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Christafari's "Response To The Essay"


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“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither [can] a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.  Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

Yesus Kristos, JAH RASTAFARI in the Flesh, Matthew 7:15-23


“Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,  Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,  Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told [you] in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

The Apostle Paulus, Galatians 5:19-21


We have seen in the previous chapters, just how important it is to check people’s statements and actions, when they come and claim how they are elected by God to do a certain thing. There are prophets and there are false prophets. And by their fruits we shall know them.

Of course, there are many who fit in the group of which our Lord prayed: “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”. This is what Yesus prayed for the Roman footsoldiers of Babylon who did the practical work out of the judgement by the unholy alliance between the contemporay clergy and the contemporary political downpressor. Yesus did not pray this prayer for those who come in the Name of the Most High. Those who place themselves between man and his Creator.

Today, there are many “Christian Leaders” who come in the Name of the Creator, whether they call Him JAH or God. And they bring us doctrines, teachings, claims and what more. We must treat them in the same way that Paulus wants us to treat them. When they call themselves “leaders” in a Christian sense, this check is even more neccesary!

This becomes clear when we simply realize how the Church of Yesus Kristos is based on the confession “Yesus is Lord”, meaning that we are not to look at other people as “leaders” in any way...

Yesus said that in His Church, there is no hierarchy. Yesus said, that when one speaks the others have to judge. They have to check if these things are like they are. But Mark Mohr claims how we should not debate doctrine and instead look to himself because of the higher entertaintment value. Yesus also said to not look to doctrines but to the fruits, when it comes to identifying false prophets. So Mark Mohr prefers to be treated as a false prophet rather then a bible teacher who would gladly have his statements checked and debated to serve to Body of Kristos.

Let’s check it.

Of course, Christafari in itself is a fruit. A fruit of the Christian Industrial Complex, especially from Bob Beeman and his philosophy of Sanctuaryanism. And we have seen some other fruits from that very same tree. Christafari is not a whole lot better.

Bob Beeman has set up a variety of different structures, and this pattern is imitated by Mark Mohr. We only have to recall how the Christafarian claims that “spiritual leaders are examples whose faith (life ministry) can be challenged to imitate”. Mark Mohr is in many ways to be seen as the Reggae Version of Bob Beeman as we see the same pattern in his actions.

First, he set up this band “Christafari”. That is one thing that as far as we could find out, Bob Beeman never done himself. But then, we have not checked Bob Beeman’s background or biography, we only checked his fruits as far as they were relevant for the research about Christafari.

After Bob Beeman ordained him, Mark Mohr created an organization called “STAR Network”. He tried to establish a new denomination in Jamaica called “Jah Yard” but that didn’t work out. Subsequently, he “planted a church” in Trinidad called “The Gathering”. He also started a Record Label called “Lion of Zion” and built a home studio called “Zionic Sounds Dub Lab”. And last but not least, Christafarians have become a cult like Sanctuaryans have become a cult.

In itself, these practices form a pattern in which the con-fusion or mix-up becomes clear. Mark Mohr uses something he considers his position in the Body Of Kristos[1] as well as his market-drive purpose in life, that is to fill the gap in the christian Industry, and combines it in something he privately calls “my life ministy[2].

When did his Life Ministry start? To answer this question, some theological insight is necceasry. To Mark Mohr, it is obvious. It was at the “JH Ranch”, where his parents sent him to. A Christian camp where people can come to basically feel good. Not that Mark Mohr hadn’t been on these camps before. We have allready seen how at least 14 times before that, he has “given his life to Christ” at such occasions.

But there is a problem with this, as we have allready established. It is true, that the Bible speaks about becomming “born again through Yesus Kristos”. But it is equally true, that the Bible speaks about this as a one time event. It is not possible to become “born again” for fourteen times. The Normal Christian Life is definitely not some kind of spiritual reincarnation sequel.

But even though it was at least the 15th time in which Mark Mohr “became born again”, several biographies and interviews reveal how Mark Mohr used that particular event to mark the start of his “life ministry”. So let’s take it from there.

On a CD sold by Lion of Zion called “Gravity – The Audio Commentaries”, Mark Mohr speaks out on several things. Mainly, the CD is in the style of “the making of...”, as you can hear a detailed report as to what is done with the thousands of dollars sent to “Pastor Mark” for “Preaching The Gospel To The Lost”. But that’s for another occasion. For now, let’s see how Mark Mohr himself marked the start of his Life Ministry.

He says:

My Pastor Told Me: ‘You’re No Long A Rastafarian, Now You’re A Christafarian’. And that was the birth of Christafari[3]

By the way: the term “Christafarians” was used by Christafari until at least a month before the publication of the book Christafarianism[4].

So when Mark Mohr was told how he was “no longer a Rastafarian but now a Christafarian”, that his “Life Ministry” came into existance. Mark Mohr might have been through the “Born again Process” at least 15 times, but the time which made a difference is the time which he himself marks as “The Birth Of Christafari”.

Why is this important? It exposes the theology, the mind set that drives the Christafarian. When Mark Mohr became the first Christafarian, he started to grow the very fruits he wants us to look at.

But did 17 year young Mark really “become a Christian” at the JH Ranch? There are many reasons to doubt this. Not the least in Mark Mohr’s own statements! The quote from the audio commentaries bring tremendous insight in this. “Now You’re No Longer a Rastafarian, now you are a Christafarian”, he was told[5].

But even he himself denies that he became a Christian at the age of 17. Take a look at the following quote:

I accepted Christ at the Age of five[6]

Now, you could say that when Mark Mohr really was a “Rastafarian” in the definition that he wrote down himself so many times, as if it was some Satanic Anti-Christ Religion, he would now be into some serious situation. We’ve allready seen how Christianity has nothing to do with some spiritual reincarnation, in which one can become “born again and again and again” so to speak.

If he truly became born again at age 5, and if he really believed in some Antichrist Religion, a God other than Yesus, he would have lost his salvation forever. The Bible Book of Hebrews speaks about this.

For [it is] impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost, And have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come, If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put [him] to an open shame. (Heb 6:4-6)

And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment (Heb 9:17)

Added, why would Mark Mohr base his whole outward appearance on some kind of missionairy argument if he would not consider this group to be “lost”? So when Mark Mohr really was “lost” just prior to his 17th birthday, given the fact he claims to be an ex-member of the group he wants to “evangelize” now, how come?

Where did he lose his salvation? Or does he really believe in some kind of spiritual reincarnation theory without even realizing it? Does he not realize the importance within Christianity of the concept of “born again”? Was he born again at the age of five? If not, then why the lie?

When you “give your life to Christ”, when you “accept Yesus”, you become born again. Yesus Kristos has spoken about this in the third chapter of the Gospel according to John. This is a one time situation. You become “born again” just once. You can choose to become “unborn again”, but then you are truly lost.

But to Mark Mohr this is not so important. Which makes him de facto a confesser of a spiritual reincarnation theory where it is possible to become born again and again and again...

This becomes even more evidently when we check “Pastor Mark’s Bio”. Without any shame, he claims two different dates in which he became “born again” on the same page!

