) they love and understand”.

But on the same Christafari website where I found this fund-raiser for Gravity, I found a heart-felt plea from West-Africa to get a possibility to buy recorded over there, because according to this West-African it’s impossible to get Christafari’s recordings in that part of the world.

Under the subject of “sorrow about GRAVITY”, somebody from West-Africa wrote, exactly two years and two days after the fund-raiser:

I am very sad because I cannot get GRAVITY the last album of Christafari. I love this band so much but as I live in a small french speaking country in west Africa it is impossible to buy their CDs. What a sorry that such a good band is unknown in my country[8]

Two years and two days after Mark Mohr asked the Christafarians for money, so that they could “go to Africa and minister in person”, the truth concerning the pleas from Africa come to the surface.

There’s not a place where you can even buy the music. So, when there is recorded music, it’s certainly not through what is called the “legal circuits”. In the reactions to this open letter from West Africa to Christafari, there’s only one who offers to send a free CD. All the others point out to the Internet store where the gospel according to Christafari is being sold.

One might argue that Christafari points out to Nigeria and Kenya as main countries in Africa where Christafari’s message is spread through recorded message (CD's and cassettes).

Is it a coincidence, that the Christian Industrial Complex is especially active in these countries? An article on the Babylon Observer[9] stated:

Christianity is Big Business. It's very common and normal to speak about "The Christian Industry", for example. Especially the evangelical movement in the United States is a major player. TBN, the "Church Growth Movement", the Christian Entertainment industry, in short: the Christian Industrial Complex, is a big tool in the hands of the establishment to corrupt and enslave the people of the world. (…)

For the last 25 years, the Christian Industrial Complex has been spreading it's teachings throughout Africa. From all the evangelical churches in Nigeria, an estimated 80% is now flirting with the prosperity teachings. (..)

In a remarkable interview[10] (…), Dr. Stan Monteigh interviews an American pastor who is really concerned about this "development" in Africa.

He exposes, how so called pastors are getting into "the trade" just to make money over the backs of millions of people who don't even have enough money to buy a piece of bread. Some of them admit, that they don't even believe in Yesus. [11]

And Christafari? Someone hopes you will never see the link!

Because whatever they did with the tax deductible love-gifts that the Sowers Organization collected for the “missionairy” (in Jamaican language: mercinaries) Mark Mohr, they surely didn’t “go to Africa and minister in person”.

They produced an album called Gravity. And an accompanying CD called “The audio commentaries” explains to the detail how it was done.

It’s a story of spending a week in a Miami hotel selecting songs, flying around to and from the Carribean and more of that stuff. A story that shows how the “Carribean feel” was created by Trinidad artists playing a demo of some “songs”, which were then americanized in Nashville by the members of Christafari.

We get an insight into Mark Mohr’s private life, too. But some of these things are too personal too touch in this book. We only stick to those things which Mark Mohr talks about publicly in his teachings as “Pastor” or his works as “Christafarian”...

Oh yes, they signed deals with companies to get their music distributed in the “Black Gospel” Industry. From a November 2004 news-update:

(Nashville, TN) November 12th, 2004 -- Gospel reggae and world music record label Lion of Zion Entertainment, Inc. recently signed an exclusive U.S. (CBA and general market) distribution deal with Point of Grace Entertainment Distribution, a company distributed by Faithworks in the CBA market and Sony/BMG Red in the general market. The new deal, which takes effect immediately, will include Lion of Zion Entertainment's catalog of Gospel reggae and world music titles. The first new release to be distributed by PGE will be Christafari's Gravitational Dub--Destination Dub Central Station, in stores January 11, 2005.[12]

For those unaware of the United States: It’s pretty far away from Africa...

For those unaware of the situation in the United States: the Christian Industrial Musical Complex has a racial division. There is “Black Gospel” and there is “White Gospel”. The deal that Christafari signed with PGE can be seen as a rather sick attempt to right a wrong in the kingdom of Satan that is the “Christian” Industrial Complex. Because this organization is the major player in the “Black Gospel Industry”.

It’s like the satanic Skull and Bones fraternity that George W. Bush is a member of. Until very recently the fraternity was only open for white males. Now, also black people and white women may enter. If they are chosen, that is…

Making hell open for everyone surely isn’t the right way to fight racism, obviously…

But hey, it’s all about “plugging the gap in the industry”, remember? Here we have it.

For Christafari, it doesn’t even matter if they break their own statements in the process. Because the deal that Christafari announced a day after Africa was pleaing for the music and told to buy it, didn’t only contain a plug in the gap of the Christian Industry. They signed up with Sony in “the general market”, elsewhere called “the secular Industry”.

