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The CRC documents the Christian Industrial Complex and other forms of Babylon Sponsored Christianity.



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We are living in Trinidad right now planting a church that I am pastoring--it is a reggae/caribbean Sanctuary.”

Mark Mohr, Christafarian[1]

The Mohrs and The Gathering are under the covering of Sanctuary International and The Sowers International missions organization.

Christafarian Press Release[2]


We fully support Marks ministry.  He is officially an ordained Sanctuary pastor.  But in our organization, we are not a denomination. In other words, we do not have a structure that each must adhere to. Mark is free to do whatever he feels is best for his band and for the Christafari ministry. Our "connection" is one of support and encouragement”

“Pastor Bob” Beeman, President of Sanctuary International[3] 

In the previous chapter, we left the Christafarian while he was in a very difficult period in his Life Ministry. His band, STAR Network, JAH Yard, and a whole lot of other situations were determining the general vibe in his life. It was clear how his education and subsequent brainwashing at the Sanctuary Church led him to do the most strange things in the Name of the Divine Saviour.

Yes, of course that is using the Name of the Most High in vain, when you claim to be a Christian Pastor but all you do is pursueing a carriere in the Christian Industry. But with a philosophy such as Christafarianism to keep yourself going, it hadn’t come to the attention of “Pastor Mark” how his Reggaefied version of Sanctuaryanism only led to things that the Bible clearly identifies as “works of the flesh”.

After all, there is a huge difference between the Fruits of the Holy Spirit of JAH and the fruits of man. But Mark Mohr speaks about “the fruits of my efforts”, and he’s right about that. It’s the works of his hands, the works of his flesh, that made the Christafarian become the “Leader of Christian Reggae” that he claims to be. Not the works of the Holy Spirit, and not the fruits of the Holy Spirit in his life.

So where was the Christafarian, in his spiritual life? Not really going anywhere, obviously. He still had his function and his vision (some would call it “agenda”) and visited Jamaica once more. Through his contacts with Avion Blackman he came to visit the Island of Trinidad, where he “planted a church” once more.

This time, he couldn’t call it “JAH Yard”, though. Because “Yard” is a name for Jamaica and then his agenda eer vision would be really clear. For us this is allready clear, as we have been reading what Mark Mohr wrote about it himself.

Why is a church neccesary for the Christafarian, and why should it have been done in Jamaica? After all, we know how Mark Mohr is aiming at this. We’ve seen it described in the previous chapter as “Mother Church”, even. To overstand this, it is neccesary to look at the Sanctuaryan Connection again. Because a closer look will reveal, how “JAH Yard” will be, in the Christafarian’s own words: “a reggae/caribbean Sanctuary”.

What was going on at that church? Enough, but not much that you would expect in a “Church”, though. Bob Beeman developed Sanctuaryanism in “his church”, which we have seen described in a previous chapter. He made a lot of bands from members of his church, too. And some became satanists while others simply lived an unclean life in their own admittance.

The Sanctuary Church has been instrumental for many up and coming “Metal Gospel Stars” to get into the center of the Contemporary Christian Metal Industry. The bands that were formed there, all had some holy aura around them, some bizarre extra touch which gave them significantly more credibility in the public’s eye.

The Christafarian had a similar idea for himself, but Jah prevented him from “planting a church” on Jamaica. The Christafarian even admits to this, as we have seen. But he drew the wrong conclusion from it. So JAH tought him again on Trinidad.

We must expose this mind set, when we want to overstand more fully how all of these “strange fruits” can come into existance in the first place. In fact, both we and the Christafarian agree that western Church History comes into relevance here.

And for this book, that history is also researched. But before we will see how this Church History is relevant, we must go to the Sanctuary Connection that the Christafarian has.

In the quotes that started this chapter, it is clear how Bob Beeman is seen as someone “higher up”. Mark Mohr is, as they state, “under the covering of Sanctuary International and Sowers International”. This information is directly referring to a hierarchical power structure of which Christafari is a part. It gives some credibility “in the public’s eye”, the public in this case being potential sponsors.

