Mark Mohr of Christafari
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Van: MSN-bijnaamRas-Aaron  (Oorspronkelijk bericht)

Verzonden: 5-10-2004 19:02


Greetings to all in the name of Yeshuah!


This may be one Important topic, and InI think we should all do our best to let it be known.  I recently got a magazine from an Assembly of God Pentecostal Church that had an article/interview with Christafari's Mark Mohr, and InI also recently got an e-mail from Lion Of Zion etertainment which is Christafari's Recording Label.  Anyway both had something about Rastafari in them, the magazine which is called OnCourse, said some things trashing the Rasatafarian Faith, it wasnt a big section but it shouldnt have been there without Mark doing some research first,  the e-mail I recieved recently had a statement by more that said "And God saved the best show for last, for it was in Amsterdam where even rastas held up their hands after the sinners prayer!"  Anyway I took it upon I to send him an e-mail at the Lion Of Zion web site (F.A.Q., contact us) to tell him that as a Rasta of the 12 Tribes of Israel origin that InI and most others that InI know/reason with do believe in Christ and not as Selassie but as Christ himself and explained that he should know these things before he says that kind of thing to anyone.  I got a response from him that stated:

                                                                                                                                                                    "Ras, forgive me for misrepresenting your faith.  You are one of a million rastas that I have met that does not worship Haile Selassie as God or Christ.  Respect.  When I referred to Rastas, I was speaking of those who follow AND worship Rastafari. 
Mark Mohr"

InI have Raspect for that man to send me this e-mail, but if he believe that(That InI am 1 in a million)  then InI need to do something because what InI believe is being distorted and falsified. Anyway InI urge all to spread the knowledge of our faith in anyway we can so that the truth be known.   Much Love and Raspect!!


Ras Aaron




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Van: MSN-bijnaamJAHsh_ConCurz

Verzonden: 5-10-2004 23:43


Ras Aaron I tell you something now. Mr. Mark Mohr, I really do not know about this man because I get the impression that he is confused. Without disrespecting him, I can say this, that he obviously does not know the Rasta people that he claims to be ministering to. If he even bothered to study Rastafari, or His Majesty or Gadman, etc. then he would not say such things. It is a wicked self-righteousness that we see here. I believe he even stopped using the name JAH for God in his music. It seems he has basically adopted outward symbols of Rastafari and Reggae music but he is really just a whitewashed Evangelical Christian. I am not saying that he has an ulterior motive per se, but he don't have to pose and fool the people, he can sing Contemporary Christian music all he wants and to anyone he want, but do not fool JAH people and try to go around to "save" him and "save" she. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg though, I&I really need to check and see where these views of Mark Mohr and Christafari come from because the confusion runs deeper.


To me, Mark Mohr is in the same vein as people like Billy Graham or Pat Robertson of the 700 Club, what I&I can call this Evangelical Christian American tradition. Now I am not fighting these people down, because some of them are doing good works and they stand against alot of evil in this world, but I really see some foolishness and ignorance among these people as well. Please, take a look at these American Evangelicals. They are mostly White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants... even if they are non-denominatial or evangelical, they still come from this Protestant background. They are also very imbedded in certain traditions from their Midwestern or Southern backgrounds that often become blurred with what they call the Christian faith. Besides these things, I also see a form of arrogance among these people; they tend to fight down other forms of Christianity... Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Rastafari Orthodox, etc. I usually see no diversity amongst them, just these white people who try and teach Christianity and "save" people. Infact to tell you the truth I think they are afraid of ethnic people (Black, Hispanic, Asian, eastern European), because they never seem to incorporate any of these peoples' overstandings even if they are Christian and instead they kinda make them become just like these other brainwashed evangelicals.


Now, they use the Bible and some of these teachings that they give are really good... but at the same time I really feel that they are self-righteous and instead of coming to realize how other people in the world may sight up Yeshua Ha'Mashiach, they try and evangelize to them a good ol' Texan or Oklahoma form of apple pie American Christianity. Y'know, one time I even seen 700 Club on TV and they were praising Columbus and acting like he was a saint because he landed in America and planted a cross on the beach. Obviously these people either choose to ignore or disregard all of the devilish things Columbus and the people after him did. Pure lies man, its like kindergarten the way they the treat I&I people like we do not know the Truth. It's not just these white church people either, I seen the same problem in American Black churches... because really and truly they come from the same root of American revival tradition. It goes to show the divisions within American Christendom... all these churches are divided anyway, not just between white and black, but even within each other cause everybody claims something different to say. Again I do not mean to demonize these people or judge them, but I really have to say that in my view they have a narrow overstanding of the Faith. These people are Christian, they have a Faith in Yeshua so I cannot fight these people like that, they also have an overstanding that Babylon is very real in this time, but I really must say they need some guidance. All I can say is pray that they might see the Truth and follow the True Faith.


I tell you man, some of these Christians put the American flag and cross on the same level. There will never be I-nity until people rally 'round Jahoviah's throne under the banner of ites, gold and green and sight up the Biblical and Historical Truth of I&I Faith in Jesus the Messiah.


Blessed Love Everytime,
JAHsh ConCurz Simeon




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Van: MSN-bijnaamaaronjudah

Verzonden: 6-10-2004 0:54


I agree with both of you 100%.  As a matter of fact, I linked this discussion on their site.  There is a lot of misrepresentation that occurs on that site.


Jahsh, that analysis of Anglo/Protestant is deep.  There are a lot of people that would be uncomfortable with that assessment, but I've come to that conclusion myself.  Mainstream Xianity does contribute to a lot of division and racism.


Anyway, dialogue is important.  Maybe things will change for Mohr if he encounters people that are different than his preconceptions.  Time will tell.