I came to Christ at the age of 4 or 5

I came to Christ at the age of 17[7]

Now when this is not a confession of faith in some kind of weird spiritual reincarnation theory, it is a gross disdain for the most essential part of the Christian Life: BIRTH!

How can we even determine whether there are good fruits, if there aren’t even good roots? Yesus said that a bad tree can not bring forth good fruits. When we see a bad tree, we know there can not be good fruit. And when we see a bad fruit we know the tree can not be good.

A disdain for Christianity. A disdain for Rastafari.

We have seen as to how Mark Mohr describes his being a “Rastafarian”. Basically, it boils down to “saying the words Jah Rastafari while smoking some marihuana during daily Surf Sessions[8]. On other places, it becomes clear how Mark Mohr thought that “Rastafarianism” as he calls it was a way to “biblically justify the use of marihuana[9]

It has been suffieciently documentated, how this whole “Rastafarianity” of Mark Mohr has to be taken with a big grain of salt. A Rasta is not someone who like to smoke weed and says “Jah Rastafari” in daily Surf Sessions. Mark Mohr was simply a “troubled youth” who saw some way to be a rude boy by applying a charicature of a Rastaman to himself.

When he wasn’t really a Rastafarian, how seriously should we consider him to be a Christian? After all, he changed from being a “Rastafarian” into a “Christafarian”!

Now, after about 15 years of being a Christafarian, Mark Mohr finally sees how being a Rasta does not mean to be an anti-christ. So it is not a thing to be converted from, if you want to become born again. This was also true in the time in which Mark Mohr became a Christafarian, whether he knew it or not. And that is another big question.

The Holy Spirit of Jah, Who is given to all believers, is said to lead the people into all Truth. The Holy Spirit knows that in order to become a Christian it is not neccesary to change from being a “Rastafarian” into a “Christafarian”. So this could never be a work of the Spirit.

Mark Mohr himselfs now admits, how it is not neccesary to become a Christafarian or even a Christian, when you are a Rasta. But still he claims how he himself had changed from a Rastafarian into a Christafarian.

Suffice to say, that Mark Mohr definitely did not become born again when he changed from being a Rastafarian into a Christafarian.

He just “became” a “Rastafarian” at a certain age, when his parents took him on a holliday to Jamaica and where he concluded that Reggae was the way to enjoy a spliff and read the Bible.

In itself, what’s so wrong about that? After all, he said so himself, that he “came to Christ at the age of 5” so he wasn’t really like praying to the devil or so. He simply became what he thought was a “Rastafarian” and a certain time he went on to become a “Christafarian”.

But then, here comes the problem. Because Mark Mohr claims certain things about the alleged “born again event” he went through at the age of 17. Here is what he wrote to a Rasta who was born and raised in the Carribean:

I was a rasta. I acknowledge that those symbols and colors (I was quoting Steele Pulse "Red, Gold, Black and Green) and images are used by rastafarians. I used all of such symbols and terms and colors when I used to sacramentally smoke marijuan in the name of Rastafari. You cannot deny that. Nor can you deny the change that has taken place in my life since the day that I accepted Christ to be the True Lord of my life. I am a completely changed person inside. But I still listen to the same style of music, wear the same colors and use the same images. A> because I love them, and I do see a Spiritual significance in them and B> because I want to reach out to those who are where I once was. However, since I made Jesus Lord of my life, I have never called myself a Rasta or Rastafarian, I have been clear to state in all circumstances that I am a Christian. I would never hide that.

Mark Mohr[10]

So here it is. Yes, you can laugh about the way he defines Rastafari, and the way he speaks to this Rasta. But in this context we will stick to the fact that Mark Mohr definitely claims some born again situation at a number of different occasions.

Mark Mohr either “got saved”, became “born again” at the age of five, or he didn’t become born again at all. It’s not a matter of a “lucky shot” either. Like you can “accept Christ” all over again. Yes, well, you can do it, but then your view on how to become born again is seriously confused because Christianity is definitely not into reincarnation. Neither carnal nor spiritual.

So all we can say is that Mark Mohr became a Christafarian at the age of 17, which he sometimes also calls “Christian”. But then, everyone is calling himself a “Christian” these days.

However, let’s go further into our Biblically Sound check up of Christafarianism. After all, they do use the Name of Jah (“Christafari”) and therefore we have to check their fruits as well.

Let’s see, what kind of fruits the Christafarian produces.

The first fruit of the Christafarian is the band Christafari. Mark Mohr says: “For a while it was “Christafari and the Soulfire Crew.” I was Christafari - but I’m not Christafari anymore. And the band is no longer the Soulfire Crew.[11]

A slightly different story can be read on the Christafari website:

Oct. 29, 2004 - Fifteen years ago at a Christian summer camp in Big Bear, CA, a vision was birthed in then 17 year-old Mark Mohr. Mark was inspired to write some lyrics during a quiet time and then given the opportunity to perform his new song at the camp's talent show. This was the birth of Christafari (then called "The Christafarians"). Two years later, the group released their first demo titled "Lion of Zion". This would prove to be the humble beginning of a pioneering group that has since released numerous albums and taken the gospel of Jesus Christ to over 30 different countries[12]

When we remember the article by Jeremy Reynolds, we will recall how Mark Mohr said to “God”, that he “did not want to be a suit and tie minister”. And Mark Mohr said this, only a short time after he became a Christafarian. It was then allready so, that he had performed some music which he wrote shortly after his conversion and called his band “The Christafarians”. It was in this situation, perhaps even still at the JH Ranch where he became a Christafarian, that he was told: “When you want to become a missionairy for the Rastafarians, you will have to go to BIOLA University to get a missionairy degree”.

The first fruits of the Christafarian: playing music on a Christian camp, becomming a Christafarian, and a renewed will to go to school. Just what his parents would like... Just what James Dobson would like... Just what the Christian Industrial Complex provides!

Mark Mohr also claims that the entity he calls “God” has told him certain things. But when he gets confronted with the fact that “God” could never have said such a thing because of factual incorrectness, he simply changes it. That’s how his “God” speaks to him. When this “god” turns out to not have spoken the truth, the “quotes” are simply changed. George Orwell’s “1984” comes to mind, where the head figure is doing such a thing for a living: changing the history books.

Mark Mohr claims on one place, that “God” told him to “start the First Christian Reggae Band”. The Yahoo bio reads: “Christafari is the first Christian reggae band.”[13] and in another article you can read: “He was trying to write reggae lyrics when his conversion took place. All the details are on the Christafari website, he says, but the essence of it is this: “I had a mountaintop experience, and God told me to start the first Christian reggae band.””[14]

After Mark Mohr was being confronted with a number of bands and musicians that were praising Yesus Kristos in their Reggae Music a long time before he even became a Christafarian, he started to spread the word that “God” told him to “start the first American Christian Reggae Band[15]:

The Lord began speaking to Mohr even before he came home from that eventful camp.

"When I was (there) and I came to Christ I remember saying, ‘God, I don't want to be some suit and tie missionary,' and He impressed upon me to start the first Christian reggae band."[16]

The Lord Jesus Christ is my sole and soul inspiration. I felt him impressing on my heart to start the first Christian reggae band and take His message around the world, ministering to those who are lost as I once was.[17]

This is the birth of Christafari. Like the stories that surround Mark Mohr’s “conversion” have no consistency, we have several versions. And the versions contradict each other. Mark Mohr himself doesn’t see a big deal in spreading false information concerning what “God” told him, but the Most High Himself says that we shouldn’t even use His Name in vain.

