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The CRC documents the Christian Industrial Complex and other forms of Babylon Sponsored Christianity.



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Christafari's "Response To The Essay"


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Okay, you got me. You are better than I at blowing verbal smoke rings. I'll stick to what I do best, making music.” 

One last argument in defense of Christafari[1] 

“Must we bring up Messian Dread non sense? That is old news, most people don't buy into it, Rasta or otherwise. It is looked upon as negative vibes being put out by a person who calls himself neither Rasta or Christian. What does that tell you about him? He can't figure out where he belongs and really has no business saying where anyone else is when he don't know where he is. He needs to focus more on the positive vibes and get rid of all the negative vibes. Now I don't agree with Mark mohr on everything either so don't get me wrong. But I am not going to devote all my time to tearing the guy down. I follow JAH not Mark or messian. At least Mark ain't scared to give us his real name.”

Anonymous Posting on the Christafari Website[2]

After writing my previous book on Christafarianism, it took me eight months to write the one you’ve just read. And in this post scriptum, I would like to give my own testimony: the view that comes in my spiritual eyes and the sound that comes in my spiritual ears...

I sincerely hope, that this second book on Christafari completed what should have been written in the first one as well. However, I did not write the first book with the same intention as this one. My first book left too many open holes, too many questions unanswered, and that was for a reason.

The reason was, that in october 2004 I still expected to be able to have an open debate concerning all the issues relevant to the Christafari phenomena. Like Martin Luther put a paper with 95 thesis on the door of a Catholic Institution in order to start a debate, I wrote down some of the basic elements of my critique.

The initial responses by Christafari were the most extreme a Christian can do. A spiritual execution. They gave me to Satan in the Name of Yesus Kristos! Right from the start, they tried to kill the messenger in the hope that the message would die, too. Mark Mohr then carefully kept me in some correspondence, which he completely abused and twisted without giving anyone the possibility to check out for themselves, if these things were so.

They carefully and skillfully manipulated what was intended to be the start of an intelectual debate into what they started to call “personal feuds”. And they killed the messenger spiritually.

This marked the start of the process that led to this book. Christafari did not want a debate, they didn’t want their teaching checked, and they gave me to Satan. To give somebody to satan, can be considered as putting an anathema on somebody. An anathema is a curse. It is the curse of being outside of the Body of Kristos.

Detail in this context is, that Christafari completely deleted their “Rasta Reasoning” messageboard as well as their “End Times Chat” from their website after a press release announcing this book was placed on the Lion of Zion forum. A day later they announced how they were going to further their steps into the Christian Industrial Complex by announcing their new “” business with “a new forum

Christafari’s responses basically told me how they did not see me in the same Body of Kristos as they claimed to be in themselves. And the fact that they made this all into some kind of personal feud as they call it, assured me how they were not going to have a debate either. After all, I’m considered to be a publican and heathen according to the scriptures that they quoted in order to kill the seed of Truth before it grow.

Seed of Truth?


I am a principal man. My “real name” isn’t important. Just like Mark Mohr, I could be anyone. Both Mark Mohr and his Christafarianism and I, as the writer of this book exposing Christafarianism for the false teaching that it is, both of we just happen to be the person in the time and the place and the possibility.

And both of we seem to be worshipping our Spiritual Father that we respectively call “God” and “JAH”. Who could be anyone as well, when you look at who people say God and/or JAH is.

I don’t look at Mark Mohr or myself as really relevant. It’s all about the things we say, not about who we are. That’s between ourselves and JAH.

But I had to find an explanation for reactions like the anonymous poster that I quoted at the start of this Post Scriptum. I had to find out why he couldn’t do anything but disregarding objective truth because of the one who is expressing it.

I had to find an explanation for the many people who asked me the same question that Mark Mohr asked the Rasta who critisized Christafarianism: “Have nothing better to do?”, they asked me time after time again.

“Don’t they love the Truth?”, I asked myself...

I was shocked to find out just what kept the various Christafari Defenders going. It was everything but love for the Truth. The language they spoke seemed like english to me, but they kept on stressing completely irrelevant points. After a while, I found out how all these responses kept aiming at me as a person and it didn’t go any further.

It wasn’t until I had analyzed and written my footnotes to “Mark Mohr’s Response To The Essay” that I found out about the Post Modern Culture, the Neo Evangelicals and Western Church History. I had to dig this deep in order to be able to explain how Christafarianism could come into existance. And I know that I still didn’t dig deep enough.

We didn’t dig deep enough.

For even though the Christafari Defenders made it seem like I was on my own, quite the opposite was true. For the research of this book, a complete group of researchers and reporters have produced a very interesting collection of documentation. JAH knows who you are!

And what about me? The “me” that everybody is so interested in commenting on? What about my “agenda”? What made me write that first book, what made me write this book, what kept me going on for 8 years and 8 months?

It’s a love for the Truth, a love for the movement of Rastafari that showed me the way to my Creator in a way that western Christianity could never have done. It’s a respect for JAH Culture, a respect that is not be expressed in calling one’s self a Rasta or a Christian.

I have never received any disrespect or hostility because of my believe in Yesus Kristos, my identity as a Dreadlock, or even my nationality or skin colour from a true Rasta or a true Christian. And yet I had to face all this and much more coming from forces that tried to stop me from commenting on or even documenting the Christafari phenomena. I could take it, even though it shocked me.

But I knew what I saw.

I saw the true foundation of Christafarianism. It was based upon and feeding of the confused minds of those who were brainwashed by the Christian Industrial Complex and the Post Modern “Feel Good, No Negativeness Please” Pop Culture that is exported from the USA.

Ever since the 1970’s, there has been a very strong Reggae Movement in Europe, where in the USA Reggae Music is still not getting the credit it deserves. When I started listening to Reggae Music, in the early 1980’s, the USA were as interesting as let’s say the Moon when it came to relevance for Reggae Music.

Until the CIA managed to get the cokane in the Jamaican Dancehall and ever since America Hip Hop has been taking over certain Reggaeish elements (mainly “Jamaican” slackness that was imported to Jamaica by the CIA anyway), the USA had not been contributing significantly to the Outernational Reggae Movement.

All of that has changed. Many Jamaicans left to America, when the market seemed to be opened for Reggae Music. After Bob Marley’s dead, that is...

And from this American System came Christafari. Backed by a well of money they are now travelling to the Carribean, just like the CIA, to tranform the culture by injecting something into it. They are travelling across the globe, giving people the impression that their music is the real thing. Where al they do is keeping people under the mind control of the very system that Rastas rightfully identify as BABYLON.

People, in total confusion, all trained to look at searching as if it were a virtue and who look to finding as a sin. People who are completely unable to look further then a personal level, who don’t even notice how there is something like Objective Truth.

I feel for them all. I hope, that all of these people will start reading the bible for themselves, start listening to some of that “boring roots reggae”, as the Christafarian calls the Rastaman’s Music. I hope, that all of these people will start to seek Yesus Kristos, for only He can show them Who JAH RASTAFARI is.




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