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Help me please, Dreadlock approval question!
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PostPosted: 26 Mar 2004 19:37    Post subject: Reply with quote

yo md and others.. check the thread on the angel of light being lucifer (luz, get it). this is the bohemes' god. "light".
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PostPosted: 27 Mar 2004 13:42    Post subject: Reply with quote

Messian Dread wrote:
And so it a New world order "translation", so what.


Opps, I put the quotes around the wrong thing. I ment "New World Order" translation. What you don't understand is that just because it has errors doesn't make it a NWO bible/translation. KJV has errors too. Oh, and just to be clear: in my previous post, I wasn't trying to say that the nwo is ok. I agree that it is wrong.

If it translates a scripture or word wrong, don't use it. You should always compare the bible with other just to make sure there is no changes to it.

No. You should study the poriginal language manuscripts or texts.

Unfortuatly, most people don't have a concordance/dictionary for greek and hebrew around them.

Why? Because if you knew about King James, you would know that some historians believe that he was GAY (a HOMO)! So what, just because he might have been a homo, your going to ban the KJV of the bible?

Ofcourse I know what "hisatorians believe. So? They also believe that your father is a monkey. Anyway, James didn't do the translation. Others did. It's still the best translation YOU have in YOUR language.

Actually the historians are people like you that believe in the bible, but think every little thing makes it wrong. Those historians were christains not evolutionist. Yes, I know he didn't do the translation himself, he had a team of people he commanded to translate it. You can find the whole history in it's preface. And yes, I agree this is the best translation.

Secondly, you obviously have a shallow knowledge about satanist. You ever thought that maybe their is more than one group of satanists? Could it be possible?

No. It's a pyramid system seen. On the "top" you have lucifer or satan. Then at the bottom you have all these (as they are called in jargon) 'usefull idiots'. The more you are initiated, the higher you go in the pyramid. Low-level minions are unaware of the top and who runs it. But not the other way around. It's one system. The idiots at the bottom, who run around in gothic and upside down crosses do so because they think that the ones who run this planet are "christian". They have no idea that the ones they are fighting, the leaders of nations, are also their leaders.

Yes this is true. That is why we (as in christains) generally go for the "usefull idiots" because they don't really know what they are doing. The have a easier chance of geting saved then a leader.

And we aren't talking about the people that you have on your website.

You did not check it. That's obvious. So here is from the book of Bohemian Club, which is a place of satan rituals, some of their members:

Actually i did. That is obvious when i say what you quoted. How would i know that you had people/pics on your forum if i didn't go to it?

Get it thru your head, just because you wear black around them doesn't mean your practicing their religon. If you are wearing their symbols, that is different. That is not right. But if you are wearing black, that doesn't make you wrong.

That's a complete distraction what you are doing. You think you can apply the scriprute in Corinthians to "become a satanist with the satanists" andf I say it says no such thing. It's a distraction to speak about clothing and all that when speaking about satanism. Do you start to speak about burka's when you talk about Islam? I'm not even sure if you know the word! Ofcourse not. When you speak about a different religion, a worship to a different "god", you're not speaking about clothing.

You obviously didn't pay attention to the KJV of the scripture i posted. It didn't say "become a -------- with a --------". It said "unto the ------ I became as a ------". Not with, as. Clear. As doesn't make you something. Tim didn't become a Jew because he got circumsied.

And a reminder: I wasn't the one that brought up satanists, you did. So keep your comments. I wasn't comparing satanists as rastas or visa versa.

Yes you do for you are stating that Rastafari is a religion worshipping a different god then the God of the Bible. So I am stating that when you are in that particula thought, you can not apply theat corinthians scripture to "biblically justify" having uncombed hair on your head and call it "dreads to reach dreads". For in your mind set Rastas wear dreadlocks to worship a different god. You would be indeed like a satanist wearing a satanic symbol.

Stating that rasta's don't worship the same god as us doesn't compare you to satanist. I'm not saying "you see satanist do this and rasta do this, can you see the similarity?" That is comparing. I didn't do that. And it's not my "mind set" that rastas wear dreadlocks to worship a different god. I know this is not true and you confirmed this later on in your post that some don't have dreads.

But nobody cares about a strict application of scripture. They use new age translations because then the brains do not have to work so hard, they think they are biblically correct where in fact they are only political correct, and many Christians see this and condemn it as "conformed to the world". And so it is! But these are wiped away as "conservatives" and "ludicrous".

Obviously you don't even care about application of scripture. That is unless you can tell me how to use 1Cor 9:19-23 to reach non christains.

And my reasons are biblical unlike yours. You have NO biblical standing why wearing dreads to outreach to rastas is wrong.