Now before we only see the money connection here, it is important to realize how all of this is related to the history of the Church.

In the fifth book of the New Testament, simply called “Acts”, we see how the church is built on what we have come to know as “the foundation of the 12 apostles”. Especially when it comes to what is called “church government”, there is something completely different going on today in the Christian Industrial Complex then in the times of the 12 apostles.

You will find the Church of Yesus built of the confession that Yesus has all Power and doesn’t share that power. He doesn’t put people in positions of power. And therefore you will neither find “clergy” in the New Testament, but in the Christian Industrial Complex they’re all over and this started shortly after the last apostle died and gone to heaven.

Now, what is a “clergy”? One might call him “professional religious”. Someone who makes a living of being something religious. Someone who is considered a “spiritual leader”... And “clergymen” are so common and normal in the western forms of Christianity, that not many realize how unbiblical this really is.

In fact, what the Christafarian calls his “life ministry” is exactly the same and more! That is why he “saves souls for a living”. Literally. Whether it is through music, or through other means like becoming a planter on Tridinad. Mark Mohr claims the following:

“... the Mohrs set out to plant "The Gathering"--what many today would label a post-modern church. They don't actually call it a church, because the church is the body of Christ--people not buildings. The word "church" can also have a negative stigma for both the un-churched and Christians alike, keeping them from attending and hearing the Word of God. The Gathering is redefining the Christian church for today's young adults in Trinidad and Tobago. "It's kind of a Church 2.0," says Mohr. "Before starting The Gathering, I studied the Gospels, the book of Acts, and the Epistles. Comparing that Biblical church model to the typical church of today, it didn't take long to realize most of today's churches carry a lot of excess baggage, jam packed with empty traditions, and a vibrant alternative was needed. The Gathering is founded on four key pillars: Worship, Instruction, Fellowship and Evangelism (W.I.F.E.).[4]

A post-modern church that we do not call “church” because of public opinnion, is re-defining the Christian Church, by offering a vibrant alternative based on a foundation of pillars. An analogy with software updates is made as the phrase Church 2.0 is coined. And this update was neccesary, because Church 1.0 was full of “excesses and empty traditions”.

An insightful (opposite of superficial) issue in the public’s eye!

Now just how Biblical is all of this?

The Christafarian claims that all of this is done after studying “the Gospels, the book of Acts, and the Epistles”. The new Testament, therefore, except for the Book of Revelation where Babylon is revealed!

But in the evangelical world, the book of Revelation isn’t regarded to be relevant for the Church. They believe how the book of Revelation is some kind of prediction book where one time events are foretold. Events from a “Post Church Era”...

And while it is true, that Revelation will be fullfilled, it is allready relevant for Mystery Babylon is not a one time event. The Roman Catholic Church for example, is just one of the ways in which the Mystery shows herself to the People Of The World. But in the Evangelical World, they do not believe there is anything relevant for the Church to be found in the Book of the Apocalypse.

This is exactly why Mark Mohr can not discern the True Church from the false one. For that false one is described in the book of Revelation as the religious system of Babylon and the Antichrist.

Added: what is Church 1.0?

It can not be the Church that the Christafarian studied in the New Testament.

When Yesus Kristos installed His Church, He said the following:

Upon This Rock Which is I Yesus Kristos, I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail over her” (Matthew 16:18)

And the apostle Paulus further clarifies about Church That Is Built On Yesus Kristos:

“Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God; And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner [stone]; In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord: In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.” (Ephesians 2:19-22)

Church 1.0 is described by the Christafarian as full of “excesses and empty traditions”. And therefore, a need for an update was seen. A “gap to plug”, if you will. It doesn’t take a very high IQ to realize that Church 1.0 is a direct referance to what we find in a study of Western Church History.