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Van: MSN-bijnaamHindLetLoose

Verzonden: 6-10-2004 7:45


greetings in that divine and most precious name of Our Lord and Savior Yahshua Immanuel!


i feel the same way with this Mark Mohr.  The doctrine on their website seems to be somewhat heartical, but the over all message isn't African Liberation or the Davidic Monarchy.  It seems more just like some trust fund white hippies who like reggae, which is cool, fine with me, but dont go around discrediting Rastas.  And as regards to millions, I for one do not see His Imperial Majesty as the Christ Returned nor God, but have not seen anywhere near millions of Rastas, yet alone the minority of brethren like-minded as myself.  If he promoted Africa in any way, then i would support him, as he his distributing some forms of truth, however he is ignoring the big picture, which is the significance of Rastafari aside from divinity debates.  Selassie represents the 227th decendent of King David in Africa, showing this generation that Ehyah Asher Ehyah's word stands forever.  African Liberation is the Christian duty of all, whether they be Rasta or Evangelical Christian, because this is a Christian movement, not a Race thing.  One God, One Aim, and One Destiny. 


It would seem to me that he is trying to discredit Africa, and wear the culture in order to gain converts amongst white Rastas.  Since most Rastas who dont worship His Majesty feel separated or unaccepted sometimes (black white or brown), it would seem that he is taking advantage of this situation.  He is providing them with a group, but this group isn't focused on the essentials, which is Africa!  Thats what this is all about, not worshipping the Emperor, but doing our part for Africa.  If he isn't promoting African development, then he shouldn't mess around with Rastafari.  I dont care who he worships, he should be promoting Africa to the fullest since he is in some sort of spotlight!  If your not against the System, you are for it, and i KNOW Rastafari is about going against the corrupt Shitstem!  I heard heathen discredit the Shitstem more so then Christafari does, so where is the Rastafari part? 


yours in christ

chris naphtali twelve tribes of israel california



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Verzonden: 6-10-2004 16:20


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Van: fzlah

Verzonden: 6-10-2004 16:24


Blessed love and strength


Both of these topics specifically about Christafari/Lion of Zion entertainment + the explanation of divisions within Christ body over temporal issues I have a few thoughts on...


First quickly, my Empress father just got a book I will find out the name of it but dealing with the problems of race + protestantism in America today...  I will get the title but it seemed to be addressing the very things you mentioned.  One thing personally, is that Jesus is going to accept ones the way they are, if they simply have a repentant heart.  Especially protestant-'white' people have to get beyond the notion of changing someone's culture, and instead focus on sharing the Gospel.  InI know it is Jah who will do any conversion, and save them.  I am not saying we shold not go forth preaching the Gospel as this is Jesus command, however we need to show that the body of Christ is 'inclusive' of everyone on earth for all time, if they will accept it, rather than saying that salvation is an 'exclusive' thing, for only those who have accepted it.  In reality, both points are true, but it is how we represent our faith to others, as well as how we carry and put onthe mind of Christ, that others will be drawn to Him. 


Also the whole reasoning on the issue of Christafari, well, I have been wanting for a long time to wirte a post on their message board but didnt want to bother creating an account etc... 


Anyway my reasoning is that there is definitely a confusion there with the whole taking of Rastafari and Orthodox Ethiopian symbols etc and using them as a 'cloak' of their missions work.  Now anyone reading this please overstand I do have the same goal, leading ones to faith in Jesus Christ as Savior.  However it has been Rastafari that revealed the truth about the orthodox faith and living in love, manifesting the works so others will be drawn to our faith that brought me back to a relationship with Jah.  So like Jahsh said, if they are ministering to Rastafari people, then why not respect their faith, and if ministering to ones that aren''t Rastafari, why use Rastafari and misrepresent it and distort it and discredit it?

My case in point.  The question is on their FAQs of why do they use Red Gold Green?  Isn't that Rastafari colors?  Check this.  At least a year ago, probably more like 2 years ago, I checked this page, and the answer was simply, 'these are the colors of Jamaica'.  While this is obviously untrue, as Jamaica's colors are Green Black Gold, recently I saw the answer was changed.  It now states:


Why does Christafari choose to use the colors Red, Yellow and Green? What do they symbolize? Aren't they Rastafarian colors?


The colors we love to use are the Colors that represent all of Africa.

Black represents the people of Africa.
Red stands for the blood of the people that was shed.
Gold is for the Gold that was stolen from them.
Green is for the land of Africa.


It was Marcus Garvey (a Christian) who first identified the colors with the continent of Africa. He simply looked at all of the nations flags and realized that most of them had something in common. To me the theme of Red, Yellow and Green is a constant reminder of where reggae music and virtually all other genres of music originated. Africa is the heartbeat and musical foundation of Reggae Music and this Music primarily reaches those that are of African heritage.


I know that these colors are also identified with the Rastafarian movement. In part, our use of them is also to become all things to all men (I Cor 9:19-23).


Yet some legalistic Christians would have us never use these colors again. To them I respond with this question: Did you know that homosexuals have chosen a rainbow as the symbol to represent their lifestyle? Given its clear identification with the homosexual culture today should we as Christians no longer use the rainbow? Absolutely not! Imagine the Noah's Ark story without this symbol of hope and promise. God created all colors in the world with each one of them painting an image of His glory!

So all that being said, it is clear that Mr Mohr has not properly researched or studied these things.  First off, as we know, Marcus Garvey's colors, which were the colors of the UNIA as well as the colors of flags used by Garveyites, were Red Black And Green.  Not gold.  So this may have been stated on some Rastafari website, or maybe he just got confused hearing different stories.