When Mark Mohr speaks about “outside of the Industry” in the next quote, he means the “Christian Industry”. On the Lion of Zion website, you can read:

Although there is no formula for being a Star in the CCM industry, it seems that the way to become one is to be on a major label or do something so big outside of the industry that you demand recognition inside of it. There is one more thing that does concern me: I don't think that being a "star" is a biblical concept or a position that Christians should fight to put themselves into.[13]

Mark Mohr appearantly doesn’t want his readers to realize, how all the labels in this “Christian Industry” are owned by what he calls “Secular Industry”.

And although he claims on one place that being a Star isn’t a biblical concept at all, on the Christafari Message boards you’re being invited to a forum called “Other Artists and Advice” with the following words:

So you want to be a Gospel Reggae Star? Here's the place to find friends, get advice and share your musical links with us.”[14]

And in the meantime? The fund-raising continues. Although the Christafarians are no longer adressed by that name (I wonder why…) , they’re still good enough to come up with the cash. This time, let me quote from a fundraiser for the next album.

A day after the open letter from West Africa, the Lion of Zion website released the following statement:

I thank all of you for your kind letters full of heartfelt encouragement throughout the years. We are actually recording this album[15] due to the relentless requests from our listeners. It is by the grace or God and your thoughtful words that we have the motivation to continue on in this ministry amidst great tribulations. But today I am humbly asking for more than your words. Please pray for our finances. Ask that God will continue to provide for us as we do His work. This is a tough season for us. Earlier this year our former distribution company (Butterfly) filed bankruptcy, leaving us in tremendous financial turmoil. We were robbed of 1 1/2 years worth of sales royalties from all of our Lion of Zion albums. This means that we never received one cent of income for the worldwide sales of our "Gravity" album (our greatest investment to date), which has left us in need.

Given our present situation, instead of digging ourselves into greater debt to cover the steep costs of recording, mastering, manufacturing and promoting this new album, I have decided to humbly ask our listeners to lend a helping hand. If you have ever been blessed by the ministry of Christafari, and enriched by our recordings, please consider blessing us with a monetary love-gift of any size. Your generous donation will be greatly appreciated and enable the ministry of Christafari to press on. Our need is real and immediate. Simply make your check out to "Christafari" and please make sure your name and address is written clearly on your check.

(adress snipped)

For your donation, you will get the assurance that you are blessing a ministry that is making a difference in this dark world. You will also get a huge thanks from Christafari and we will make sure that you receive a special advanced copy of this album long before anyone else has heard it! Thanks for your generosity. May you be showered with all the spiritual blessings from above!

Swimming in His Grace,

Mark Mohr


The previous time, the tax-deductable love gifts were needed for exactly the same reason as this one. Closer examination leads to establishing a pattern which Christafari obviously maintains under a motto: “never change a winning theme”.

In fact, the Christafari newsletters are a variation on the classic Prosperity Gospel standard fundraiser. They’re nothing more then a marketing method. The one quoted above, for example, is aimed at selling a CD for “whatever the fool wants to give”, as the saying goes.

People are being given the idea that somehow, some gospel is being preached somewhere, and by giving money they will be blessed by “God”.

And, to appeal to the Christian heart, the subliminal message is that when you give money, you ARE an answered prayer. Who doesn’t want to be a living proof of the fact that “God” answers prayers?

It goes on, year after year after year. From september 27, 2001:

We don't get paid royalties from our Lion of Zion recordings, but rather sow them back into the ministry to help other evangelistic World Music artists. To be quite honest with you, things have been real tough for our ministry lately. And our self operated label recently lost $36,000 when our distributor folded and refused to pay us all moneys owed.

Furthermore, Christafari tours rarely break even, and many tours end up thousands of dollars in the negative. I am not telling you all of this to make you feel guilty--I just thought that I would share with you the reality of being a musical minister. Despite all of this, we keep moving forward because of the thousands of people that come to Christ each year at our concerts and the countless individuals that have been blessed by our evangelistic, counter-cult, drug aversion ministry using reggae music and the spoken word.

Needless to say, any financial support is greatly appreciated. So if you have been blessed by our works and wish to sow back into our ministry, please send a check to our missions organization "The Sowers International." Make your tax deductible donation payable to Sowers International, and put Christafari on the lower left corner. Then mail it to:

(adress and pay methods snipped)

Any amount is appreciated. But please feel no pressure. Most of all pray that God provides for us and that we are in the center of His will.

Blessings in Christ,

Mark Mohr 


It’s allways the same story: some big bad company goes bankrupt or finds another way to deprive them from “all´royalty income. Or reports are given about heartwarming please to come in person to minister and people who give money for such a thing will only find out that their money was used to create a home studio with which products for an industry are created.

Some clever use of facts give everything a noble touch. Everything is aimed at “tickling the ears of the listeners”, as the Biblical proverb goes. Pray that people will give money, or give money yourself and be an answer to someone else’s prayer!

