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Christafari's "Response To The Essay"

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When one browses through the Christafari website, reading all the material that we are discussing in this essay, one finally lands on the Christafari message boards .

This is where much communication goes on.

There are three people working for Christafari as “moderators”, at least two of them convinced Christafarians.

In a place on the Forum with the name “Witnessing to Rastas ” you can also participate in what is called “Rasta and Ganja Reasoning”.

This is where I have spent hundreds of hours since I originally wrote my essay, then an 18-page article.

Throughout a few years I was reading, writing and reasoning there directly with Christafarians on their own ground . This enabled me to study and document Christafarianism even further.

While they were fiercely “witnessing to Rastas”, I was trying to find out how to witness to a Christafarian .

Not that they were really “witnessing to Rastas”, and not that I found out how to witness to a Christafarian .

In that I miserably failed, I must confess. 

But nevertheless I was provided with a first row seat in the Christafari laboratory while the fruits of this evangelical correct mix of “Rastafari” and “Christianity” materialized before my very eyes.

I documented the manifestation of the fears in my vision as I saw Rastafarians who attempted to reason with the Christafarians, trying to address the very same points addressed in this essay with a kind of humbleness I can only write about, leaving the place in a silence that can only be interpretate as a state of total shock.

Cold shivers ran over my back every time a Christafarian denied the faith of a brother in Kristos  just because this brother is a Rastafarian.

Horror filled me when provocateurs  were given free speech to express disdain over almost every aspect of Rastafari, using the teachings of Christafari  to proof their points to an audience that was absolutely not hindered by the presence of any knowledge concerning that very movement they imitate to feel good in their own world at the expense of their Christian Idren in Rastafari.

My friends punched me hard to proof that I wasn’t dreaming when Christafari took away the Name of JAH in their future releases only to stick with a word “God”, which has a pagan etymological background, in an attempt to stop Christafarians  from becoming “too rasta”.

Where the name JAH is a thousand times more valid to describe the Most High then the word “God”, making it one of the last valid points within Christafarianism , it turned out that in order to continue Christafarianism , only the “christafarized” aspects of Rastafari  can remain.

I broke my mind over the question how to break through this matrix where the Christafarians  experience their virtual reality in.

My mind went back in time to re-experience the years in which I came to know this phenomenon in the hope to find an answer.

Being from an evangelical back ground myself, and because of my Jah given identity having connections with the movement of Rastafari too, I became aware of the controversies that follow Christafari wherever they go shortly after my introduction to “the first American Christian reggae band”.

As far back as 1996 I initially did some “damage control ” for Christafari on several occasions in which Rastafarians expressed their outrage over publications about Christafari in which the movement of Rastafari was being discredited in what later turned out to be the house style of the Christafarians.

I have already mentioned the article in which Rastafari was portrayed as a group of people supporting to kill all white people. There was another article in which Christafari was described laughing over the death of Bob Marley.

My “damage control” consisted out of contacting Mark Mohr and asking him to rectify the statements in the articles. Back then I really couldn’t believe that someone who I thought was a Yesus Dread would actually discredit the movement of Rastafari in Christian publications.  

Although he did express that he was not the source of the information and that he also had never laughed over Bob Marley’s death, this was being done in the same way as it is done today. Public statements for the massive and private statements for damage control.

I’m prepared to help an overzealous brother who makes mistakes out of the trouble he’s gotten himself into and I’m willing to go far for that.

Twice I told my Rastafarian brothers about the private emails I received. When it happened a third time I woke up and smelled the coffee.

The coffee did its work. I began a seven yearlong journey to find out why there was little use in trying to ease the pressure between Christafari and Rastafarians .

What I thought were incidents caused by an overzealous ignorant American Christian reggae band had begun to form a pattern.

A pattern we know have come to know under the name of Christafarianism .

It is the philosophy that we saw exposed in this essay for what it is, the “culture” that is created to forward Christafari into the CCMIC  mainstream at the expense of so many people who suffer directly because of it.

Christafarianism directly denies the faith of those within the movement of Rastafari , even those who can be considered a Christian. Christafarianism similarly labels everybody who criticizes it as an enemy of Christianity.

These expenses are kind of high in my estimation.

But without these expenses, it is impossible for Christafarianism to exist . From the name to the game to the fame, everything is based on an alleged gap between Christianity and Rastafari.

And no effort, so it seems, is spared to maintain that gap.

Fill that gap intellectually and you directly take away the foundation on which Christafarianism rests .

Fill that gap by simply existing with your Jah given identity as a Yesus Dread  and find yourself back as involuntary subject of public “scrutiny” in which it doesn’t even matter what you say about Yesus Kristos or Selassie, the absence of an anti marijuana  stance is enough to “doubt your salvation”.

So I didn’t only document and observe what was going on, I actively and passively participated in discussions and debates about almost every subject you can think of in this context.

Until I found that statement by Christafari, literally stating that Christafarianism was nothing more and nothing less than the culture Christafari created with their fan base to get a place at the top of the CCMIC, the Christian Contemporary Musical Industrial Complex .

Then I realized why there is little use to try to ease the pressure between Rastafarians and Christafari.

But that doesn’t say a thing about the Christafarians!

As we saw before, the Christafarians are taken into a certain mindset that pictures Rastafarians as enemies of Yesus Kristos, ready to use violence against the Christians.

Can we blame the Christafarian when all the info he gets comes from evangelical sources?


But we also shouldn’t leave the Christafarian in the position in which he finds himself in now.

The crucial question is: how do we achieve that?

I found out the hard way, what shouldn’t be done in order to get the Christafarian out of the dangerous position he unknowingly finds himself in?

Before you know it you find yourself in the middle of a debate in which you will never be able to reach to the point because of the many distractions.

It can’t be done by writing letters to Christafari  in which it is explained how the definition of Rastafari and the methodology of “witnessing to Rastas” have no biblical and logical basis, because at best you’ll get a private response.

It can’t also be done by trying to publicly debate Christafari associates, regardless of the abundance of argumentation, in the hope that the thirsty Christafarian who reads along realizes his thirst.

But it can be done if we witness to the Christafarian.

Show him how to drink, not only where the water is. Drink from the water of your argumentation. Witness what the water does with you.

He will then realize his thirst and wonder how he could ever been so blind to deny the faith of so many of his Brothers and Sisters in Yesus Kristos  who are born again through Messiah Yeshua just as he.  


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