As we well know, the colors Red Gold Green are actually the colors, or banner, of Ethiopia!  Now why would that truth not be shared, even if the point that he is trying ot be is all things to all men!  Why is Ithiopia having these colors important for InI Rastafari?  Well, to start, as Mr Mohr did say, these colors are the colors of the rainbow.  Why is the colors of the rainbow important as it relates to the Bible + prophecy?  Well John did show us in Revelation that the Ancient of Days throne is encircled by a rainbow!

Revelation 4
2   And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne.
3   And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.
4   And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.

as well one of the angels associated with the seals being opened, is described having a rainbow over hsi head....


Revelation 10
1   And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire:



So it stands that the Red Gold + Green is a sign of the covenant that Jah made with Noah, as well is represented by the colors of Ethiopia, in that their Kingdom was one that was perpetually livicated to representing the Christian Faith.


The colors represent to Ethiopians, besides the Green being the Earth or resources, the Gold being the wealth of the nation, and the Red being blood shed to keep the freedom, ALSO represent the 3 Christian virtues!  FAITH = red, CHARITY = gold, HOPE = green.


All these things are 'embedded' in Ethiopia, besides being the oldest Christian nation on earth, do represent and point (at least in my mind), to Christ's coming eternal kingdom.  As well, I do know that the orthodox faith spoken of and represented by Haile Selassie I, was very important for me to find.  Being raised in a 'born again baptist' home that was broken up by legalism both in our family as well as our 'church', I personally got away from Jah and would not have found Him again was it not for the Spirit bringing me to a 'true' remembrance of Jesus Christ through the testimony of Faith in the life of Haile Selassie.  This indeed was prophesied by Jesus.  If it was not improtant, he  would not have promised that the Comforter would bring us to a 'true' remembrance, had their not been a 'false' remembrance of Him in the world.  So to clarify, I man see the Comforter as the Holy Spirit, but without apology saw the Spirit functioning in and through Ras Tafari, and these things did cause me to check my life, and livity, and faith.


There are many other things which Ethiopia represents to InI as a place of truths about Biblical faith, about a place of refuge for both Israelite, and later Christian faith (as well as Islam to some extent), and finally, the most important one, the representation of Christ's coming eternal kingdom, ruling as Conquering Lion of Judah, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.  As well, the fact that Ethiopia (or Africa as a whole, as Ethiopia one meant), was in fact an Israelite and later one the first Christian kingdoms on earth.  This is of great importance, as the majority of slaves in Colonialist society were forced to go to church, and have slavery theology forced on them, however they were not allowed to read the Bible for themselves (sometimes being killed for this alone!), and were taught that Africa was a place full of heathens.  In fact, representing Ethiopia in its truth, will reinforce and greatly uplift the minds of Christian African descendants, much the way the Rastafari elders were inspired upon reading for themselves about Ethiopia and its role in the Bible.  As well, continuing to misrepresent the truth, will only serve as a greater stumblingblock to those African descendants who lump the whole of Christian faith in with slavery and oppression and the wrongs that were perpetrated in Jesus name throughout time.


An elder Christian man once showed me that regardless of how or why Jah has revealed certain prophecy to InI throughout time, it is supposed to show us 2 things:  

- Personal revelation or reinforcing our faith that these Bible things are true

- Reminder that the more prophecy unfolds, the closer we are to the Judgement, so make sure you are prepared and are ready to account for your life and most of all your sins, which InI know can only be wash with the blood of Jesus on the cross 2000 years ago.


I say all this not to fight anyone or start arguments.  Persoanlly, I think that LOZ could be a very powerfull force in the music world.  However they have in fact marginalized themselves, by instead of properly examining and respecting the faith of Rastafari, are excluding and turning ones away from hearing what they have to say, because ones will be accusing them of being wolves in sheep clothes.  Now again let me be clear, I think the minstry is great, most of the music I think is good, however Rastafari youth seek out answers that are logical and backed by fact.  The issue of red gold green is a very minor one, but is so big of an issue that I feel it would turn many people away (it did me for a time - reasonably I thought they were jokers!).  Youths are already looking for Jesus Christ, however their vision and interpretation of Him has been distorted so they are now looking at a temporal manifestation of Him as being His 2nd coming.  Also as I have said befire on this site, personally, it seems like MOST Christians have slightly different views of legalism, end time theology, dispensationalism, Sabbath observance, etc.  The thing is, there is only one thing that really matters, and that is our redemption in the blood of the Lamb.  So as I have stated before also, while many many Rastafari see Haile Selassie as being their redeemer and King and Saviour, I am not trying to shake no ones faith in what has been revealed to them.  To me what matters is if they accept that Jesus in his first advent paid for our sins.  Everything else Jah will work out.


As a final note, my church did have a function this weekend where reggae gospel artists and a sound was brought in to a park in the city, and they gave away food and the artist performed.  It was NICE!  One of the artists was on LOZ and I was very impressed and blessed with his performance.  So I do think these artists and even Mr Mohr have good intentions, it is just that they do not realize that there are already Rastafari inside the faith that are looking to lead ones to Jesus Christ as the Saviour, and Haile Selassie I as the divine King in our time.  InI need to work together, not fight each other down, which inadvertently, Mr Mohr is doing by stereotyping and disrespecting Rastafari in general by talking down about it. 


Love in Jesus Christ still!


Selassie I Love!

Bro Phil




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Van: MSN-bijnaamRas-Aaron

Verzonden: 6-10-2004 18:51


InI have  to say I agree with all the responses posted so far.  Mr. Mohr claims that as a youth he had a visit to Jamaica and became a Rastaman.  He began smoking marijuana and it messed up his mind, he came back to California and went back to live with his "Christian" parents, and accepted Christ and went back to church to put the story short.  InI will see if InI can find a link to the interview or article in the magazine I referred to in the beginning of my original post or I will just type it on here so bredren & sistren can see for I self.  And like all have said he is speaking down on something he obviously knows nothing about.  Someone must have misinformed him about Rasta beliefs, clearly he could not have been a Rasta.