It will lead way too far to give a complete history of the Western Church even. So let us simply consider the principals behind the Christafarian’s “study”, which has the Mark Of Biola all over. Mark Mohr’s understanding of Western Church History has led him to describe it with an understatement.

The excesses and empty traditions that Mark Mohr refers to, are in fact described in the bible. For that, we can best go to the book of the Apocalypse, where the Apostle John is given a Revelation about the true nature and coming downfall of Babylon System. It’s the one book in the New Testament that Mohr didn’t study for his “church plantation”. What the Christafarian calls Church 2.0, might better be described as an update of the following:

I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead [was] a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.  (Apocalypse 17:1-6)

How can this be a description of Church 1.0? We have to consider the excesses and empty traditions for that. Close studying of the Christafarians statements about “The Gathering” reveals, how Mark Mohr was in fact studying a Church System which is as old as the death of the last apostle of Yesus Kristos. There is a true Church, which Mark Mohr admittedly has to differentiate from the Church he wants to update into Church 2.0. This Church is the one we saw described in the quote from Yesus Kristos, and that of Paulus. We often refer to this church as the “Body Of Kristos”.

But let’s call it the True Church in this matter.

This true church, as we learn from our Lord Yesus Kristos, does not need any updating. It is not carrying a lot of excess baggage, and is not jam packed with empty traditions either. “The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Over Her”, we learn from the Divine Saviour.

But in fact, the True Church and the African People have been major recipienents from that “excess and empty traditions baggage”. To see that, we must step into Western Church History and will remember the “software update analogy” that the Christafarian introduced to us.

As soon as the last apostle died, Church 0.5 Beta was released by Mystery Babylon. The congregations that were founded by the apostles, had nothing left but the writings of Paulus, Petrus and others. And when you read in the Bible, you will see how the Church was continually going from problem to problem and how the apostles solved them.

When the last apostle died, all they had left were the writings and instead of seeing the principals they used it as some kind of written law. Only a few years later, the first letters from single “bishops” and other books, like the very authoritatical “Shepherd of Hermes” emphasized a personal authority of one Christian over another.

The very foundation that Yesus Kristos has all the Power is completely denied when one person claims divine authority over another within the Body of Kristos. And that is the spirit of Antichrist, who denies that Yesus is the Kristos, according to the Bible.

To deny that Yesus is the Kristos is done when one wants power for himself!

“Church Government” was introduced, and it ment something different then Yesus Kristos as the Church Government. It ment: government of the clergy over the individual believer! A hierarchical power structure patterned after the babylonian pyramidal power structure!

More and more did a form of “Church Government” arise, and “professional clergy” came to the surface. And in 396 AD, three centuries after the Apocalypse was written where Mystery Babylon was revealed and her comming judgement announced, It was time for Babylon to realease the first official version of her anti-christ church: Church 1.0!

Until then, Christianity had been officially declared illegal by the Roman System. It had been tolerated at best, and persecuted at worst. This “changed” when Emperor Constantine “legalized” Christianity for the first time in western Church History.

Around this time, the so called “canon” of what we know as the Bible was “established” and the “Nicean Creed” was originating in this time too. Now in itself, there is not much wrong with that canon, as it contains the essentials and enough hints to other books like the Book of Enoch which should have been in there to[5]. And most of what we know as the Nicean Creed isn’t that bad.

But the point was, that Emperor Constantine released Church 1.0. And it was not the True Church! For that Church was founded by Yesus Kristos Who has all power and needs therefore no legalization of any government!

Think about Emperor Constantine’s legalized Roman Church, for example. They have continually been killing the true prophets of Jah. It’s papal system of Church Government is as babylonian as babylonian can be while the “mother church” plays her part in the church and state system we learn to call the “Judeo Christian Civilization” but it is reality Babylon...