Oh yes I have. For one, the way you are doing it, really is manipulation and imposing. When you say you wear dreads to "reach" dreads, and I presume you speak about true dreads here not the barbersaloon yuppies, you are manipulating and you are an imposter. Why? Because you are not a dread yourself! I know that many, many, many Rastafarians see right through this and they only see it as a confirmation that this western christianity really is babylon.

And what Tim was a imposter and manipulator? Peter? Paul? ect.

When you are a true dread, you know you ARE dread. You are dread because this is how JAH created you.

I don't know if your refering to a pychodelic defention for just rastas, but the bible says to rejoice and to only fear god. Be happy.

Your just saying "your using it out of context!" while i clearly showed you how you can compare wearing dreads as the samething as paul making tim get circumised. They are both outward things that people look at.

People looking at circumcised penises? What are you talking about?

Hmm... you can laugh out loud as long as you want be i think Jews did:

Ge 17:10 This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; Every man child among you shall be circumcised.
11 And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you.
12 And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you, every man child in your generations, he that is born in the house, or bought with money of any stranger, which is not of thy seed.
13 He that is born in thy house, and he that is bought with thy money, must needs be circumcised: and my covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant.
14 And the uncircumcised man child whose flesh of his foreskin is not circumcised, that soul shall be cut off from his people; he hath broken my covenant.

If you read the 1 Cor 9 scripture, you would know it said that the Jews knew Timothy's dad was greek. Why would it mention that if they didn't care about who was from where unless they cared if he was circumsised? Paul was not "right" in their eyes because he believe in christanity. The only difference between Paul and Tim was that he was by blood a gentile. And all gentiles back then didn't get circumsised. They knew that. And Paul knew that they knew. That why Timothy was circumsised. Paul knew that they would say something to the effect that "we can't accept Tim because according to the law he must be circumsised to be God's child" and if Tim wasn't circumsised, the Jew would have give no ear to what they had to say.

Now the question is WHY did Paul choose Tim and make him go thru the hassel and pain of getting circumsied instead of just using Peter or another jew that converted? Because he wan'ted to make the point to the Jews and people like you that the who and the from where and the outside apperance of man doesn't matter to God anymore. You can get circumsied or you can wear dreads and it's not going to make you closer or futher away from God. Jesus doesn't care about the outside of man. He's worried about the inside.

[quote]Now, okay. Seriousness.
A true dread is not someone who does not speak to people who have combved hair. That is an absurdity and sign of ignorance. A dread stands between the ballheads and other people with uncombed hair. I don't care if you comb your hair or not. If you make sense I listen, if you don't make sense I don't listen. [quote]

The problem with that is that the only people that "make sense", are the people saying your right and OK.

I most definitely do not respect "dreads" who are no dreads.

Oh you can say that, but that the same thing as me saying i don't respect rastas that think they are allright. Now of course, i'm wrong according to you, but the point is not that. The point is that that is what you are doing. Your judging people by their outside appearance.

The jews looked at wether people were circumsied. Does a rasta looks at a person with short hair equally or lesser then when someone that has dreads also talks to them? That awnser would best be someone that is outreaching to rastas. Like Jah Pickany. Jah Pickany, do you think you would be equally accepted if you had short hair when talking to people that have dreads?

I think I am one of the persons to ask such a question. I answered some of it in the above paragraph. As for Christafari, they do realize that they were on the wrong way because they have changed their "focus" from Rastas to "universalists" or "new agers". Besides, look at their (and JP's) concert agenda, you will see most of the performances are in some Christian event or Church. No problem with that, but you can hardly speak about people who are "reaching out to" outside-church people. This is also clear when you read why Christafari does not use the Name of JAH anymore in their new releases. Their influence in the Rastafarian Communities all over the world have not been that big, but instead their influence in the Christian World is.

Actually i purposly asked Jah Pickany, not you. Why? Because i know that you think that christains-that-think-rastas-are-wrong are wrong and "imposters" and "idiots", ect. You don't care what the response of others are. Your in your own little world of people who don't accept rastas are wrong. Period. The rest of your statement is a opinion. Oh and that last statement is so true. It seems as rastas don't care anymore about the truth. 10 years ago, it was safe to say that for the most part reggae was generally for rastas only. Now more and more non-rastas listen to reggae also so that could be the reason on not focusing on rastas as much as before.

Not every Rasta wears dreads, by the way. That alone should answer your question.
Study on. You'll see that most christians with lox do it to "look cool". If they give any spiritual meaning to their hair it's the aburd interpretation of the Corinthians Scripture. But it's only, in their own words also, "a biblical justification" of a hairstyle. And this justification is applied in situations as described by the original poster of this thread. Now then, do you honostly think that the guy's "pastor" would take that argument serious? No he wouldn't. He would crush it down and the guy who wrote the original post would be left totally confused.