Like Bro Phil, I too was a "Christian" before InI found my real life was in Rastafari.  The whole Christianity thing to me is very denominational.  I must believe this or that or do this or that.  "The Bible dont say that!"  A friend of I was a baptist and I was in the Assembly of God.  We would argue back and forth because he was wrong or I was wrong, and it came to me, this is not how it is supposed to be.  All this division amongst us,  we need to inite,  shortly later InI found Rasta, I already knew of it because of the message spread through Reggae. Bob Marley particularly at that time.  I just never really knew, other than the rumours that I had found when InI looked into Rasta before all of this.  That is why InI say that InI must send out the positive message that we know about Rasta, and how it is not the cult that the Babylon shitstem say InI are.  "The truth shall set I free!" 


One Love!!

May Jah bless and guide,

Ras Aaron  




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Van: MSN-bijnaamaaronjudah

Verzonden: 7-10-2004 0:14


I think that Mohr is confused.  Check out this thread and you will see that, perhaps, he is not being forthright about a lot of his beliefs, etc.  Give credit to Ras B for stepping up and giving some light to the situation.




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Van: MSN-bijnaamaaronjudah

Verzonden: 7-10-2004 0:21


Here is another reasoning from a brother in JA that should be considered in light of this discussion.




 Bericht 10 van 30 in discussie 

Van: MSN-bijnaamRas-Aaron

Verzonden: 7-10-2004 2:49


Aaron Judah good looking out.  InI went to the link that the I posted and read the responses.  One guy said it sounded more like Mohr said "one of a million",  Mohr did infact say "One of a million", the post InI posted above of what Mr. Mohr sent I, is just that.  I copied the whole e-mail sent to I by Mohr and pasted it in the above posting, just for the record that is exactly what Mr. Mohr  e-mailed back to I in it's entirety.  Just to set the record straight.  "One in" and "one of" could be the same either way.  Anyway InI agree Mr. Mohr is said to be a Minister of his own Church, which is dangerous if he is that confused.  Anyway Iman have to get out of here right now.  


One Love!

Jah! Rastafari!

Ras Aaron 




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Van: MSN-bijnaamTwelveTribesLion

Verzonden: 7-10-2004 7:45


Thank you all for your responses on this particular topic. Well I have already heard about Mark Mohr and Christafari. From what I've read, Mark Mohr  didn't overstand what Rastafari was about. From his mentioning of locks and smoking ganja, rather than emphasizing on the Bible, His Imperial Majesty, Marcus Garvey, and Africa, shows that he was a so called Rastafarian. 


Mohr is just a typical westernized Christian with locks. Because of him not knowing exactly what Rasta is, he defines it as some religious cult, a group of sinners that need to repent. However, if he really did his research on Rastafari, he would have found out that some Rastas do not worship the Emperor Haile Selassie, but only honour him as king, but unfortunately he didn't & that is the ignorance on his behalf.


Even this group Christafari were so called Rastafarians. Like Hind Let loose stated, they are really just white hippies pretending to be Rastafarians, which is nothing new at all. If they want to teach people about the Son of Jah, then there is no need for them to ridicule Rastafari, which is a typical western Christian mindset. 


Instead they should just reason with people and not undermine their faith. I've listened to Christafari's songs before & it seems ok. But even though I agree with them accepting Jah Son as Lord and Savior, it still gives them no right to speak down on Rastafari, & I hope that they can see their error in doing this.


Jahsh and Fzlah you made some good points on the so called Christianity and the true one. Rastafari surely don't deal with western Christianity, but the real Christian faith, which His Imperial Majesty spoke of. This is important that we all know this before bringing in any of these western Christian thoughts in Rastafari.




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Van: MSN-bijnaamRas-Aaron

Verzonden: 7-10-2004 22:34


InI agree TTL! 


One Love to all!




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Van: MSN-bijnaamJAHsh_ConCurz

Verzonden: 8-10-2004 0:26


Orthodoxy everytime, JAH know. In light of all of this controversy with Mark Mohr of Christafari... I really must say that I do enjoy Reggae Gospel. Some of my favorite artists are Papa San, and Stitchie, both whom used to run the dancehalls as secular astists. Other big name artists who strictly sing Reggae Gospel now are Judy Mowatt, Chevelle Franklyn and Junior Tucker. I also like Sherwin Gardner, Monty G, and the duo Tiko & Gitta who all happen to be on Mohr's Lion of Zion label. 


I don't always agree with their theological overstanding of Christianity which is mostly from a Western view, but it is Jesus Christ they deal with still. They also don't claim to associate with Rastafari like Christafari does, they are just singing Christian reggae music. It is really refreshing to hear this Christly music in a time when even some nominal Rasta artists continue to sell-out to Babylon business.


Yet, Rastafari is I-man trod and I really large up all Rasta reggae artists who sight up Jesus Christ. Luciano (I'll Follow Thee, Keep I Chanting, Visions, etc.), Morgan Heritage (Take Up Your Cross, Meskal Square, Guess Who, etc.) and Glen Washington (Take The Name Of Jesus, Fervent Prayer, etc.) are some of the well respected Rasta artists who truly speak of Jesus as Lord & Savior without doubt or apology. But also they know the role of His Imperial Majesty and they know about Orthodoxy so that the Truth may be revealed to all bredren who sight up only Western Christianity or only Nyahbinghi or Bobo Shanti, etc. There are some other Rasta reggae artists (Yabby You, LMS, Mikey Spice, Pinchers, Spanner Banner) and then of course the ones on the Twelve Tribes of Israel's Orthodox label like Orthodox Issachar and Dan Hutson & The Seers. Rastafari is True Christianity in this time.


