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Meeting the Messiah apart from Xianity
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PostPosted: 25 Jun 2004 03:46    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here is a link to some of Mike's songs...


Jah Nerd, is a great Nickname by the way! !!!!!

About Repatriation...

I know of VERY few Rastas that have left for Shashamane, or any other part of Africa. I do believe that many who do have the means don't becaue of the Political situations, Islam, war, AIDS, etc. The list is almost endless. (If I am not very badly mistaken some of the Marley family have moved to West Africa) Saddly enough many Africans are doing their best to come here. Why? Oppptunity. The truth is that there is much political corruption, poor healthcare, recession in countries that have HUGE resources, but cannot take advantage of them. I believe that the idea of Repatriation is really no differant than the Pie in the Sky deal that Rastas are so against in the Christian faith? Oh I know that sounds rough, but it is not meant to be. Here is what I mean...

Christians are accused of doing nothing right now to change things because we are waiting for the Pie in the Sky, while people suffer now...

Rastas (many of which could afford a one way plane ticket) talk alot about Repatriation and never just go. The closest many get is buying a "African Art" objects for their home, never even considering the conditions that the Artist was compensated for the work. In truth if we really disect the matter if Rasta cannot solve the problems of the community where they are it may be best that they don't repatriate because that would just add fuel to the fire that is in Africa. It is a very sad deal. I personally know some Africans, and left to come here, because the conditions were worse in Africa. I am not saying that all of Africa is in bad shape, by the way.
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PostPosted: 25 Jun 2004 06:20    Post subject: Reply with quote


I'm a bit disappointed to see that you will stop discussing things on this site because I have rather enjoyed your input. Perhaps you'll reconsider.

I'll second that motion.

What I would say though is that the "crew" around here may be more varied than you think.

I'll second this one also.

If a believer wants to work with someone who is not against Christ for a goal that is for Christ, it is OK. If a believer wants to work with someone who is actively spreading falsehoods or negativity about Christ it is wrong. I would have to agree completely with Mike. It is one thing to be a friend, it is another to help spread untruths.

On the subject of repatriation I am sorry I dont have a comment. I really do not know enough about the pros and cons. Perhaps you would have some info that would be helpful?
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PostPosted: 28 Jun 2004 03:13    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the compliments. These reasonings are interesting, but they can only go so far. After they reach a certain point, they become unproductive (sidetracked, topics become personal, etc.). I watched some of the threads for a good while before posting. I imagine if anything peeks my interest, I'll post again.
RasTafari Meditation
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