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His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I

On Christafari
Manifesto Number 1
Issued 1/5/2003 = 11

From the definitive order of Rastafari movement, the group Christafari are cultural bandits of the worse kind, a thorn in the crown of Rastafari, a pierce in the side. Currently The Republic of Rastafari O.A.N. has brought this issue before its council seat for closer examination, for a few years now we have considered this matter in the year 2001 The Republic under the direction of the elder Ital Iman I issued a directive of Jihad to cleanse Rastafari of Caucasian bandits and demons in its midst. We have ordered all true Rastafari to denounce them at all cost. We applaud the effort of one Buju Banton to chastise the blasphemy of the evil Christafarian, Buju Banton has rightly and most timely displayed our intent for the future of this holy war to all Caucasians among the Rastafari we say you are not Rastafari and cannot be and are not welcome.

Buju Banton

The issue at hand the group Christafari cannot be taken lightly, this is a case worse than Sodom and Gomorrah to use the vehicle reggae, the image/ideology of Rastafari to denounce Haile Selassie the father of the order to convert Rasta to the religion of a fictitious Christ is a crime against the Rastafari movement. Christafari the group has been deemed evil and have been tagged anti-Rastafari {anti-Christ} by the council seat of The Republic of Rastafari O.A.N. the first action taken against Christafari in our verdict is this subpoena {"On Christafari"}.


In the tradition of the symbolic Nyabinghi as of January 1, 2003 we are currently breathatarians here by the Atlantic ocean we are fasting for the downfall of Satan and his army. Christafari being the symbolic Satan here, a representative of the beast and divine terroristic events upon orb earth. Currently, our objective in this Jihad which resonates with the 23 enigma star Sirius and the ancient Olmec Maya Calendar which ends in the predicted year 2012. We will send out a resonant vibratory signal in the year 2004 when Venus becomes a little spot on the sun the cultural bandits will realize their downfall and vain works.

Looking at Venus from Earth The Sun Venus

Eight years from the transit of 2004 Venus will transit the sun again in 2012 Sodom and Gomorrah will be destroyed. The chosen and elect of the true god will be redeemed from the destruction of the wicked deceivers...

Who is Ital Iman I?

Rastafari Elder Ital Iman I

The invisible sheikh, the Chilam Balam, foremost exponent of the Rastafari mystery, founder of the Wonder Project, director of the Rastafari Jihad:- The Republic of Rastafari O.A.N.; converted to Rastafari in 1980, he participated in the esoteric Rally for Peace Conference at the United Press Building in Washington, D.C. called by Stevie Wonder in 1981 who had concurred with Bob Marley on the definitive direction of the Rastafari movement knowing the code of the cryptic manifesto, "Master Blaster Jammin." Ital at the death of the prophet Bob Marley was kabballisticly passed the invisible ring of power being the key of the kings, the Rastafari revival had begun. Ital Iman I is an ordained member of The Council of the 26, The Metaphysical Brotherhood of the Book, also a member of The Universal Earth Clergy with all the rights and powers etc., given ordained ministers on orb earth; he is current author of the Holy Book of Wonder which is the covenant {agreement} of the ark, the command of the gods {Anunnaki}. He has revealed the ancient connection of the Rastafari with the Anu priesthood his biography can be found in the Holy Book of Wonder.

The following is a reply from an acquaintance of Ital Iman I and the Wonder Project from the most powerful public relations firm in the nation Ofield Dukes and Associates of Washington D.C. will serve as the authenticity stamp of this endeavor laid out in this manifesto {"On Christafari"}.

From : "Ofield Dukes" ofield@erols.com
Reply-To : ofield@erols.com
To : ital39@hotmail.om
Subject : RE: Rally for peace press conference 1981
Date : Wed, 11 Jul 2001 08:22:06 -0400
I want to commend you for your determination and creativity regarding your project. I wish I could offer some meaningful and insightful suggestion about getting to Stevie, but I have been away from that situation from years. I don't do anything with entertainers now, especially since the death of my good friend LeBaron Taylor, who was Senior VP of Sony Music Entertainment. During the Stevie Woner March to make Dr. King's birthday a national holiday, Ewart Abner, whom I knew from my days in Detroit when he was an executive at Motown, was my main contact. I am sorry I cn't be more helpful to you. God bless you and keep the faith!

Offield Dukes
Ofield Dukes

Ital Iman I
Editor in Chief
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