Now either “God” told him to start the first Christian Reggae Band, or He did not tell him to do it. However, when “God” really told Mark Mohr to start “the First Christian Reggaeband” in 1989, everyone can proof “God” wrong. Mark Mohr was definitely not the first christian to be involved in Reggae Music. And at a certain moment, Mohr was confronted with this fact. Now he claims how “God” told him to start the first christian American Reggae Band.

Did he repent from bringing a false prophecy? After all, these are fruits too. When you claim how the Most High has said a thing and it turns out that the Most High has not said such a thing at all, a true Christian would fall on his knee in repentance to the Most High. He would make it clear that he was following a lie and claiming it to be the message of the Most High.

In an interview with the Dubroom, Mark Mohr admitted to the real source of what he calls “the Voice of God” in the Christian Press:

When I started performing Christian Reggae in 1989, I thought that it was so original. I thought that I was the only person in the world doing it. I felt alone and it was hard to be a trailblazer. As the years passed I began learning about a few other Christian reggae musicians that had great potential but were literally unknown in the U.S. This concerned me.[18]

Of course, Mark Mohr never had come to the idea that there were other people believing in Yesus Kristos and playing Reggae Music too. They were nowhere to be found in the Christian Industrial Complex. And so he claims that “God” told him something where in fact he though he himself was being very original. After all, no one ever called himself a “Christafarian” before...

However, when he was pointed out to the fact that there were ones outside the Christian Industrial Complex, he figured that he was the first in the USA and therefore...

For Mark Mohr this is all “a superficial issue in the public’s eye”, as we have established. But for Jah it is not. And for a true Christian it is neither a superficcial issue. You don’t go around claiming how “God” told you some thing and when it turns out to be that God could never have said it, you’re not going to simply claim how God now told you that different thing.

God either told you a thing or He didn’t. And when you are born again, and it turns out that you have claimed a thing which was not spoken by Jah at all, you are in a situation from which you must repent. And because you have been publicly stating this, you must publicly repent.

It’s more then this factual incorrectness. It also shows a mentality with which the words from the Most High are being seen. Ofcourse, Mark Mohr thought that he was going to start the first Christian Reggae Band. And so he made his own lust into a Godly command.

God never told Mark Mohr anything concerning these issues. For then God would have been saying the truth. But all over in the life of the Christafarian you can see how he simply claims that God told him all kinds of things. But these things are all wishes from Mark Mohr himself. He simply changed from being a “Rastafarian” into a Christafarian and everything he wants is now all of a sudden “the will of God”.

When Mark Mohr is not respecting the Voice of the Most High like he should, and you see it in the very first fruit of the Christafarian, will it get worse? Yes, it will.

The more we check the life of the Christafarian, the more of this mentality we will engage. It seems that Mark Mohr thinks that “God” is some alibi to perpetuate a lifestyle he formerly called “Rastafari” and now “Christafari”.

One thing which equally strikes, is how there was not a question in Mark Mohr’s mind, as to what he should do. He told “God” that he didn’t want to wear a suit and tie, but that he was going to be a missionairy seems to have been clear from the very first start.

When you look at the Apostle Paulus, he had an authentic conversion. Yesus Kristos revealed Himself to Paulus. And Paulus, although his name means “little one”, became one of the biggest names in Christianity. But before Paulus opened his mouth, he spent eight years in the desert being taught all kinds of things by Yesus Kristos Himself!

When Mark Mohr became a Christafarian and “God” told him to either start the first Christian Reggae Band or the first American Christian Reggaeband, the first fruit started to grow. And to have the Christafarian grow to produce more “fruits” for the Christian Industrial Complex, he was then told to “go back to school”.

School, in his case, was BIOLA University. This is where another fruit of Christafari was produced: a booklet called “Christ and Tafari”. This book was written by Mark Mohr while he was doing a course in “Cults”.

Just think about it: The Christafarian, being sucked into the Christian Industrial Complex, being tempted into doing an analysis about “Rastafarianism”, as he calls it until this day. Could that book contain anything but a perverse combination of the “information on cults” as taught by universities such as Biola, and Mark Mohr’s own twisted ideas on “Rastafarianism”?

We have allready seen how the Evangelical world is talking about the movement of Rastafari. The movement is seen as a cult, a kind of “Jamaican Hippies” who are “against the establishment” and “smoke marihuana” while “worshipping a man called Haile Selassie”. We’ve seen how the movement of Rastafari is even described as racist and violent.

We have also seen how “Rastafarianism” as they call it, is portrayed by the Christafarian himself. Not much better. There was one significant situation which has been covered by the CCM press which directly involved the BIOLA inspired book “Christ and Tafari”.

Talking about fruits...

While Mark Mohr was studying at BIOLA, or perhaps just after he left that university, Christafari joined the Reggae Sunsplash Tour. Together with a number of known Reggae Artists, such as the band Steel Pulse and Dance Hall Artist Buju Banton, Christafari performed. And gave copies of the book “Christ and Tafari” to some of their fellow artists.

We have allready covered the event, and we have even been reading some excerpts from the book. Buju Banton also read the book. And he got really angry at Mark Mohr. The two almost got into a fight and it took Rastafari Elders to calm down the situation. To be more accurate, Mark Mohr did not (according to his own words) try to defend himself and he continually stresses in various publications how he also did not press charges. And Buju Banton expressed his anger until Rastafarian Elders could convince him that this was not the way to deal with the Christafarian.

What was the matter? Well, the book contained nothing but insults and factual incorrect statements as well as outright lies concerning everything the movement of Rastafari stands for, as well as the person of the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I. 

This event has been of tremendous influence in the development of the Christafarian and his “life ministry”. It is definitely a “fruit” which we have to examine, for a number of reasons.

Mark Mohr’s book contains his philosophical roots. The book contained the thoughts that made the Christafarian do what he did. It was because of what was written in the book that the Christafarian did not want to be a Rastafarian, and it was because of the contents of the book that the band Christafari did what it did.

And so this book led to a situation where Buju Banton came to know the Jesus Christ that the Christafarian claims to follow. It was definitely the “White Geezus”, the false Christ of Babylon System that the apostle Paulus warned the Galatians for. And so, Mark Mohr confirmed to Buju Banton how the Christafarian was not at all how he looked.


Yes. An essential part of the Christafarian is his outward appearance. When he turned from being what he called a “Rastafarian” into what he called a “Christafarian”, he started to grow dreadlocks and basically “look like a Rasta to tell the Rastas they are wrong”. We’ve analysed this in the previous book.

For now, let’s just read the following quote and feel what Buju felt:

Christafari is more than a band. We are an evangelistic, counter-cult, drug aversion ministry that just happens to use reggae as its medium.”[19]

And so, when Christafari was performing on the Sunsplash tour, with Mark Mohr looking like a Rasta, handing out this anti-Selassie literature in some attempt to convert the Reggae Artists to Christafarianism, Buju Banton got angry.