I dunno why Judy Mowatt and some others who were once Twelve Tribes members left Rastafari, it could have been confusion or lack of clear teachings, but whatever their reasons were, it had brought them closer to JAH and toward having the Mind of Christ, so I&I would have to call it blessed. Rastafari.


JAHsh ConCurz




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Van: MSN-bijnaamTwelveTribesLion

Verzonden: 9-10-2004 2:56


Yeah I like to listen to certain Reggae Gospel artists too, but it seems to me that most of these Reggae Gospel artists not just only Christafari, feel Rastafarians are lost and need to be found, instead of listening to Rastafari whom they avoid constantly.


Well it is only up to Jah to pour His Holy Spirit to covert us not anyone else. I don't know why Christafari would even want to be around I n I, because they are nothing but critics. Its funny because the first time I read about Christafari was in a Reggae Magazine when their first album came out. 


I thought they were Rastafarians dealing with Jah Son, but unfortunately not. Instead, I found out that they are only regular westernized Christians,  trying to convert Rastas through their Lion of Zion music, and claimed to be Rastas like I n I before their conversion, when I don't see that at all.


But like the Bible says," There will be wolves in sheep clothing even among Jah Sheep. Rastafari is dealing with the Messianic Faith, or the true Christianity, surely not this western babylon so called christianity, no way.




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Van: MSN-bijnaamMessianDread

Verzonden: 10-10-2004 9:27


Greetings, I am in the last phase of writing an essay about 40 pages long about Christafari in which I analyse and critisize.


I checked his background and talked with the guy who made him "pastor"


Most points that are adressed here by the Idren are also covered. And worked out, footnotes and reference material added.


Wait about 10 days.


It will be available for free ofcourse in pdf format and also online.





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Van: MSN-bijnaamaaronjudah

Verzonden: 10-10-2004 14:34


I rec'd some information about the whole situation in personal correspondence.  I don't want to slander him, so I never posted any of it online.  I think that he confused and Babylonian.  The info was an eye opener and I was surprised @ some the info.




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Van: MSN-bijnaamMessianDread

Verzonden: 10-10-2004 17:14


No personal email is needed for there are too many public statements and publications that say exactly the same thing.


Personal email however does confirm and because of the extra info helps to interpretate other data.


However, since I'm about to be banned from the Christafari messageboard for "wearing the mark of the one that divides" because of my reasoning on Christafarianism which I reject on biblical and logical grounds, it could be proven handy to save some material on the loz boards before it's lozt in the digital trashcan.


I've started to work on this piece in october 2001 and I am going to release it very soon.


There is one or two chapters left that I should write and they are the closing down chapters.


It is my estimation that the publication of this essay will lead to my ban from the loz boards and I will receive also other flak.


But in the end I hope it will serve everyone who is interested in a positive relationsahip between Christian and Rastafarians and the many who can be considered both.




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Van: gaddie

Verzonden: 10-10-2004 18:01


Thanks for raising this subject.

I also have read a lot of stories on the Internet about rastafarians that are NOT true, fair enough when people writing about Rastaman disrespecting their Sistren- there are SOME, but again Respect is so important for us, so one can not judge the whole people by some...But there are other stories circulating about the faith, with among Christians the perception that we all pray to Haile Selassie I- again there are some who do that/used to do that. I really feel the need to educate people, particularly Church Christians...I used to go to Church groups for young people in my Country, as where I used to live there were no Rastafarians at the time, meanwhile as everywhere they do have a lot of dreadlocked young people...

I am really sad that Judy Mowatt is now the "public persona" for those who try to discredit the Rastafarian Faith/that we believe in Jesus Christ, there were a few articles on the Internet stating that she had been with the tribes, but then "found the faith in Jesus Christ" and started to go to Church...she was even quoted saying that the Christians had to be "patient" with the Rastafarians with their Dreadlocks, and listen to them when they were talking as only that way one could lead them back to the truth!...Messiandread thanks for your idea to write about it, once you finished the book(?) could you please give us details, or forward them to my email? ( should be in my contact details in this group)





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Van: MSN-bijnaamTwelveTribesLion

Verzonden: 10-10-2004 20:42


I would also like to read your essay Messian Dread when you are finished with it. Yet let us only pray that Mark Mohr, Christafari, & these westernized so called Christians, can stop criticising Rastafari & know exactly what it is about. Because it is they who embrace religion, I n I deal with spirituality, not religion. Even on the Lion of Zion site most of the members there deny Haile Selassie's lineage from Solomon and Sheba, believing it is just a story?


How could that be when the Emperor himself being interviewed by both Oswald Hoffman and Bill McNeil was asked that question and he simply said yes. Oswald Hoffman called His Majesty, Lion of Judah & King of Kings of Ethiopia, & the Emperor had no problem with that. Even Bill McNeil questioned him," It is said that you are descended from King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, your Majesty. That you are the 134th of the Christian Kings?" Selassie simply said," Yes that is correct."


If the Emperor knew this was a mistake in claiming ancestry to Solomon and Sheba & being Lion of Judah, he would have told Bill McNeil, that is what people say but its not true. Even with Oriana Fallaci, she asked him the same question of his Davidic Solomonic lineage and he also said it is true. So why are Mark Mohr, Christafari, & all these so called Christians disbelieving that the Emperor is one of David's seeds, like all the Ethiopian kings?


