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The CRC documents the Christian Industrial Complex and other forms of Babylon Sponsored Christianity.



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The evangelical world, however, has a totally different view on Rastafari .

Unfortunately the Evangelicals seem to have not researched the movement well enough and they stopped where they thought they had to stop, that is by establishing the unreal conclusion that Rastafari is always connected with the believe that Haile Selassie is God incarnated in the flesh[1].

A clear indication of an attitude that is aimed at condemning the unknown without being hindered by any form of knowledge or tact.

So where Haile Selassie stated “who am I to deny their faith?” western Christianity does actually do this by putting Rastafari in the “idol worshippers category”.

An important difference, yet it seems only Rastafarians actually recognize this.

Regardless of your position, it is pretty important to realize this fundamental difference in approach of the movement of Rastafari , including those that do believe Selassie to be God and those who believe something different.

You have a “Selassiean Approach ” if you will, and the approach of western Christianity.

Or “X-ianity”, as I have seen people naming this form of religion that has for many Rastafarians always been the clearest example of Babylon system perverting the Name of the Creator.

It must be said at this place, it is not always very easy to discern between genuine Christianity and Babylon Xianity as many genuine believers in the Divine Saviour have been infected by it.

Babylonian way of thinking , keeping the system in power and the people in slavery can be found throughout the whole system of “churches”, denominations ” and what have you.

Especially in the Evangelical world there is a very extreme hierarchical kind of thinking .

Also a great fear for other cultures as many within the Western Evangelical Movement have absolutely no idea what the difference is between a culture and a religion.

To understand where Christafari comes from, and why they do what they do, it is important to know something about the evangelical movement.

Now, do I see the evangelical movement as being similar to Xianity ?

No, I do not.

I grew up in a Pentecostal enviroment. The Pentecostal church is originally a black church and can be considered a part of the world wide evangelical movement. Generally spoken, the evangelicals have a sound view on the Person of Yesus Kristos and Xianity obviously preaches a false Christ .

In fact, the evangelicals form one of the many reform movements aimed at taking the people out of the ungodly Babylonian system into a genuine form of worshipping the Father through Kristos.

But on the other hand, there are many Babylonian influences to be found in the evangelical movement . Many evangelical churches make use of marketing schemes in their proselyting efforts . Not to mention the use of very authoritative hierarchical systems when it comes to organizing the churches. This all in complete contradiction to the Biblical message of freedom and equality.

Now, why is it difficult to discern between the true and the false church, between Christianity and Xianity?

Because you cannot localize the “true church”, where the “false churches ” are all over the place.

The false churches will be found in buildings.

The true church will never be found in a man-made structure, whether built by stones or by philosophies[2].

Still members of the true church can be found in the false ones.

. The true church consists out of the total sum of believers in the Divine Saviour, the Messiah, Yesus Kristos. They can be found in buildings called church, but not necessarily. Many of them never visit such a building and yet are definitely true followers of the Lord God JAH.

Where this may sound confusing at first, after a while it becomes clear that true Christianity stands for a personal, direct “line” to the Most High. Made possible by the works of Yesus Kristos, JAH Incarnated in the flesh .

Everyone can have a personal relationship with the Creator without the mediation of another human being.

This as opposed to every other religion, where you have all kinds of : priests, shamen , imams , preachers, teachers, et cetera.

Yesus explicitly warned for these “mediators” and “spiritual leaders ”[3]. Among His followers there was equality. After He went back to His Godly estate, the early church continued in this practice.

Christians gathered in houses. It was love that kept them together. They were persecuted by the system because they were labeled as subversive.

Until a Roman Emperor at war had a dream. In the middle of the night, in the middle of a fight, he saw the light. He saw the symbol of the cross and he heard a voice: “You will conquer under this symbol”. Emperor Constantine officially turned the Roman Empire into a “Christian Empire” .

That was the beginning of Xianity : Babylon Sponsored Christianity .

Basically, that is the story of Christianity : Babylon infiltrates, corrupts and uses for her own purposes. Then people rise up against that and go back to the pure form of Christianity again: they organize, Babylon enters, and the circle is round again.

You can’t therefore say that just because someone is a member of an evangelical church, this person is therefore a member of the Babylonian Christianity. You can’t even say that about a member of the Roman Catholic Church, which is a school example of a Babylonian church .

The truth is that it doesn’t matter which “church” you belong to, it matters if you personally believe in Yesus Kristos, in the Divine Saviour.

Now, the evangelicals seem to be among of the few in Christianity to have a big focus on spreading the Good News, the message of JAH Love, Yesus Kristos. And with that, Babylon through Xianity has made sure that the evangelicals would not know the difference between religion and culture.

Yes, they can tell you Who Yesus is and that we all need the Saviour, but they will also tell you that to “live with the Saviour”, you have to be in their culture. Meaning: you shouldn’t do this or that, and, unfortunately, that includes questioning “authority” as they like to summarize their system of “pastors”, “preachers” and what have you.

The Rastafarians know about this all. Much better then most who regard themselves to be Christians. They make a difference between the “White Geezus ” (a false Christ) on the one hand, and “Yesus Kristos” on the other.

They know that the Saviour is real.

And it doesn’t matter if you call Him Jesus or Yesus or Yeshua, because it is the Person that matters.

Rastafarians speak about the “White Geezus ” where they refer to this image of Yesus Kristos Babylon tries to get in the heads of the people: A “Jesus” that not only tolerates the corruption and anti-freedom philosophy, devil philosophy, but actively promotes it as “the way creation is made”.

It goes too far to make an in-depth analysis of Christianity as opposed to Xianity , but I think that it is fair to establish, that the movement of Rastafari has rightfully made a difference between the white geezus and the Divine Saviour.

And every Christian who is involved in Rastafari in whatever situation should at least be aware of this.

Haile Selassie was, because he says: “Who am I to deny their faith?”

A faith obviously aimed at the Creator.

Many within the evangelical world, as said before, do however deny the faith of the Rastafarians because they think that the Rastas talk about the Divine Saviour when they speak about the Babylonian White Geezus .


[1] Link to just one example: website

[2] Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house (1Pe 2:5)

[3] But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, [even] Christ; and all ye are brethren. (...) Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, [even] Christ. (Matthew 23:8&10, King James Version)


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