Everything points out to the fact that this particular event was pereceived as traumatic by the Christafarian. The Christian Press reported on it, and Mark Mohr himself uses the story until this day to proof to an ignorant Christian audience just how “My Lord Has Got Me On The Frontline”, as one Christafari song goes.

After the Sunsplash Tour, Christafari left what they call “The Secular Scene”. Traumatized and scared, the Christafarian had to face the fruits of his labor with no place to go but the Christian Industrial Complex. Until this day, Christafari performs in Churches and at Christian Festivals, but they hardly ever outside of the Christian Industrial Complex.

The event was not only covered in the Christian Press. The fruit of the book “Christ and Tafari” was discussed on the Internet and elsewhere. Christafari really has made a name with it. What Christafari has done is, they confessed to the Rastas on the Reggae Sunsplash tour how JAH is not the Christafarian “God”. They have shown to Buju Banton and others: a different Christ!

The “Christ” of the Christafarian is not the Divine Saviour. After all, we have allready seen Mark Mohr did not become born again, he just became a “Christafarian”. His newly found “God” told him to start the first Christian Reggaeband, which Jah could never have said since there were allready “Christian Reggaebands” out there. The Christafarian claims that he has learned about this “God” at Biola University, where he also wrote the book which we have now come to recognize as just another rotten fruit of the Christafarian.

By spreading the false propaganda[20] from the Christian Industrial Complex, and getting into trouble for it, the Christafarian produced another fruit which will not be considered “Biblically Sound” by anyone who knows his Bible and His Saviour.

As said, after the Buju Incident the Christafarian went right back into the Christian Industry, where he was welcomed with open arms. This is where a number of other fruits were produced, that are just as rotten as the rest.

As we remember from the previous book, the Christafarian bases his whole “life ministry” on a marketing technology that is being presented as something very biblical. The apostle Paulus wrote that he was “All Things To All Men” in order to “Win Some For Christ”. And the Christafarian uses it as an alibi for applying a “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” methodology wherever he goes.

But suppose, that Mark Mohr really was “called” by “God” to “missionize the Rastas”. Just suppose, for a short while, that the movement of Rastafari in reality is an anti-christ religion. Just suppose, that Paulus really said to ones like Mark Mohr to “Look, walk and talk like a Rasta to win the Rastas for Christ”. Suppose all these things are true, which they aren’t. But just imagine.

Christafari’s image is presented to the Christians as a way of “evangelizing the Rasta’s”. In his “Response To The Essay”, the Christafarian confirmed this and claimed how “God” called him to “evangelize the Rastas[21].

At the Reggae Sunsplash Tour, he was given a chance to proof this. At this tour, it would be revealed as to how genuine his “calling” really is. Completely in the spirit of Sanctuaryanism, the whole outward appearance with Red-Gold-Green, Dreadlocks and some kind of “Patois” as the americans continually call the English language which is spoken in the Carrib, Christafari has “Created Our Own Culture With Our Fan Base”.

This culture, which both the Christafarian and we have come to recognize under the name Christafarianism, has nothing to do with anything the Bible stands for. It has nothing to do with “winning people for Christ”, whatever that may be in the twisted mind set of the Christafarian and others in the Christian Industrial Complex.

Proof for that can also be found when examining the Buju Incident. For after Christafari left the tour, they entered in the Christian Industry where they were welcomed as the Gap Pluggers that they really are. But “plugging a gap in the christian Industry” is of course something completely different then what Paulus calls “winning people for Christ”.

Now here comes the crucial question.

If the Christafarian really was “called” by “God” to “win the Rastas for Christ” by imitating them outwardly and discrediting them in some school-book, and if the Buju Incident really was some kind of clash between a Christian and a Pagan, a Satanist even, then why did Christafari stop “evangelizing the Rastas” without dropping the whole concept of Christafarianism?

And here come the crucial answer.

Because Christafarianism is only in name some kind of Christian thing. In reality, is is a carefully created Culture and Image which will ensure Christafari to be able to plug the gap in the Christian Industry.

Exactly like Sanctuaryanism is in reality a culture in the Christian Industrial Complex which enable young kids to “Act Like A Metal Satanist Without Being a Metal Satanist”, so Christafarianism is in reality a culture in the Christian Industrial Complex, which enables young kids to “Act Like A Rasta Without Being A Rasta”.

The second fruit of the Christafarian got him right back in the Christian Industrial Complex, and gave the Rastas at Reggae Sunsplash some spiritual insight into the real identity of the “God” that “callled” Mark Mohr to “become a Christafarian”.

Babylon all over...

Because when “God” really called Mark Mohr to become a Christafarian to “win the Rastafarians for Christ”, why did he announce a few years later how “Rastas” were no longer his “Mission Target” anymore[22]? After all, his whole outward appearance was based on this “calling to witness to the Rastas”. However, the Christafarian has not changed one bit of his outward appearance ever since. This clearly shows how Christafarianism as well as Mark Mohr’s outward appreance has nothing whatsoever to do with anything remotely connected with what Paulus calls “winning people for Kristos”.

Mark Mohr himself admits how his fruits are not neccesarily to be seen as fruits of the Holy Spirit. In an interview which the Dubroom has held with Mark Mohr about Christafari’s statements concerning the Name of Jah, Which they did not want to “use” anymore, he stated this literally:

When I started Christafari and Lion of Zion ent., my primary goal was to see the Rasta church become Christian, yet one of the regrettable fruits of my labour, (due to uneducated imitation by other artists) is the Christian church becoming more Rasta. This was never my intention.”[23]

On other interviews he is even more open about this. There is an article in which the Christafarian explains how Biblical names and concepts are not take seriously by the Christafari. The Name of the Most High God is just a “phrase”, and speaking about “babylon” gets boring after a while, too. After all, an artist must be original and not come with the same concept over and over again, when he wants to keep his audience entertained. Take a look at this:

MH: On the subject of Christian Reggae, I had to confirm a rumor I’d heard about the new CD. No more Jah?

MM: No “Jah” references. It was definitely a challenge. Part of this is getting away from being a Christafari cover band; same with the word “Babylon.” It was a format that I was getting used to and I kept coming back to, “Am I going to be a Christafari cover band?” It’s like the Wailers – having someone other than Bob trying to be Bob. I don’t want to be like that. It’s been done before and I’m not going to do it again. What’s the purpose of me imitating (what we’ve already done.) I gotta be original.[24]

Now, please consider that Mark Mohr claims to be a “Pastor”. When you ask him about his words on stage, he will tell you how he is “spreading the word”, “witnessing about Christ” and all of that. When you ask him about his Rastafarian Image, he will tell you how the bible told him to be a Christafarian.

It’s all about image, though.

As the quote reveals, for the Christafarian there is nothing real about “Jah” and “Babylon”. For the Christafarian, these are just a “format”, a style, in which to put something. Singing about JAH and chanting down Babylon is not recognized for what it is, and used by the Cristafarian as an image in a carriere. After a while, it gets “boring” for the audience to “hear” all over again about “Babylon” and “Jah”.