The gifts people are asked to give are allways received through this “Sowers”  organization. The reason for that probably is, that they can receive tax-deductable gifts for non-profit purposes. Christafari and/or Lion of Zion can obviously not receive this directly. For they are registered as businesess, who obviously do have profit purposes.

The fact that the gifts sent to the Sowers are tax-deductible means that they have signed on to something known as the Faith Based Initiative. It is an american law that basically states to religious organizations that they can have a tax-excempt status al long as they do not critisize the government or even give a voting advice.

And not taking royalties from Lion of Zion’s sales of Christafari’s music is ofcourse a simple clever business move. It’s a tiny part of Christafari’s total income. And remember, the profits of Lion of Zion go to the founders: the business man and the pastor-president with their employees.

This particular aspect of the Christafari Complex may be very interesting for certain researchers or even organizations. But for the research of this book we only made a start. It would probably take too much time and there are more important reasons to expose Christafari’s so-called ministry then a possible tax-construction which may or may not be on some edge of some law in some state.

Our research has led to establish that Mark Mohr’s brother Edward is involved in raising money for Christafari. He is Christafari’s contact-person for the Sowers Organization[18].

Mark never speaks about his brother. But for the sake of the president of the United States Of America, he gladly makes an exception. In this rare occasion, it becomes clear that not only is he connected to raising money for his brother Mark.

An article on the neo-con website “” revealed how “Brother Edward” introduced 9-year old Mark to drugs while “babysitting” him. The writer doesn’t go into detail, but he does quote Mark Mohr revealing how his brother has more brothers.

Just like George W. Bush, Mark Mohr’s brother is a member of a fraternity, a brotherhood, a secret society! In these fraternities or brotherhoods, life-long memberships guarantee loyalty to the order and it’s –often deeply satanic- causes. Between the ads that call to “support the president” and “support the troops”, you could find the following words:

I was curious what had happened to Mohr's brother. After all, he was the one who had initially "helped" Mohr stray from the straight and narrow. Mohr said after a little while that he turned out good. "He got real bad when he was in a fraternity but at about the age of 23, he became a missionary in Nome, Alaska. When I ran away from home he was begging me to come back. Now he raises money to help fund those in the Lord's service."[19]

Although the article is taken off the website, a CRC[20] researcher managed to get e-mail confirmation from the webmaster of that site as well as the writer of the article, that it has indeed been present. It’s just the site’s policy to delete articles after a while. The site, by the way, has been offline for quite a while now...

So now, let’s just ask ourselves: Why do Christafari present themselves to “Christafarians” as missionairies?

This has everything to do with the culture of the so-called “Judeo Christian Civilization”. It may sound far-stretched, but in this culture it is completely normal to go on “Mission Adventures to Jamaica”, a “Christian Safari”. It’s even considered a virtue, to learn ways to get people pay you for your “mission adventure”.

From a website that advertizes “Mission Adventure Trips To Jamaica”, take a look at the following quote:

We will also show you creative ways to raise the financial support you need to go on your adventure. You will be surprised at the miracles God will work and how much He will build your faith through fundraising.[21]

Now, in the Christafari Cult it goes even further. Open, and without shame they discuss among themselves who they’re going to get money from.

Check this.

In a very shocking discussion on the Lion of Zion Message Boards, the question was raised as to why Reggae Artists become so “watered down” as soon as they “become Christian”[22].

The answer to that question was found pretty quick: Money! So the discussion went further and the question was raised how to get that money.

Welcome to the prison system. Welcome to the Christian Industrial Complex, where "christianity" is a product and christians are the consumers. They are being kept inside of the prison walls with false prophecies and teachings such as the above. While the Bible is clear, about these false teachers: 

2Pe 2:1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2Pe 2:2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
2Pe 2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.
King James Version (KJV) 2 Peter - Chapter 2

And they keep wondering, why the merchandize which they have become in this "Christian Industry", is only an imitation of what they know to be the "real thing".


Oh yes, this is being preached from the pullpits of the false preachers and prophets, and the poor poor poor poor people have no idea what's happening to them. Look at this:

that's one of the problems why these artists take so long to do an album. most times the songs are there. but it takes a while to get the funds. my pastor always says that we christians (well i'm reffering to st. lucia) always witness to people who are not too wealthy and we forget about the wealthy ones. imagine if we witnessed to a well known wealthy individual and he accepted the gospel. just imagine how he would help to support the work of God! [23]

Yes, this is how it works in a nutshell. Look again. See how others agree! Do you see that this pure blasphemy?  "Witnessing", "sharing salvation", all these biblically sounding words that deceive so many, turn out to be nothing more but money making methods. Creating customers and sponsors for the christian industrial complex.

