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Mark Mohr has put together the first ever Gospel Reggae Festival tour, "Reggae Redemption Fest." The Reggae Redemption Fest will kick off in North Carolina in mid May and tour the US, and various other countries throughout the summer (including Brazil).

Christafari News Release, april 5, 2005

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves. Woe unto you, [ye] blind guides, which say, Whosoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing; but whosoever shall swear by the gold of the temple, he is a debtor!” 


Most of the critiques against our exposure of Christafarianism come from people who are taking this as if it was some quarrel in a friendship or brothership. That is, because so many things in Christafarianism are simply based on the Christafarian’s life ministry.

The majority of Christafari Defenders have some relationship with Lion of Zion. They are either connected because of some (voluntary) work they do for the ministry or they have signed some business deal with the label.

Some look to Mark Mohr as an example, and by that they are doing exactly what the christafarian wants them to do:

“There are four authorities that all must be obedient to: God, the government, pastors, and parents. (...) An equally important authority to which we must be submissive is our pastor and spiritual leader. These spiritual leaders can be the greatest examples in a Christian's life because they have studied the word of God and can challenge others to "imitate their faith"[2]

So it is not a surprise, to see that the words of Yesus Kristos come to pass, as well. We have allready seen how Mark Mohr is unable to overstand the movement of Rastafari. He doesn’t even see why some Christian Reggae Artists with Dreadlocks are not adopting a culture at all, but are truly chanting down Babylon, are truly worshipping the Creator, or Rastafari, by His holy Name JAH!

Mark Mohr portrays himself as someone who “all” have to “obey”. He claims to be an “example who can challenge other to imitate his faith”. Just as he imitates his example: “Pastor Bob” Beeman!

The Christafarian publishes as a Pastor, as a Teacher, but he refuses to have his teachings checked or debated. Instead he challenges people to imitate his faith. He sets examples. But all of this must go unquestioned. For as soon as the Christafarian must defend his false doctrines, he refuses to do so because the little entertaintment value.

And so it is not a surprise, that there are truly people who will imitate the Christafarian. Because of the argumentation that Mark Mohr gives to his audience, because of the  authority that he bought at Biola and Sanctuary, he is seen as an authority. But he refuses to have a debate on it. And he doesn’t want to reason about it either.

This was exposed in a thread on the Christafari Message Boards. The subject of this thread was the decision to no longer “use the term Jah” anymore and some questions concerning the FAQ entry[3] were posted.

The questions were not really answered by Mark Mohr and he continually referred to the FAQ entry. One visitor of the Lion of Zion website put it this way:

With respect, it is not quite enough just to keep refering people to the FAQ as though this answers all questions. The questions arise from statements you make there in the first place. I am hoping that it is possible to talk about the theology and presuppositions which underlie your (and others) views on Christ and rasta.

You rightly recognise that within the christian realm you are looked to as something of a figurehead in the christian/rasta realm. What you say carries a lot of weight. For this reason I feel it is important, not just for the sake of your own activities but for the sake of those in the churches who look to you and model their own perspectives on yours, and for the sake of how what you do is perceived in rasta communities as representing the way christians look at rasta. You have a position of responsibility in this realm and I feel sure that you will want to exercise that responsibility to the fullness.[4]

It’s odd, that Mark Mohr never answered these questions from another Christian Reggae Artist... Probably, because it was exposing the Christafarian’s confusion too much, because he was perfectly tell a Rasta to back off a few posts befor that.

Yes, he did show to his following “how to witness to to a Rasta” on the very same message board who expressed some interest in the very same subject:

if you are a rasta and are so against our music, why do you spend so much dang time in the Christafari thread? Nothing better to do? Do you love to reason and pick a quarrel, or are you genuinly seeking the truth, wherever it may be found? I hope that your motivations are positive now. There sure have been a lot of negative posts in this thread.[5]

The “negativeness” that Mark Mohr referred to were the genuine questions by the original poster and an agreement from the Rasta who was basically told to: “If You Are A Rasta, Then Why Don’t You Go Away? Don’t You Have Something Better To Do Elsewhere?”.