The Christafarian even claims: “I got to be original”. Is that the words spoken by a servant of the Most High, a so-called “Pastor”? Not speaking about the name of the Most High and warning against Babylon becase the “Pastor” must be “original”? Say what?

Does a preacher have to be original, or does he have to preach the Word of JAH? Does a preacher have to avoid debates because of the little entertaintment value? Must a Preacher stop preaching about essential parts of the christian Faith just because they are “superficcial issues in the Public’s Eye”? Now asking these question of course reveals the answer.

This original, new “Gospel” surely is a different Gospel. Because we are to step out of Babylon. We are to chant her down, that is exposing her for what she is. The Book of Revelation, surely not one of Mark Mohr’s favorite Bible Books reveals Mystery Babylon, to recognize her in order to be able to step out of her is a must in the Gospel of Yesus Kristos.

But the Truth of JAH is only a boring concept for the Christafarian. The Truth doesn’t bring you money, and therefore you must be original and reinvent the church. And so the Christafarian did.

Christafarianism is another gospel. And when somebody brings another gospel then it doesn’t matter of this person is a friend or not, a good man or not. For everyone within the Body of Kristos this is simply not neccesary to explain. For everyone outside of the Body of Kristos it isn’t neccesary either. Just for the Christafarians and Christafari Symphatizers it remains a mystery.

And so we shouldn’t be surprised, that shortly after the Christafarian invented Christafarianism and used exactly the same argumentation as the Sanctuaryans (“All Things To All Men To Win Some For Christ”), he found out just how empty that whole argument was.

It had nothing to do with anything remotely connected with that the Bible calls: “Preach The Gospel”. It only made Rastafarians become angry as they had to face a perverse charicature of their own identity. Christafarianism is only a way to enjoy yourself in the Christian Industrial Complex, and the Christafarian found that out the hard way.

This is his side of the story:

Yes, Buju did try to cut me.

At the completion of my first booklet titled Rastafari and the Bible (An Eschatological Study of the Second Coming), we, (Christafari) began making my writings available at our shows in booklet form. It was after we joined the 46 city Reggae Sunsplash Tour that I faced an overwhelming amount of persecution for my beliefs and writings. After all of the other artists on the tour read my booklet the verbal abuse and spiritual attacks began. In fact, the headlining artist on the tour Buju Banton, (then the World’s most famous Dancehall DJ) even physically attacked me attempting to stab me with a knife in the lobby of our Cleveland hotel on the Fourth of July. He had verbally assaulted me the night before and was waiting for me for 3 hours in the lobby the next morning.

When I came out of my room and went into the lobby there he was! He approached me, yelled out "Tansoback, If your a soldier, you haffi cyan defend it!" Then he punched me in the throat which took me by surprise. He then pulled a six inch blade from his belt whipped it open and took a strong swing towards my gut. I know that he was serious and not just trying to cut my dreads or make a point because of the direction and speed of his swing. If I had not lunged backwards each time I would have been sliced open. He was then tackled by his band members and two of mine. He managed to break free and swing his knife at me three times before I escaped lobby and waited for the police to come. When they arrived they found the knife and asked me if I wanted to press charges. If I did Buju would have never been allowed to tour the U.S. again. Despite the advice of others, I forgave him and refused to press charges. I figured that I couldn't hope that he would ever accept my God of grace and forgiveness if I didn't offer it to him first as an example and representative of Christ.

Despite such persecution, Christafari remained on the rest of the tour and reconciled with the rest of the performers by the last show.

However, the threats on myself have not changed. The gospel is still an offense to many. I have been called “Satan”, the “Antichrist” and a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” for my belief system. My writing has literally been quoted as “the fulfillment of Rastafarian prophecies” by Rasta Elders. Just like the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is a stumbling block, will be considered foolish and will continue to be an offense to many.

No Compromise

Mark Mohr


Especially the last two sentences are striking in the context of the title of this chapter. Let’s take a look at them again and see that Christafarianism is indeed different gospel. It’s only “just like”....

My writing has literally been quoted as “the fulfillment of Rastafarian prophecies” by Rasta Elders. Just like the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is a stumbling block, will be considered foolish and will continue to be an offense to many.

My writing is a stumbling block, will be considered foolish and will continue to be an offense to many”, the Christafarian will tell you. “My writing is just like the Gospel of Jesus Christ”, he says... And he truly proofs in his actions and doctrines how accurate these statements are!

We must take into mind that we do speak bout another gospel here, in word and deed. And to those who know the importance of this, all of this should not have to be explained for what it spiritually means.

Oh yes, at other stages he will say how it is the Gospel that is an offense, but at the moment it becomes clear that people who are not against the Gospel of Yesus Kristos, people like.... Rastas for example, are against his writing, he has to put in that his writing is just like the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have seen what is the offense. The offense is Christafarianism. A pirated, excuse me adopted charicature of a Culture, and even Holy Name of JAH the Most High. Not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Did he repent from this evil way? No he did not. He blamed Buju Banton and all the other “Rastafarians” for being “offended by my writing”, hailed up himself by stating how pressing charges at the police would have prevented Buju Banton from further building on his carriere in the American Music Industry, and went on to pursue a carriere in the Christian Industrial Complex.

After all, no chance that he could get into a confontation, a debate, concerning his clownesk way of life. In the Christian Industry, they’re all fakes patting each other on the back and giving each other so-called “Gospel” awards.

The Name of Yesus Kristos, JAH RASTAFARI in the flesh, is being slandered by the Christafarian. The Name of the Lord is used in vain, for commercial gain. The whole Buju Incident did nothing but revealing the false christ that is worshipped by the Christian Industrial Complex.

The fruit basket of the Christafarian begins to smell pretty bad: the more fruits we see the more we have to hold our breath in deep shock. We are beginning to see the true spiritual face of the Christafarian.

A face that he himself doesn’t even see, as he has gathered a bunch of worshippers around him who continually tell him how “annointed” he is. And standing before a spiritual mirror isn’t something he likes to do. When people want to put it in front of him, he thinks it’s an attack...

The irony almost makes one laugh, but the spiritual reality is just too sad...

When there is one thing which the Christian Industrial Complex lacks, it is the possibility to preach the true Gospel of Yesus Kristos. The workers in the Christian Industry seem to be convinced of some idea, that the Most High is there for them, instead of the other way around. Mark Mohr is only one little brick in this big Industrial Complex.

Now, shortly after the Buju Incident, Christafari split. A portion of the band went to form “Temple Yard” while Mark Mohr went on using the name “Christafari” for his “Life Ministry”. There was quite a bit of fussing and fighting surrounding this band split. Not that the Christafari band was consistent in it’s membership, though. The only factor of stability is the Christafarian himself. But when the band went away from Mark Mohr and formed Temple Yard, there was a serious thing going on.

In 1997 Christafari went through a big change when Erik (lead vocals), Johnny (Horns, Bass, Keys), Marky (Keyboards), Bill (guitar) and Ken (drums) left Christafari to start an new musical ministry with a different mission and musical focus.[26]

It is not easy to find the details about this particular event. But the situation was hard! The split was about music and ministry, indicating a theological clash. Another fruit: division. The quoted article by Jeremy Reynolds reveals a little bit more:

“After the reggae tour was over, Christafari was signed by Sony Epic. In Mohr’s words, “Things started growing.” However, after recording another album titled “The Valley of Decision,” things started getting difficult. The band split.