What are they so afraid to admit? That the Royal House of David is no longer in Jerusalem but in Ethiopia? It is not a story or myth like they falsely believe but is truth & the Kebre show I n I Rastafari that! This is one of the reasons why I don't really like to speak to most of these so called Christians because they are so ignorant, & refuse to learn the truth for themselves, they just want to rely on the Bible and nothing else. Don't get me wrong I read the Bible also, but I read other books too, not just the Bible alone like they do! 


These people need to know that it is not blasphemous for the Ethiopian kings to receive titles, King of Kings, Conquering Lion of Judah, Elect of God, & Light of the World, because it is an ancient Israelite tradition, David, Solomon and all the Kings of Israel also were known as this, not just the Ethiopian kings alone. All the kings and emperors use these titles to represent the Messiah, the Christ, who will return to sit and rule on the Throne of Israel, not for themselves. Him who Revelations 17 & 19 teaches about being the King of all kings and Lord of all lords!


But because Mark Mohr, Christafari, & these pseudo christians are ignorant in knowing this fact, they feel it is blasphemy to the Most High, & His Son. I really don't care what they can say about His Imperial Majesty, because none of them can't even walk in the footsteps of the Emperor, a true Christian king, who boldly defended the Christ to the world! The Christianity that is embraced in the Western Hemisphere is not true at all, & that is the one I totally reject. 




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Van: MSN-bijnaamTwelveTribesLion

Verzonden: 10-10-2004 21:29


I think that Gaddie and everyone here responding to this particular topic on Mark Mohr and Christafari, needs to listen to these comments by these so called Christians at this site, Christians ignorant? What about Rastas? The person who calls himself Irie in Christ, claims to like Reggae music which you can see on this homepage here, Byss. How can these people like Reggae music but at the same time disrespect the founders of Reggae Music which was Rastafarians in Jamaica? How can they deny that the Emperor is one of David' seed?


Is it because of their Eurocentric mindset that causes them to ignore the fact that Ethiopia is an ancient Israelite African nation, & H.I.M. Haile Selassie represents the oldest sovereign throne on earth, the throne of David? MD, thank  you for at least trying to show these pseudo christians exactly what Rastafari is about, even though you say that you're not a Rasta but a Christian dread. These people are exactly who the Messiah spoke about, claiming to represent Him, but at the same time being nothing but pharisees and sadducees.




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Van: MSN-bijnaamTwelveTribesLion

Verzonden: 10-10-2004 21:45


Another thing I noticed is why they called one of the forums Rasta and Ganja reasoning on that Lion of Zion homepage? Rasta and Ganja reasoning?  Do they believe that Rastafari just emphasizes on Ganja alone? Are they so ignorant to not realise that Rastafari deals with the teachings of the Bible, of the Messiah, Yeshua, His Imperial Majesty, Marcus Garvey, & the acceptance of Ethiopia and Israel being one? Come on man.


Rastafari is not just about reggae, ganja, and dreadlocks like these fools assume, but is a spirituality, I n I way of life, an African Liberation Movement! Why are they using the red, gold, & green spiritual colors that identify us Rastafarians with Ethiopia if they aren't even Rastas in the first place? Why some ah dem wearing natty dreadlocks fah? Pure babylon bizniss dem deal wit man!


I don't care if dem even speak on the Messiah, if you ridiculing Rastafari, me nuh want notin fe do wit yuh. I would like to see all Rastafarians accept the Messiah for who He really is, but me ain't in dem conversion bizniss. All I hope is that Rastafari will realise the truth sooner or later. No matter if I don't agree with everything my fellow Rastafarians uphold, still nothing but Love I will show.




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Van: MSN-bijnaamsistrenjahmah

Verzonden: 11-10-2004 1:13


Greetings I-gain in Iyesus


what alot of discussion on this topic of Mark Mohr ,

I respect the man , I blessed that him have his website to provide blessings of music for the masses in Christ.  Remeber not one I is perfect iyahs not one is approved of God let it be known.


Please do not let any I to forget where Iyesus has brought them and forget his mercy.  This Idren has done good , helping ones in flesh and spirit . What if one iyah never heard of Iyesus truly ? i mean the real truth iyahs ? and this man Mark bring in the message ?

Now forget all the things ones may hold against him or think , what if that one person come to know the one truth ?  If one preaches the Word of Jah of Iyesus  should we fight him down the same way the blinded christian church without care and ignorance does ?


Roots and culture are important to I , Ethiopia is part of I life

My heritage is a part of my life.


I trod to Christian church iyahs , I a follower of Iyesus , i stand out yes I's  I different then the rest , why do I stand out ?Because i stand in what the way Iyesus made me, his will, this is who I am I , still none the less i hear Gods word there, I being blessed there.  What is that Iyesus sent us to do iyahs ? ask it iyahs ... to preach the word of Jah love that Iyesus died for us, that he changes lives, to feed the poor ......


But iyahs there is One God , there is One church , One Body in Iyesus

let us not bereave ones for worship Iyesus in one way , but only ask if them truly have Iyesus Christos in them hearts and lives.


If we have ought against any one person, reason wid them in brotherly love of Christ.


One Blood in Iyesus Christos

Iyesus Gehtah Nowh


Heartical love , Sis Jahmah






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Van: MSN-bijnaamTwelveTribesLion

Verzonden: 11-10-2004 3:31


Maybe you should listen to his and Christafari's thoughts about Rastafari, seeing it as some cult when it surely is not. That is not Christ-like at all to undermine another one's faith, so these people are nothing but so called Christians to me. Instead of them being like Je-sus by teaching the people, they are just plain ignortant to criticise Rastafari, & the man who taught us the true Christianity, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I.