And so, every attempt to talk as Christians, or as Rastas, we can only get into contact with the Christafarian when we –a- want to follow his examples or –b- can be used by him.

Whenever he is critisized, he acts like he is personally touched by “negativity”. Whenever it’s “negative”, or “superficial issue in the public’s eye”, it’s not worth it.

And so, the Christafarian remains to be seen as an authority about Rastafari and Christianity in the eyes of “the Christian world”, where the notes must be taken that both Rastafari and Christianity may not neccesarily be the same in the eyes of the Christafari’s public then in the eyes of JAH.

The faith of the Christafarian is Christafarianism, disguised as “Christianity”.

For a while it was diguised as some charicature of some “Rasta”, but since the release of “Gravity”, it’s more centered around the personal belief system of the Christafarian.

We therefore have to take several facts into consideration. The fact that he portays himself as an example, and the fact that he is being acknowledged as such within the Christian Industrial Complex, and the fact that Yesus Kristos allready spoke about Farisees doing World Tours to create clones worse than themself.

In Cyberspace, everything goes faster than in what is called “Real Life”. But nevertheless, what happens in Cyberspace is happening in Real Life. Even stronger: what is happenning in Cyberspace, often preceeds events in Real Life.

And so, the Christafarian created a complete online cult of people following the teachings of Christafari. This is obviously going beyond Mark Mohr, beyond his person, even though he keeps referring to himself and sees this all as “fruits of my labor”.

The reason why this book is written, is to document these “fruits”. In 2001, an article was written but never published. In october 2004, an essay was published and the actions from Christafari as well as fruits of his labor, the Christafarians, simply made it neccesary to tell it to every true member of the Body of Yesus Kristos, to every Rasta, to every living man and woman who loves JAH.

We saw how Mark Mohr witnesses to Rastas: he tells them to go away. He also told me to go away. In a “Final Rebuke To Messian Dread”, Christafari wrote:

We know that you have serious contentions with the faith of Evangelical Christians, as we do yours. But we do not go on your website's forum condemning your marijuana smoking or your Rastafarian claims, nor do we wish for you to post on your propaganda that contradicts the very foundations of our Judeo Christian belief system. All of the moderators and I refuse to listen to the wayward bantering of a self proclaimed Rastafarian Christian (a curious phrase say the least).

This is not to say that you do not have the Spirit, only God knows that. But if you do, reveal this by love, grace and a respect for our wishes as brothers and sisters in Christ--leave this forum. You have your own forum, feel free to malign our names and Evangelical doctrines in it all that you want. You have your own platform--use it. We expect nothing less. Lastly, we thank you for the controversy that you have given to our ministry as it has only been used by God to spread His truth even further. Even your misused out-of-context quotes contain profound truths about the kingdom of God that cannot be ignored by rational readers. Christafarians (if there is such a thing) know the truth when they hear it and can smell a skunk in the room no matter how much it hides.

The administration of[6]

I have respected their wishes and have not posted anymore on and instead used my own website to quote and analyze what was going on. After all, they said: “If You Have The Holy Spirit, Go Away”. In Biblical Terms: by their own admittance they Quenched The Holy Spirit.

In the second chapter of the Book of Acts we see that the Holy Spirit is fullfilling the Apostles and other Disciples of Yesus Kristos they had had flames of fire on their heads. But nowhere in the Bible can you find a place where people are asked to “leave, when you have the Holy Spirit”. Usually, when someone is filled by the Holy Spirit, this is not perceived as a reason to ask someone to leave. At least, not when you are into following JAH.

But appearantly, the fire was still too hot after I was posting my analyses on a special messageboard created to document the Christian Industrial Complex. Almost all of the moderators of the Christafari Messageboard and a number of Christafarian Artists came and tried to Quench JAH Fire even more.

Without one exception, they came and established how they had no answers to the genuine remarks that were posted in response to their utterances. Some of them went very far in their expressions as they revealed their ultimate argumentation.