However, in retrospect Mohr can see God’s hand working in what back then was a very unpleasant situation. “While it was a tough struggle God used something that was initially construed as being very negative. We had a different approach to ministry (from those who left the band).[27]

In a 1997 interview, Mark Mohr told the details to JAH Mark Ragsale[28]

So how did all this happen? What caused "the split" or "transition"? Christafari has always been known to have member changes. Members have left for a variety of reasons. But not like they did back in 1997. Right after they recorded Valley of Decsision, Bassist Lyndon Allen left. "[In the] summer of 1996, without Eric and I knowing, some of the band members snuck out and started another band called Temple Yard with Marky Rage being lead vocalist. The purpose of this was to make some money and they wanted to do some club gigs, at secular clubs around Nashville, and around the area, on off times from Christafari. They ended up covering normal, secular reggae songs. That was truly the birth of Temple Yard. That was the beginning of the division. We found out about that after about a month, and said ‘Hey, you are breaching the contract' and they stopped. It wasn't the most comfortable situation, but it was a foreshadowing of what was to a happen in the future. Months went by, and conflicts kept arising, and it was like, most of the band member felt that something was broken, and no matter what they tried to fix, it couldn't get fixed. I would attribute that to a lack of unity, a lack of unity in vision, a lack of spiritual unity. We were meeting with pastors and trying to work it out."

What caused this "lack of unity"? Two things. Money and musical differences. "As you probably know, quite a few of the members got married, or were getting married, one had a child, now we had families we had to provide for. And there was more pressure [on us] to provide financially. Any body who knows anything about the record industry knows that you don't get money if you are signed to a record label for the most part. Especially if you are splitting it among five or seven people." So they started having meetings to try to fix things and make things work again. "And their idea of fixing things was to save money. And their idea of saving money was to get rid of people. First things to go was horns and the extra keyboardist. And then they wanted to get rid of Vanessa [Mohr], and didn't want to have any more dancing, or her as a backing vocalist on stage. And when they brought these ideas up to me, I was very distraught. It was hard for me to deal with, especially when somebody says they want to get rid of your wife."

But this wasn't the only things the guys wanted to cut. "They said that they didn't want to have any more ragamuffin, or any more dancehall/ DJ chanting. They wanted to have just singing." They wanted Mark to go as well. Needless to say, this didn't exactly go over too well.

"When these guys who asked if they could join a band, that was already in existence and already had these things in place, wanted to get rid of those things, that put up some red flags. And when I thought about it, I'm like, Christafari without live horns, without dancehall chanting, which is half our sound, and without dancing on stage and choreography, I said, ‘Well, that sounds like a great idea, that sounds like a great band, but it's not Christafari. It never has been, and I'm not about ready to change in directions mid-stream.’ And then I stated my vision, which was the vision that at one time, we had all agreed to, as those partners, and even before they came in. I said this is Christafari, and it's not a pride issue, it's not me against them issue, this is what our fans have been buying 90,000 of each album, this is what has reached so many people. The roots reaches one crowd, the dancehall reaches another crowd, and I'm not about to eliminate half our audience, because we want to make more money, because our record company or our management company thinks that we would be more accessible or acceptable. I said, ‘This is Christafari, it's staying the same, and if you want to do that, I would encourage you to do so, but it's not Christafari, so if you want to continue to do Christafari, then stay in Christafari. If you want to do those visions, then I would say leave and do them. And may the peace of God be with you,””

And that was that. With three days left before the next gig, Mohr had the daunting task of assembling a new backing band but it would be totally different than it had been in the past. No more partners. Everytime they had member changes in the past, rumors started flying that they had broke up. Taking clues from such artists as Prince and secular reggae artists, he set out to form The SoulFire Crew. "What I did was look around at all the different bands in reggae, you've got Buju Banton, who is backed by The Shiloh Band, you have Bennieman who is backed by The Shocking Vibes Crew, you have Bounty Killer and all these different people are backed by all these crews they've started and by these different bands. It's very, very common to see that happen. I started the Soul Fire Crew, which is now my backing band and found the best musicians that I could . In that, now if one of them leaves or if it's in the beginning of a touring season I say I want to readjust the band or change it as some of the other artists have done, like Prince, and other people like that, I can do that without people saying Christafari broke up. That is what has happened every time in the past."

But this was only part of the break. With Temple Yard now on their own, Gottee (Christafari's record label), brought them into the studio and had them start recording their own album. Not one phone call was made to Mohr. This spurred Mohr to fulfill another vision that he had - his own record label. "I came up[29] with the vision of [Lion of Zion] when I was in bible college, in 1993. It has stayed the same, basically a World music label. Something that reaches people. The CCM market is very, very one-sided right now. It's very white. When you turn the radio dial, you can tell when you get to a Christian station before you even hear the lyrics, by the production, by the sound and by the songwriting. My goal is to inject some world culture into this."

When all the legal entanglements were taken care of, Christafari and The SoulFire Crew headed into the studio in the fall of 1998 to record WordSound & Power. And with a new record, a tour is naturally to follow. This has been another difficult part of the split. While touring after the split, and even now, people are confused about Christafari. Booking shows has been a problem when people think that they have booked Christafari but have booked Temple Yard instead. "When we go to book a show and they tell us that they can't book Christafari, because they've already booked Christafari. But then we realize that's not Christafari, that's Temple Yard. Or when promoters come up to you and say, ‘we are so excited that you are coming to town next month", and I say that we're not, Ôoh, we've booked Christafari'. And then we find out that it's Temple Yard. It's hard." A publicity ‘blitz' has been started to try to correct some of the misconceptions people have and to let everyone know that Christafari is still among us and is going strong.

Music isn't the only thing that occupies Mohr's time. He is an ordained pastor at Sanctuary, based in Mount Juliet, Tennesee. His role there has changed as well. He isn't there most of the time, with his band commitments, so he tours as a youth pastor, speaking at rallys and events. "It's really a choice of going to a place, with a few people in it, that are already being reached, or going to a place, where people really want you, and speaking in front of hundreds or thousands, and really making a difference. And that's what we have chosen to do."

And, if that wasn't enough, Mohr also has the missions focused Jamacia For Jesus.

"The year after I started Christafari, I went back to Jamaica for the third time. This time, not on a vacation, but as a missionary. Went there by myself, stayed there for a month. [I] did backstage witnessing at reggae Sunsplash, I did street evangelism and witnessing, vacation bible schools, just all kinds of ministry opportunities. The next year, I brought back some of my friends and band members. The next year, I brought back more and more, and so on and so forth. Now, it has gotten to the point where we are taking between 50 and 75 missionaries, fellow ‘Christafarians', people who believe in our vision and our mission statement. People who not only want to make a difference and reach people for Christ, but people who are willing to be changed by another culture, and are willing to let God change them by giving them a global perspective, a world vision as to missions and ministry. This summer, we are doing two concerts, with ‘Change' in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We are going to be visiting orphanages, childrens and mens centers, feeding the homeless, giving people clothing, street witnessing, [just] all kinds of different types of ministry opportunities. We are really excited about it. It's not a fan club tour, it's not a Christafari event, it's a Jesus Christ event. Warriors for the Kingdom coming together. Yes, Christafari is going to be there, and many of the people who are going to be there, I wouldn't say they are so much fans, as they are friends of Christafari, but its much more than that, and I'm really excited about it.".