The lust for money is the root of all evil. But as you can see, this is the "gospel" that these Christafarians believe in. The gospel of money.

Oh yes, there are some who still have a little bit of consciousness left in their brainwashed mind set. But they don't see the point, unfortunately they seem to have been blinded by the roots of all evil, that is the lust for money.

While I agree we should witness to rich and poor alike, I don't believe God needs the wealth of the rich to forward His kingdom. After all, "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof", He owns it already. He's just waiting for us to give more. It was the poor widow that gave all she had. It is not about who gives the most money but who makes the bigger sacrifice. [24]

This is a man-centered perspective to say the least. This is the mentality that makes people think that "God" is there "for you". Like an artist makes music to be there for the music. Sure....

God, by the way, and Jesus Christ as they call him sometimes too, is the entity which is worshipped in the christian industrial complex and identified by the apostles and Yesus Kristos as the spirit of antichrist.

But as you can see, there is NO questioning of the system itself. There is just a disagreement. One says: "we should convert the rich so that the real artists can make better albums for us to enjoy inside the christian industrial complex", and the other one simply answers: "there's money enough, there's a whole world waiting for us to begot". and so, the last pennies of the many poor are enough...

Yes, plundering the poor people, promising them that as soon as they give money to the industrial complex ("love offerings") they will be blessed themselves. and indeed, these people have a global perspective, and so they continue to rob the poor.

Another person has another disagreement, but not principally either. He senses, that the watering down comes from what he calls "leaders" (where Yesus Kristos said that only HE is LORD) and he simply wants to have the artists in the christian industrial complex be more "entertaining".

certain ones come into the christian and gospel arena and many time are influenced and controlled by the leaders and people around then to change their style and the get soft (...) similar people are saying they are not there to and do not want to entertain with thier music, and they forget to realize that the most effective form of influence in this day in age is entertainment (...) these things add up to no fan base or no following which is where the money comes from to do things and you also realize that the poeple who are ones influenced by these big secular bands is their fans right? its not those who come to one show and never listen to the music again. [26]

In the Christian Industrial Complex, entertainment is the key to the prison cells. And in a prison you can't make any SOUNDS OF FREEDOM in order to keep the prisoners inside. You can use entertainment to get people become prisoners, though... And it is often disguised as mission or evangelizing.

"Leaders" are the ones who bring the watered down styles that many feel. After all, in the Christian Industrial Complex the point is "who is the most authentic", meaning: "who is the allest things to all men, or "who is the best IMITATOR". Listen to 30 seconds of christafari's "music", and you will know exactly what I mean with that. They are unable to make "authentic reggae" because "authentic reggae" is SOUNDS OF FREEDOM.

The debate then continues. Who has the most money? The rich, the poor, the fans? The guy who said "the rich", has some extra argumentation. The well of the poor, as he knows very well in st lucia, is not without bottom. In America, they don't realize this, but at St Lucia they do. And therefore he says:

If you go to church ask only those who aren't working or those who have nothing to give offerings and say to those who have more money to stop giving cuz God doesn't need it. eventually some of the utilities are going to be cut off.

In other words: the money must be payed while people must think "God needs it". It can then be used to try to make even more "authentic" music which will then serve as "entertaintment", which is basically eartickling as the Bible describes this grand delusion from the christian industrial complex.

One other posting said: 

"Soon to climb the Mountain of the Industry. Pray bredren for I, Pray!

Which says it all. Let’s pray, indeed. 

Do you start to smell the coffee? Or is it still the Skunk In The Room? 

Remember the “rebuke”? Remember the phrase “Christafarians (if there is such a thing)”? The fundraiser was adressed to: “fellow Christafarians”. 

Yes, there is such a thing

Just like using the word Christafaranism as the name for the “culture” they created, I didn’t come up with “Christafarians” either. Until a few weeks before the previous book was published, they were freely using that name to adress their supporters and “fan base”. 

And Christafarians are obviously more then “merely fans”, in spite of what Christafari say in their various “responses and “rebukes”. 

Or perhaps they are not, to Christafari.Because in the mind set that comes up with a false gospel such as Christafarianism you can use the same words for totally opposing concepts. And perhaps this is the same in the mind set of Christafari HQ and that’s why they act why they act. 

You have the Gospel message… and you have the Gospel… industry! 

When you critisize the Gospel Industry, they can easily act like you critisize the Gospel Message. 

When you critisize the teachings of Christafari and you point out to the Christafarians who are the fruits of these teachings, they can easily act like you critisize a “Gospel Star” for having fans. Even though they admit on other places that being a star isn’t a biblical concept. 

This is what I am exposing in my essays. How Christafari uses Christianity and Rastafari for greater sales in the Christian Industry. They shouldn’t be doing that. 



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