The CRC Message Board has become a source of information that is being examined by hundreds of people. When something is posted on this forum of the Center of Research on Christfarisees (CRC), it is read and taken very seriously by friend and foe.

Together, the postings on the CRC Messageboard display a horrible picture. But it is painted mostly by the Christafari Defenders themselves. It is a picture that truly exposes the ungodly nature behind the veil of Christafarianism and the Christafarians: The doctrines and fruits of the Christafarian!

All of them displayed a total ignorance when it comes to identifying Babylon. And even if they did, they were unable to realize how they themselves were caught right in her.

Take this news item from the Christafari website, dated april 8th, 2005.

The most authentic and traditional roots reggae to be found in the gospel arena is located in the DUB bin. While gospel dub reggae has been relatively scarce over the past few years, the last 5 months have given us three epic dub releases courtesy of Mark Mohr and Christafari, Solomon Jabby and newcomer Jah Servant.[7]

Of course, it’s kind of striking how the Christafarian puts “Gospel Reggae” in terms of more or less “authentic”. Especially when the who adaption of cultures is the admitted working method of his operations. It’s a mere confirmation of what in his BIOLA UNIVERSITY is called:

Imitators, who "hijack portions of popular culture and inject a Christian message;"[8]

But that’s not all. Why did Mark Mohr call Solomon Jabby and Jah Servant along with himself as “the most authentic in the Gospel Arena”? For that, we have to look at the context in which the announcement is made. Not suprisingly, we’ll find it in an article called “LATEST RELEASES AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSTORE”.

It doesn’t matter what the artists themselves think about it. One might agree or not, this is how Solomon Jabby and Jah Servant are being promoted on the Webstore. And so a comment was placed by me on the CRC Message Board. This one:

You could also see it like this: we have seen it, have read it, they said so themselves: Yabby You and Messian Dread are not christian enough to be sold in our gospelshop (as if any of the two would ever have applied or even thought about such a thing) but ‘Here is Solomon Jabby, a 'true christian roots artist’

For years and years this has been on their website. They portrayed Solomon Jabby as the christian-approved "alternative to Yabby You and Messian Dread", that's obvious.

Is it a co-incidence, that both "Jah Servant" and "Solomon Jabby" happen to be like little Mark Mohr's? Ofcourse not! In interviews, he claims boldly how he is a pastor who "has to be obeyed by all", and how he "shepherdizes" his artists. It's the most easy for Mark Mohr to make disciples, even worse than himself. This is namely what Yesus Kristos said that false teachers and socalled leaders would do!

Is it a co-incidence, that both "Solomon Jabby" as well as "Jah Servant" started off their "carrierre" as an online Dub artist? Of course not! Mark Mohr knows where to rob and steal, he knows exactly how the online artist community is financially robbed poor, he knows exactly how to tempt people with the root of all evil: the lust for money.[9]

Several attempts were made to simply shut down this voice that comes out of the CRC. After all, it’s an annoying voice. But a voice they can’t refuse, either. The Message Board and website is spelled in several possible ways. Hundreds of people generate thousands of hits every month. Other websites quote material which has been posted, or they talk about it.

Whenever very sensitive subjects were touched, when people were quoted and their public statements analysed and commented on, these people would post defenses on the CRC Message Boards, sometimes even within a few hours. The funny aspect is, that most of these people hardly ever participated in a Reasoning about hard core issues before.

Pretty soon after the publication of the previous book, I was contacted by a Lion of Zion artist. He told me about his confusion and was very fearfull. He told me that he didn’t want to publicly speak out on the subject, a thing which can only be respected. His confusion came out of a dilemma, and that was a friendship that he considered to have with both Mark Mohr and myself. Later he even expressed to me how he felt that he had to “take sides”, after which I told him that the only side he should take was the side of JAH.

The artist told me how he was well based in Bush Country[10], but that he did not agree with many of Mark Mohr’s Christafarian ideas and that he only considered himself to be a TruthSeeker. He simply didn’t know what was going on. I could only tell him that I was willing to answer any question he might have, but he didn’t reply to that e-mail anymore. And I didn’t hear from him anymore either.