Who feels it, knows it...

When I met Mark Mohr personally in the UK at a festival, I asked him who he ment with “hypocrites”, the title of one of the Christafari tracks that they performed. He referred to a number of different kinds of people, like Christians who judged him and also he talked about “members in my band”, not clarifying whether this was a referance to a current or previous situation.

Fruits all over, when you know how to look for fruits. The Bible tells us what the fruits are. The bad fruits are the works of the flesh, as Paulus calls it. The good fruits are the fruits of the Holy Spirit. They take form within a person’s life. They mark the spiritual identity of a person. The bad tree is a bad philosophy, and a bad philosophy like Christafarianism cannot bring forth good fruits.

But Mark Mohr has a different definition of “fruits”. Because all that he is doing, is pointing out to the “thousands” who have “come to know Christ” through his Life Ministry. On a telephone conversation with me, he screamed: “Are you willing to deny the many souls that come to Christ at our concerts”?

So let’s thake a look at these “fruits of my efforts: people are getting saved[30], as he calls them. There are statistics about the “many souls that come to Christ” at mass meetings and concerts. 80-90% of them “fall away from the faith”[31]. We also have Mark Mohr’s own testimony:

In past years I have gone into the Gully and led rude boys to Christ. Upon arriving in the upper part I was disappointed to learn that all but one of the guys that I had brought to Christ on my past trips were either dead on in prison.”[32]

Well, these “fruits” obviously are not the ones we look for either. And we can’t even confirm that the thousands are really there. Christafari never does, either. No, we are looking for the real fruits. The fruits of the Holy Spirit.

And even if there would truly be “saved souls”, how then would we be able to look at them? Yesus said we have to check the fruits. Would Yesus tell us to look at something we can not see? He says, we have to check the fruits of the prophet. Is the Holy Spirit leading this prophet in all Truth? Is this prophet, or teacher, truly born again? What is his testimony and where does he come from? What is his doctrine and is he willing to go into a debate with others in the Body of Kristos who have genuine concerns?

When we want to find out whether the fruits are good or bad, we have to look at the life of the Christafarian. Not in the personal life, in that of the private person Mark Mohr, though. We will stick with the Christafarian, as we prefer to call this “Mark Mohr” who presents himself in publications an on stage. That is the Mark Mohr who has our Berean Interest.

And thus far we have not seen so many fruits. In fact we have seen fruits, but they are all bad. And what did Yesus say? “A good tree can not bring forth bad fruits. A bad tree can not bring forth good fruits”.

We’ve allready engaged a twisted spiritual reincarnation theory as legitimation for his identity as a Christian. We have seen how he is indoctrinated by a New World Order University where he wrote a book admittedly containing lies and deliberate discrediting of Haile Selassie, causing fuss and fight among people who love JAH. We have seen division. We have seen how fruits of his efforts are either dead or in prison.

Do we have to look further? And will it get worse? Will it be more clear as to what the fruits of the Christafarian are? The answer is yes.

Because, shortly after the band split and two thirds of Christafari left to form a band called “Temple Yard”, the Christafarian’s Life Ministry bore some more fruits. Driven by a seriously twisted theology, which made him feel that “God” would “bless” or “sanctify” all of his actions, he thought that the band split was a chance for him to get into “hard core ministry” and “authentic Reggae”.

When he became a Christafarian, he also vowed to his “god”, that he wanted to “plant a church” in Jamaica. He allready had the name, too: “JAH Yard”. In his book “Christ and Tafari”[33], he writes:

Heeding to the call of the Lord at his conversion, Mark declared he would start a Christian Reggae band and plant a church in Jamaica. Thus began "Christafari" and "Jamaica for Jesus" in 1989.

In addition to the name Jah being used by Rastas, it is also a common appellation used within Jamaican culture. Due toits regular use in their dialect of Patois, this name is by no means limited to the Rastafarian culture, but rather it encompasses the majority of Jamaican culture, and other areas of the Caribbean also. For this reason, I have chosen "Jah Yard" as the name for the Churches that I am planting in Jamaica.

Of course, the Christian press had a lot to say about it. Let’s take a look at a few quotes:

In conjunction with this desire, Jamaica for Jesus has started the Jah Yard church plant.  This church is part of Mark's long term vision to reach out to the people of Jamaica.  According to Mark, God is raising up people in amazing ways to assist in the Jah Yard ministry; however, there is still many needs for this fledgling mother church[34] in Jamaica, and many plans for future growth. With one major goal being to teach Jamaicans to minister to Jamaicans[35], these ambitious but worthy goal all need the same thing.  Prayer and support.[36]

One of the Christafari volunteers on their website wrote to Mark Mohr, in public:

I know this (the Gathering) has been a dream of yours for a long time...remember Kingston when we met at the Devon House? I still have the Jah Yard description somewhere around here.[37]

But, according to Mark Mohr himself, the whole JAH Yard project went nowhere:

When I went to Bible College 10 years ago, my major had an emphasis on church planting in third world countries. I had always desired to plant a church in Jamaica, but the Lord had other plans for me.[38]

the initial vision started with Jah Yard in JA, but since then as you can read it has developed significantly. I am already talking with people in Barbados and Antigua about the possibility of starting one on each island. We are also working this month on starting another one in South or Central Trinidad. Pray for us and for leaders. It is exciting, for 15 years I have been a part of getting Christian reggae to the Caribbean, now I am on the other side of the ministry also, helping build congregations that are doctrinally sound and culturally relevant. As this grows, I do hope to take this concept to Jamaica, but I want to build strong Gatherings in other Islands first and then have the leaders of these churches be intrical in the Jamaican plant. This would be far more accepted if it was a Caribbean thing and not a white Mark Mohr thing seen? Jamaica's tempermantal like that.”[39]

From the above quotes, we can extract some crucial information. First, Mark Mohr has been through a course in, what he calls, “Church Planting In Third World Countries”. This is done at BIOLA University. Researchers have tried to find the prospectus for such a course, but the Biola Website doesn’t reveal anything like that anymore.

However, when we research Biola University and the “Church Planting” in general, we can easily estabish how a lot of it is pure colonialism. It is the export of the post modern culture, and the Christian Industrial Complex plays a significant part in this globalization of the Babylonian Empire.

Mark Mohr knows this, and that is why the initial “Church Plant” in Jamaica did not work. As we read, he had been “bringing Christian Reggae to The Carribean”. Of course, he is primarily speaking about Christafari music. But it is also significant to read, how the so-called Christian Reggae of which Mark Mohr claims to be the leader and the founder, obviously did not start in Jamaica. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have to be exported to the Carrib!

The Christafarian even knows how his religion, his ideas about what he calls “Rastafarianism”, his American Style, is: “a white Mark Mohr thing”. For Jamaica and especially the Movement of Rastafari, “white” stands for Babylonian. And with reason. This reason can directly be found in the indoctrination of Babylon System, which for centuries has been spreading propaganda concerning “black inferiority” and “white superiority” in relation to slavery and “Christianity”.