Verwijderen    Bericht 25 van 31 in discussie 

Van: MSN-bijnaamMessianDread

Verzonden: 11-10-2004 9:34


Yes 12TribesLion, your analysis is correct, the documentation I have here points out to the same and even worse. I know you are much more talented in having discussions than I am, I hope that you can teach them some things, for example how it is to be denied your faith by people who imitate you to show you that you are wrong, claiming the Bible says to do it like that.


I'm a man of confrontations, and have spent the last three years having intense debates on the Christafari website, in which I have tried every way I could think of to show how Christafarianism is an abomination for Rastafari, Christianity, and for plain logic as well.


But because Christafarians equate Christafarianism (they use the word themselves too!!!!!!!!!!!!) with Christianity, every critique aimed at it is considered a denial of their faith.


While it is correct that I do not call myself Rasta, in the same time I know my God-given Identity to be not completely seperated from this movement. And I am definitely not a member of that religion that worships that false christ, that white ss jesus of babylon. And on stage I talk about Jah (the) Rastafari, the Head of Creation. But many Christafarians and Rastafarians call me Rasta, I have no problem with that. But why should I call myself a Rasta. It matters what we know about Jah. And I know for sure that JAH has never said to deny the faith of the Rastaman.


I mean, what percentage of Rastafarians would talk really bad about the Divine Saviour? No the geezus guy, but the Divine Savious Yesus Kristos?


2%? 1%? 0.000000001%?


When you read the Christafari website you get the idea that Rastafarians and Satanists can be compared in this particular context.


But anyway, the essay will be available soon, people can download it for free and print it, I spent three years and I hope that after I published it that I can go on. For I do feel a little bit, that Jah wants me to publish it.


After all, the Name of the Most High is at stake here..........


Respect and Selam Iesous to all.





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Van: MSN-bijnaamsistrenjahmah

Verzonden: 12-10-2004 2:35


Tenastelyn idrens ,


I dont know all that was said but

It is not right to undermine another ones faith true idren , we are to live in peace with all men, i

agree with this. 


  But if one I truly sights that Iyesus is the only one and true saviour the only one tru God , and if this I also sights that it is not Haile Selassie who is Christ , then that I must stand on his ground and state it , not to wishy wash his self to fit in to any one group, i agree.  I wouldnt call I self a christafarian or a rastafarian , I am a follower of Iyesus plain and simple. But Jah will i am what i am , my love is of rasta , Ethiopia , all that is rootstree . Jah know idrens let only Jah will be done.  I sight all I's must have a chance to know Iyesus Christos as saviour.  Knowing the one truth is the ultimate road to achieve in this life , the one narrow road, and then to be a worker in Jah-field.



I just want to ask a question idren ,  now how do we judge others in their ways , their spiritual ways ?  by our own overstanding or by Jah overstanding ? his ways are not our ways , nor our thoughts his thoughts so first off we must always realize in our flesh we are errd and we must have Jah words in our hearts and minds like Brother Gad teach to read a chapter a day , seen ?


I curious to know how ones would judge I in my roots of my native american heritage ?

about Smudgeing, medicine wheel,  our traditions ?   let us never in our hearts to make haste to pass judgement before meditating on this situation in prayer to the father . Let us to seek out of the Mesthavf Kiddus and read.


There are many ones as a part of the Mighty Tree Of Life , many different cultures , many different peoples.  If one I has love of Iyesus in their heart , now i mean truly , then i should not pass judgement on that I for worship Iyesus his way even in regular so called white-washed  church , it is the heart that does it and I have seen people led of satan gwan to roots-based church too.  Nor should any one I ignorant of and in themselves ignorant , judge I if i go to native church to play drums , to my father in Heaven , or trod to my sacred ancestral grounds to  pray and fast to the Creator who is Iyesus.


I tired of ignorance, there are many peoples in Christ let us not be blind to mold them into what we or others may think is what being a Christian should look like. We are to strive to be Christ-like, and that is all.  We beautify the earth.  We are to make haste to  help the poor , the dieing , the broken hearted, the widow, the fatherless, and the spiritually deadwalking peoples of this earth.


Many heartical blessings

In Iyesus Christos

Sis Jahmah 






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Van: gaddie

Verzonden: 12-10-2004 13:24


12 Tribes Lion, give thanks for the link.

It was interesting to see that some people,( especially Irie in Christ, but also others) just seem to want to "win" the argument. It reminds me of the time when I went to Church Youth Groups, there was not much real reasoning, too.

But for true this kind of "reasoning" exists everywhere, let us try to stay clear of that!




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Van: fzlah

Verzonden: 12-10-2004 17:50


Blessed Love Idren

Sistren Jahmah, love seen? I must also tell you that I agree with you, and clarity that InI never fighting down flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high and low places.

The concern that ones have over Christafari/LOZ is not that they are leading ones to Jesus Christ. That is blessed of course. The concern is that as 'mainstream Christians' who do represent views on Rastafari to the Christian world, they are distorting and misrepresenting themselves as Rastafari, and Rastafari as an anti-christian immorality, when in reality Rastafari is Orthodox Christian faith.

Many times we reason here about how Rastafari is Orthodox Christian faith. Removing rits and rites and dealing with faith alone. Rastafari elders were outlining and showing a clean livity cause they were accepting that as vessels of Jah that serve as the Temple of the Most High we must have a clean livity. A main conception of that was also bunning out Babylonian concepts that had infiltrated our minds, as crucial for ones mental freedom, thus breaking more bonds that still were subjecting ones to slavery. The ultimate bond being sin and death, which was broken when the Lamb suffered and died, however he rose up as a Lion, conquering death and now seat at the right hand of the Father and waiting to establish the Kingdom of Jah. Awaiting this arrival, day of Salvation, and day of Judgement for the wicked is the Nyabinghi conception, and what a binghi chant is calling out.

