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Website: http://www.christafari.com/
Label: Lion of Zion Entertainment
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Christafari has been a trailblazer, pioneering the genre of Gospel reggae in the U.S. and throughout the world. With their blend of traditional roots and contemporary dancehall reggae, they proclaim a positive message of hope and salvation to this generation. After 14 years, Christafari is still standing strong with music that was once considered by some to be just a "fad" or "novelty." Refusing to be limited to one musical market, their compositions appeal to listeners in the Reggae, CCM, Gospel/Urban, World, and Latin markets alike.

Christafari was founded in 1989 by songwriter, producer, and lead vocalist, Mark Mohr. Raised in a Christian family, Mark strayed from his Godly upbringing and, during his teens, became involved in hard drugs and alcohol. As an answer to many prayers, the Lord delivered Mark from his addictions at a Christian camp at the age of 17. After serious prayer, God impressed on his heart to start the first Christian reggae band in America.

"The best advice I was ever given was to go to Bible College so I could be theologically and doctrinally sound," says Mark. He studied at Biola University in Los Angeles, majoring in Christian Education. During his years at Biola, the group began to take shape as Mark wrote songs for Christafariís first and second albums. Now an ordained Pastor, Mark has spent over fourteen years ministering and performing, bringing a unique brand of gospel reggae to nearly every state and some twenty countries around the world.

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