He was tempted by Lion Of Zion into the Christian Industry with some niceness. As he told me before, he saw Lion of Zion Entertaintment stricktly as a business, as a channel to get his music out. But the way he came out, was quite different.

Because of the Christafarian’s con-fusion of the Body of Kristos with a Christian Industrial Complex, his con-fusing double faces of “Pastor, President, Band Leader, Head Of Ministry” to name but a few, it is obvious how his following is also con-fused.

And where the Christafarian keeps talking about his life ministry so do the ones who take him as an example, or who have simply been sucked into the Christian Industry with the temptation of sales.

But why would they need to enter the Christian Industrial Complex anyway?

Most of them don’t even realize it and they think that by selling their music through a so-called “Christian Reggae Label” they are participating in a normal musical business. But they do not realize how the mere Christianity that the Christafarian claims to represent is the very product at his market place!

This was a constantly returning theme in the postings from “Christafari Defenders” at the CRC Messageboard, and also through the private communication channels. They could not see mystery Babylon, they could not identify her.

They could not come out of their Christafarian way of thinking...

Christafari looks at the commercialization of Rastafari and con-fuses that with true Rasta. They claim how Biblical and Holy terms and Names are mere objects for Christafari’s evident commercialization of Christianity. They create a subculture within “Christianity” that has some veil of “sound doctrine” based on an “earned title”. An imitation of “adoptable aspects of a culture”, in this case Rastafari and/or Jamaican Culture, is being “sanctified”, transformed into a Christian Correct Version.

Whether they want or not, artists who sign up with the Christafarian, sign up with the very Christian Industry he sells his products in. The very same industry that dictates his theology. The very same industry that makes him stop people from worshipping the Holy One of Zion by His Name JAH. The very same industry that makes him deny somebody’s faith because of ganja smoking.

When an artist signs up with Lion of Zion, this artist enables the Christafarian to use and abuse this very artist’s faith in Yesus as merchandize. And he does, often against an artist’s own will. The reason why an artist contacts Lion of Zion, is also based on their personal faith. For why else would they want to contact the Christafarian? There are numerous ways of getting your product in the Music Industry, when you are a musical artist.

However, there is only one reason why you would want to have your product sold through Lion of Zion. And that is, because you want your product to be marketed in the Christian Industry.

Christianity is the reason for the ministry or record business called Lion Of Zion Entertainment. And whether one realizes this, or not, the fact remains. And that is why many only realize that they are con-fused without realizing the meaning of the word confusion.

Their mere confusion is a sign of their being in a mystery. A mystery is something that makes you confused, too. It’s ment to be hidden. And you can be in this mystery without even knowing it. But a feeling of confusion could give you an indication as to the powers behind it.

Why is “The Yabby you Issue” a Mystery to the christafarian? Because there is a Yabby You Issue as a result of this very Mystery!

The Christafarian mix-up makes people land in a situation where they can not recognize their Christian Brothers and sisters anymore. A true state of con-fusion!

A con-fusion is a mix-up. It is an attempt to mix two things together which should not be mixed. It is a con fusion. It is a state in which you find yourself when you participate in the con fusion or mix up.

And, not entirely co-incidental, the name Babylon is also translated into the English Language as “Confusion”. When it’s translated from the Hebrew, that is. When you translate it from the ancient Babylonian language, it means “Gate To (the) God(s)”.

And by looking at the last book of the Bible, we can see how Babylon is presented to us as a whore with the name “Mystery Babylon, the Great, Mother Of Harlots and all Abominations”. The mystery is described in the Bible all over and over again, but you must be able to see it. And if there is one thing that the movement of Rastafari does, and did, one thing which every true Christian has to take into consideration, it is the Rastaman’s undeniable identification of the Western System as BABYLON.

When you listen to Babylon, the mystery will be presented to you as a Gateway to the Gods. Or even, in the case of “Christianity”, the “Gateway to God”. Enter into the membership roll of some denomination and you’re considered inside the body of Kristos. But when you listen to JAH, you will be warned against an unholy alliance, a con-fusion, a mix-up.