Just to let you know there is NO "biblical justification" for to wear dreadlocks. For christains and rastas alike. It doesn't say were are to be nazarites or the such. There is no scripture saying we should have dread. Infact it say the opposite. It says men are better of with short/no hair then with long hair. Of course I know it say later that there is no law or custom to inforce that men should have short/no hair. You might use a old testament reference but that just makes you a follower of the OT. You might use John the B as a reference but that just makes you a follower of John not christ. So don't give this "they are wrong" stuff, because you have no standing for your dreads either. Get it thru your head: God didn't make you wear dreads or wants you to. God doesn't care about the out ward apperance of man. That includes your hair.

And somebody laughs very hard. And it's not me.

Yep, and it can be the very oposite person you think is laughing.

Oh yes, I forgot all about you........

Oh don't worry. I wasn't refering to me. Well actually you should be worring.

By doing what you are describing, you are not only totally wrong in applieing certain scriptures, you are making a fool and a clown of yourself, and a mockery of the gospel.

I'm not making a mockery of the gospel. I did not say "Go with the satanist and do their cerimonies". And perhaps Timothy was made a fool and clown of himself in front of the Jews. Maybe not. It is the same for us. We might be made a fool or we might be accepted. It depends on the other person.

When you say Rastafari is na religion worshipping a different God then the God of the Bible (Timothy Situation not about a different God), then you can not apply the Corinthians Scripture. When you do, you would be doing the same as "being a satanist with the satanists". I am NOT saying Rastafari is a religion worshipping a different god then the Christian JAH, so I am NOT making the comparance. I am only showing why you can not apply the scripture. I was hoping you and others would understand then why it would be impossible to apply the scripture, but instead you go philosophising how it would match the situation. Unbelievable shocking. Really.

Please spare me your shock. Simple anwser to this. If rastas do believe in the same God as christains, then i would rightly be comparing you to the Jews. If rastas don't believe in the same God, then i would rightly compare you to the law-less. Either way this scripture is also refing to your religion also. I'm going to igore the satanist point because i already state above my counter to that. Get it: just because everything isnot listed doesn't mean it not for them. And there is a difference between rastas and christains is simply that a rasta wont say he a christain because he has differences. The real fact is that a rasta don't want to be called christains because their aim is not to be christ-like as christain means. Christ didn't smoke pot or the equivalent, nor did he wear dreads. He might have had long hair but that doesn't make him dreaded. Christ didn't need any earthly substense to get to meditate or think about stuff.

And then they will be taken good care off in the churchical system. They will be tauight how to listen to the preacher and "respect" the "ones placed above him" until he gets sick of that and leaves the Christian Faith as a desillusioned, bitter man.

That statement just shows how rebelious you are. And how open you are to the word.

I am very open to the Word, YESUS KRISTOS IS THE WORD. I Read the Bible too. Because the Bible is the written word of JAH which is a lamp for my foot. I am born again on august 6, 1985 as an 18 year old bwaay. I love my Saviour very much, for it is because of YESUS KRISTOS the INCARNATED JAH that I live, that I am able to type this, that I am who I am and that I go to ZION HEIGHTS which is the DWELLING PLACE OF JAH. And when I reach there, I will see Haile Selassie too. We will both sing praises to the Almighty JAH.

Until that time, I live here and I observe, analyse and warn people to think for themselves. To trust JAH and to pray to the Almighty in the Name of YESUS KRISTOS. JAHOSHUA HA MASHIACH. JESUS THE MESSIAH. JEZUS DE MESSIAS.

I'm born and raised in the christian world, my father is a 75 year old preacherman who still preaches every week almost. I have a lot of respect for him. He taught me to think for myself. Not to trust a "pastor" just because he says he's a "pastor". JAH gave me brains too. Not so that any system can fill it, but so that I can develope myself.

I know that some call it "rebelious". Especially in cults, and strickt groups where there is much "shepherding". Where people are literally been told WHAT to think.

I'm not a rebel against YESUS KRISTOS. I do not rebel against HIS BOOK of BOOKS. I do rebel against mental slavery.

Then perhaps you know that the word pastor means shepherd. What is the POINT of a shepherd?

And if your so open to the word, then can you tell me why their was respect to the aposteles?
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i just started locking up my hair last week .my pastor is cool with it.soo i thank jah daily..well im new to these boards.soo yeah .its cool to be here.
check out my work
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