Knowing that living in love is the fullness of the Law, as well as the summation of Jesus own words to how to deal with each other, Rastafari put this all into practice in their livity as a seperated people from Babylon society. No matter what ones want to say about their faith in Jesus Christ, if they are dealing with reggae music, I-yahric ways of using words and saying things to express themselves, and using African and orthodox symbols and imagery, especially the conception of the Lion Of Judah Root of David being Christ return in Kingly Character, then the reality of it is, they learned these things in this dispensation through Rastafari.

So no guy can tell any of us that Rastafari is not a reality. Rastafari is here! We are on a Rastafari centered website reasoning about these things. The majority of the people on this board were in reality brought back to their faith in Jesus Christ through Rastafari in one way or another. The reality of many of us seeing hypocrisy in the church institutions dogma and doctrine saw ones living in love in Rastafari.

Now the reality is that there have been distortions and corruptions in both Christianity as well as roots oriented livity of Rastafari. But you see it, we are all sinners facing the same judgement after Gideon. So I do not fight anyone down that calls themself anything. The issue is spreading the gospel and respecting one anothers faith. We are all members of the body of Christ, the church. All with different functions and purpose. My whole point of reasoning is ones to simply stop fight one another down. How much different denominations of 'Christianity' are there? Guess what? None of them think that any of the rest of them have it right, and the whole of the believers that accept their teachings are going to hell. Guess what? I dont expect them to accept my faith any different, even though I say it is more simple than all of the denominational nonsense. Are you wash by the blood of the Lamb? Do you claim him? Guess what? If so, on Judgement day he will claim you! The whole of the rest is grace cause we all fall short. Haile Selassie did show us this in his words very clearly. Orthodox! And if we were following the words of both Jesus and Haile Selassie we would be actively living love instead of just talking about it.

I am also going to post this up on the LOZ site as the fight MD is waging is definitely an uphill battle!

Christ Love in Rastafari.

Bro Phil




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Van: MSN-bijnaamsistrenjahmah

Verzonden: 13-10-2004 2:19


Much abundant blessings and greetings, ba Iyesus sim ,  Bro Phil,


Idren I agree with the I , i was blessed by the I words written here.    Yes it true thru my youths troding in rasta my eyes were opened to many many many truths , ises to God ! And that because of Haile Selassie and blessesd Ethiopia true ! i recieved THE  TRUTH  in Iyesus !!!!

I agree with this always idren. What bless me the most iyah is that Rasta accepting the teachings that Haile taught to follow Iyesus , if it wernt fe Haile how many less souljahs would we have in our blessed father Iyesus Christos ??  How many peoples who are not white would come to the throne of hope if it not for Ethiopia to show it from foundation ?


Bro Phil if the I knew how much my heart soars to know that fullness is coming in ,  that my beloved sisters and brothers in Rasta knowing Iyesus Christos .  Ever time I hear that ones chanting Jah name chanting Iyesus from foundation i cry .







Give thanks iyah


Gehtah Iyesus yehbarrkuh  , Bro Phil !

(God bless you)


Sistren Jahmah









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Van: MSN-bijnaamRas-Aaron

Verzonden: 13-10-2004 3:06


Greetings in the most precious and divine name of our lord and saviour Yashua!


InI agree with the I Bro Phil.  We shouldnt be fighting eachother InI should be helping eachother to see the way to the "narrow path" as Jah Holy word the Bible says.  Not fighting eachother and turning eachother away, and that was I whole point when I originally made this posting.  It's just too bad that alot of these "Christians" are too narrow minded to see the truth, that they are not the only correct ones in this world.  And InI mean anyone who dont see Yeshuah, Yashuah, Jesus, as the one and only saviour, son of God.  All need to open they eyes to see Jah light.  All Iman can say is for us to pray for all to see the truth whether Christian or Rasta or whatever.


Much Love!


May Jah protect and guide as InI walk with him!





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Van: MSN-bijnaamMessianDread

Verzonden: 13-10-2004 12:27




Yesterday i finished the text and I am now preparing it for publication. Right now I am saving all the webpages that i link to in the writing, they will be put on my website in case there will be some "site updates".


It is true we should not fight and I confess that I come short of that. During the years I spent among the christafarians to study them and to debate them, I lost self control on a number of occasions.


Most Rastafarians that I know will do a much better job in humbly adressing certain points then I am able to do.


On the other hand I do know that the Bible mentions Paulus publically telling Petrus that he was a hypocrite in a certain instance and I see some similarities with this situation.


It is a true pleasure, again and again, to see the vibe here. I know that I am not posting here much, but that is mainly because I agree with most of the postings and I receice daily updates.


Therefore it doesn't surprise me to see that all of the points of critique towards christafari are written down here too.


The difference is that I have been researching this matter and I have the documentation to proof it all.


I found out, dear sister Jahma, that it is not about our Lord and Saviour. The simple fact that we are here all together also in the Name of Yesus Kristos should be an indication towards that.


Because Christsfari denies the faith of most people here, including myself. Not only those who identify themselves as (12 tribes) Rastas, but also people like me get the beating simply because we are not willing to change our Jah Given DREAD Identity to become another wannabee dreadlocks yeah mopn yeah mon ire ire ire.


Now, we is our faith denied?


Because we refuse to become a Christafrian. We refuse to take the symbology of Rastafari and change it into some weird and even perverse "culture" that is only aimed at promotion of certain things within the Contemporary Christian Musical Industrial Complex.


And yes IO found the documentation.


I was shocked.


I spent the last three days in a climax of this shock as I rounded up my essay as I found the "written confession" of the "crime against the rastafari movement" that Christafari is being accused of by yet another Rastafarian group.


No this is about Christianity as much as it is about Rastafari.


Not at all.


This is about the promotion within the Christian Industry.



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