And the call of JAH to all of His people in this state of con fusion, Mystery Babylon, is:

Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. (Revelation 18:4)

The very word “Church” means “A Group Of People Who Are Being Called Out Of Something”. The Church of Yesus Kristos is called to step out of Babylon! And truly, when you are JAH child and you do not step out of Babylon, your very blood will be filling the cup of her abominations.

And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman (...) having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead [was] a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.  (Revelation 17:1-5)

Step out of her, JAH People! Step out now!

That is the message that this book would like to pass to everyone who find themselves caught in Mystery Babylon and knows himself to be a member of JAH People.

That’s why all the documentation and biblical analysisis provided. That’s why the news that this book contains is revealed, strongly against the wish of Christafari who rather keeps all of this under a veil of secrecy!

Are you a Christian and do you like Reggae Music? Are you a Christian and you you play Reggae Music? Then why does your believe in Yesus Kristos form the economical basis of your purchases and business deals? No, this is not about ethics. This is about making merchandise out of yourself as a Christian rather than a Reggae Musician or Fan.

For when you want to buy music, you have to go to the Gospel Shop for “Christian Reggae”. You don’t go to the Reggae Shop! And when you want to make a business deal about your music, you have to go to Lion of Zion too. You don’t goto a so-called secular business!

And why not? 

Because you’re trained to make your Christian Faith, your salvation, a part of the marketing of your product. Because you’re trained, as a music listener, to listen to promo talks that claim the following:

Christ alone is the Lord of my life. So when I listen to a reggae song that praises Rastafari, giving worship to Selassie, I get convicted. My spirit does not agree with this. I then have to ask myself this question: if Shadrach, and his brothers refused to bow to the false god when the music played, why would they then go out and buy a CD full of this same music and listen to it daily? They wouldn't! Furthermore, I doubt that they would give themselves a name that defines this false god.[11]

If there is one state that describes all the responses in defense of Christafari, it is this word: confused. But as they expressed their confusion, they were unable to see how it was caused by their own unholy alliance with a system that is revealed in the Bible as Babylon!

Most of them probably saw no harm in using this system as a Gateway to God. They saw no harm in selling their faith, making it into a sellable product. After all, the only economical foundation of the Lion of Zion complex is Christianity. And whether you know it or not, making your product available for marketing in the Christian Industry is selling your faith to Mystery Babylon and will lead you in a state of confusion whenever you are confronted with the Truth that is Kristos Yesus. It is a literal partaking in the sin of Mystery Babylon!

A mystery is not easily explained. But it can be revealed. And to those who have eyes to see, it is revealed in a Book called Revelation. Mystery Babylon has many daughters, as she is called a mother. But she is not a wife or a bride, she is a harlot. The children of a harlot are not born out of a holy fusion or union between a husband and a wife, but out of an unholy or con fusion between a harlot and a customer or her pimp.

In the case of Mystery Babylon, the pimp is obviously Satan or the Beast. But the customer could be you or me! As soon as we allow our faith to become merchandize in the hands of the merchandizers, you are factually having spiritual fornication with either Mystery Babylon herself, or with one of her children.

When you spiritually fornicate with Babylon or with one of her daughters it may even be that you make the mystery pregnant of some new abomination! It may be even be that you are “born” out of some abomination or harlot that came out of Mystery Babylon. And that means that you could be a harlot yourself, and your children more abominations!

You see this reflected in the Christafarian’s mindset of “all things to all men”. Instead of having the mentality of a Bride who faithfully waits for her Broom, we see marketing and avoiding of “touchy subjects” et cetera. Clearly this is the mentality of a harlot seeking business.

Christafarianism is truly an abomination. A true daughter of Babylon. It carries the mark of the Beast all over, no matter how you look at it. The Roots, the Fruits, the Trees, the Doctrines, the Actions, everything. The Christafarian that was born out of some spiritual reincarnation theory is not a Born Again Christian in the Biblical Sense either.

Is Mark Mohr, personally, a true Born Again Christian?

Who knows, but JAH.

The very same JAH, whose Name is denied by the Christafarian.