That’s the so-called Judeo Christian civilization of the west... Babylon fe real!

Christafarianism is a product of the Christian Industrial Complex. An American Export of a charicature of Rastafari and even Jamaican Culture.

It has been briefly touched before, how the American CIA has been instrumental in creating the “Dance Hall Scene” in Jamaica during the 1980’s. The Central Inteligence Agency “introduced” Cokane and American Pop Culture to the Jamaican Dance Halls, just shortly after they killed Bob Marley[40]. When America is “introducing” something new in the Reggae Culture, it allways has the result that there is more violence, more wickedness and more cokane. And now, when this very same “America” introduced Christafarianism to Jamaica, the people clearly said: “njet![41]

Another bad fruit. An attempt to “plant a church in Jamaica” miserably failed. Appearantly, there has been some meeting about “Jah Yard” when a Jamaican Christafarian met Mark Mohr at “Devon House”. When you look on the Internet for that house[42], you will, or perhaps won’t, be surprised to find out that it’s an old colonial building radiating everything Babylon and Slavery stands for. Symbolical? Perhaps...

As we see the fruit basket of the Christafarian, containing the very same fruits that he wants us to check as well as the bilical requirements for a thorough check-up of someone claiming to be an elect of God to fill some gap in some Christian Industry, we have to open the windows of our house, because the smell is getting unbearable.

False doctrines. Lies. Dead and jailed Jamaicans. Divisions. Hatret. Colonialism in a “Christian Style”...

Can it go any worse? Yes, it can.

Will it get worse? Yes, it will...

Pastor Mark”, in a desperate attempt to create some flock around him, started up another organization. “STAR Network”, was the name. Patterned after the organisation “Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide” (RAW), STAR Network was an attempt to “unify” professionals in Reggae Music as well as livicated listeners who professed the Christian Faith.

At least, that was the intention. At least, that is what some thought.

But also in this situation, we will recognize the pattern that surrounds the Christafarian in everything that he does in the Name of Yesus Kristos. It simply turns out, that the “god” of the Christafarian is not the Christian God at all. Because everytime the Christafarian is confronted with another follower of the Most High working in Reggae but not in the Christian Industrial Complex, it’s confrontation time!

As we will see in Chapter 11 in an interview with “Jah Mark” Ragsdale, STAR was set up as a “RAW” for the Gospel Reggae Industry that the Christafarian is setting up. But not for everyone was this clear. And so it came to pass, that people joined STAR who would never join any project from the Christian Industrial Complex. I myself joined this Network too, in the hope that I could find some fellowship with other Christians. Others, like Yabby You’s webmaster also joined.

Mark Mohr and Christafari left STAR Network after a while, in a conflict situation. Division and greed were some major aspects that drove the Christafarian out of the very network he created to fill the gap in the Christian Industry. The Network never did what it was supposed to do, and at the time of this writing it has gone through many changes and is now basically a recording company outside of the Christian Industrial Complex.

And Christafari? They are Far from Star.

Of course, these are not the only fruits. It will get worse still. Because we have come to establish that the Christafarian is very determined. He truly believes that he is an elect of God who has to fullfill some purpose. And that purpose is so holy for the Christafarian, that he disregards the fact that he has to put sin to sin to sin on his head in order to reach there where the true Christian God would never have told him to go: Into the Christian Industrial Complex.

After a while, Mark Mohr met the daughter of Ras Shorty from Trinidad. Ras Shorty is generally considered to be the father of Soca, a very popular form of Carribean music. Avion Blackman joined the Christafari band and shortly after that, Mark Mohr used her as an entrance into the Carribean again.

It was a difficult time for the Christafarian.

After the Buju Incident it became clear, how his Christafarian Appearance was a serious abomination. Jah would never authorize the “All Things To All Men” philosophy that is often used to silence christian critisizers of Christafari and Sanctuaryanism as well as other “ministries” in the Christian Industrial Complex.

His band had been through some serious conflicts too. The fact that theological differences were also playing a huge rol in the split indicates how this is also to be seen as a bad fruit.

He also vowed to his “god” to plant a church in Jamaica, and in his book “Christ and Tafari” he wrote about it as if it were a allready a “succes”. One can only imagine his dissapointment...

In the meantime he did set up his label “Lion Of Zion Entertaintment” and toured around the world with his band “Christafari”, but all he wanted was to set up a center for Christian Reggae in Jamaica. After all, that is what Bob Beeman did with his Culture of Satanic Metal Christianity, which we simply call “Sanctuaryanism”.

So his connection with Avion Blackman came as a “gift from heaven” to the Christafarian. He had nowhere else to go, and was desperatly looking for a way into the Carribean again.

After all, his “life ministry” was not going anywhere.


[1] Mark Mohr claims that “all” have to “obey” the “Pastors” and he himself is an “officially ordained Sanctuary Pastor”. In the church system of the Christian Industrial Complex, when you are an “ordained Pastor” that means you are –a- considered a leader whom “all” have to “obey”, and –b- are considered spiritually mature and living an imitatable life.

[2] It has been reported to the writer of this book, that Mark Mohr has privately stated to his close associates: “Messian Dread Is A Threat To My Life Ministry”. Mark Mohr gave this answer after he was asked why he doesn’t want to debate the writer of this book.

[3] From the Audio CD: “Gravity – Audio Commentaries”

[4] A newsletter dated september 2004 starts with “Fellow christafarians”. Link:

[5] From the Audio CD: “Gravity – Audio Commentaries”

[9] Quote: “It was a root of another kind that first attracted Mohr to reggae. "From a musical perspective, I hated reggae at first," he admits. "What really drew me to it was that it justified using marijuana. But, as I listened more, I started to like it."”Link:

[20] Mark Mohr admitted in a telephone conversation with the writer of this book, that he wrote “Christ and Tafari” in order to “discredit Haile Selassie”. Where Mark Mohr is angry at the writer of this book for critisizing him publicly, but Mark Mohr himself had no problem in discrediting the Ethiopian Emperor, a true Christian.

[29] Note: In other interviews, like the Jeremy Reynolds interview, it is said that it was not Mark Mohr’s original idea, when talking about the business plan that surrounded the Lion of Zion Entertainment Business.

[32] Link Article plus analysis can be found at the following link

[33] Mark Mohr’s book “Christ and Tafari” is currently unavailable for the “General Public”, but it circulates among resrachers and Christafarians. The writer of this book also has a copy.

[34] This is usually how the Roman Catholic Church calls herself, and also in the pyramydal power structures of many evangelical “sub-denominations” there is often mention of a “mother church”. However, in the spiritual reality of christianity there is no mother to be found anywhere and this can all be traced back to the Babylonian Mystery Religions as books like “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop reveal.

[35] To “teach Jamaicans to minister to Jamaicans” is of course nothing less then spiritual re-colonialization attempts by a spiritual Christopharos Columbus...

[41] “Njet” is Russian for “NO!”. Sometimes, writers use the Russian Word to express a very determined “no”.


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