One thing is for sure, as we have documentated.

There is a Christafarian who created Christafarianism, who created little Christafarians, deliberatly with the Bible in one hand and a red-gold-and-green piece of merchandize in the other. Who “saves people as the fruits of my labor”.

There is a Mark Mohr who publishes articles and letters to sponsors and fans, who gives interviews to the Christian press.

And it is this Christafarian, this Mark Mohr, who has committed a spiritual fornication with one of the daughters of Mystery Baylon: a harlot called the Christian Industry, which in herself makes merchandize out of the faith of which Yesus Kristos has clearly said: Give and Receive FREELY!

And it is this Christafarian, who claimed to have been born around Mark Mohr’s 17th life-year...

...out of a...


...that has in itself nothing to do with the faith of the true Rastaman...

...into a...


...that has in itself nothing to do with the faith of the true Christian!

The “testimony”, the roots, the fruits, it’s all the same. Both in the Doctrines, as well as in the Fruits. The “Pastor” we have come to know as the Christafarian has no Biblical foundation, he doesn’t pass the Biblical Test and therefore his prophecies must be rejected.

It is possible for JAH people to be on Babylon. For otherwise JAH would not call them out of her. But it is not good for JAH people to be in Babylon.

And yes, Babylon also has a political arm which we have come to recognize under the name New World Order. Most of the time, though, this is about all a Christafarian knows about the Mystery that keeps them in spiritual bondage.

Repatriation, stepping out of Babylon, however goes much deeper. It’s possible for two people to sit in one room where one may be in Babylon and the other not. That’s how the mystery works, too.

When Yesus Kristos incarnated and walked on this earth, He showed to grace to the sinners and law to the self-righteous scribes and pharisees.

The scribes and farisees can very well be compared with the Christian Industrial Complex. They gave themselves titles such as Rabbi and claimed how they were an example. Often they refered to the Bible of that time, the Old Testament of today. And Yesus told the people to only listen to them when they quoted the Bible, but not to take their example.

As we saw in the beginning of this chapter, he also told the scribes and pharisees how they would go on world tour so to speak to make disciples even worse than himself. This is a thing which we do see reflected in the works of the Christafarian too.

While he is telling people to take him as an example because of his degrees and expertise in the Christian Industry, while he is claiming how to “save people as the fruits of my labor”, he is creating spiritual clones of himself. Yesus said: “Ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.”

It is no coincidence that the Scribes and the Pharisees were using JAH people as merchandise and a perverted con-fusion between a “Biblical Sound” and a Babylonian Mystery Religion as control mechanism.

It is no coincidence that Yesus Kristos, JAH Rastafari, called these very same scribes and farisees “children of Satan” as they willingly were trying to quench the Holy Spirit of Jah and even blaspheming Him.

They were children out of a spiritual fornication between Satan and Mystery Babylon. These very same scribes and pharisees worked together with the political system of downpression, that is identified in the book of Daniel as Babylon too.

Yes, you can be caught in the mystery without realizing it. It can be quite possible, that you only realize that you are confused...

But when you realize that the word con-fusion spiritually means “unholy alliance”, this could give you an indication. When you use your spiritual indentity in Kristos as a sellable product, then you yourself mix up. You mix business with your spiritual Identity in Kristos. And that leads to con-fusion.

The Word of Jah to His people is: “Come out of her, my people”. For the spiritual sons of JAH, both male and female, this means a spiritual repatratiation. For those who have sold their faith as a prouct in the Christian Industry, it means that they have to step out of that complex too. For the very con-fusion they are in is a sign that they truly are in Mystery Babylon.

May the Voice of JAH be obeyed, and may His Children truly leave out of Babylon, so that they will not be partakers in neither her sins nor the plagues that come upon her.


[1] Matthew 23:15,16 KJV

[3] FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions, a portion on websites where “issues” are explained

[10] BushCountry: refering to Texas, but many Texans don’t like that referance to GW Bush. Usually, BushCountry will refer to a culture of “Christians” who “support” the “Christian” president GW Bush.


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