The Roman “Catholic” Church, by nature of it’s very institution, can be considered as Church 1.5.  The inquisition, the Jesuits, you name it. While the Roman Popes exposed their very anti-christ nature and even installed their “Holy Roman Empire”, a constant returning theme of her wicked system is that of persecution of those that wished to live with Yesus Kristos apart from that “Roman Catholic Church”.[6]

But also the so-called “Reformers”(!), like Calvin, didn’t really do it much better. Not only did they not leave out of Babylon, they rather “reformed”. And they continued many of the “empty traditions” such as structurizing the church as a “christian community” with official state support.

Calvin moved quickly and brutally to suppress Genevans who questioned his authority. The most notable episodes are the cases of Pierre Ameaux and Jacques Gruet. Calvin was reluctant to ordain Genevans, preferring to choose pastors from the stream of French immigrants pouring into the city for the express purpose of supporting Calvin's program of reform. When Pierre Ameaux complained about this practice, Calvin took it as an attack on his authority as a minister, and he persuaded the city council to require Ameaux to walk through the town dressed in a hair shirt and begging for mercy in the public squares. Jacques Gruet sided with some of the old Genevan families, who resented the power and methods of the Consistory. He was implicated in an incident in which someone had placed a placard in one of the city's churches, reading: "When too much has been endured revenge is taken." Calvin consented to the torture and beheading of Gruet, who was accused of colluding in a French plot to invade the city.

In 1553, Calvin approved of the execution by burning of Michael Servetus for heresy.[7]

Take Martin Luther. His alliances with the ruling elite in Germany led him to utter the most disdainful words towards the slave revolts of the local peasants. This revolt was inspired by peasants reading the Bible in their own language and seeing right through the corruption of the Babylon System that told them how they weren living in a “Christian Civilization”. The so-called “Reformed Church”, as they called their “church update” in that time, perpetuated the persecution of the True Church as much as the Roman Church.

The revolt received the blessing of the Swiss reformer Huldreich Zwingli and in Thuringia was led by the radical Anabaptist leader Thomas Münzer. Martin Luther, however, condemned the revolt, thus contributing to its eventual defeat. Lacking unity and firm leadership, the peasant forces were crushed (1525) largely by the army of the Swabian League. It is estimated that 100,000 peasants were killed.[8]

The Anglican Church isn’t that much better. In fact, it’s worse. There is not that much difference between the Anglican Church and the Roman Church, for example. The only difference is in their “head”: the Romans have the “Holy Father Of Rome” as their head, and the Anglicans worship whoever is on the English Throne as their Holy Head.

All the main denominations within American Evangelicalism derive from the Roman Church through the so-called “Reformed Movement”. Christafari present themselves as Evangelicals and they are a part of this False Church System that can be traced back to Emperor Constantine.

It leads too far to go deeper into the history of the western church. But it is fair to say, that the True Church never needs an update, where the Babylonian Church continually updates herself as to keep in pace with the “orders of the ages”, her political counter-part in the Church-And-State System.

The Church in this Church-And-State System is not the True Church. It is the Church of Anti-Christ, as revealed in the Apocalypse. She is the mother of harlots, and continually has to “update” herself in order to stay in the market. After all, that’s what a harlot does. She sells herself to who-ever bids the most.

What Mark Mohr describes as “excesses and empty traditions” can therefore easily be recognized as a description of this false church. The apostle John calls her: “Babylon”.

And the apostle also describes, how the Most High calls out to the children of JAH within this Babylon, that makes merchandize out of the Christian, that generates economic activety out of the Christian Life:

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.(Revelation 18:4)

It becomes even more clear when you realize how the Greek root word for the english “Church” means: “A group of people who are being called out of”!

JAH is calling His Children in Yesus Kristos to step out of Babylon so that we will not be partakers of her sins (“excesses”) and receive not of her plagues (“empty traditions”).

But those who are called out of Babylon, that is the True Church, that is JAH People, know themselves to be truly born again through Yesus Kristos. They hear this voice, to step out of Babylon. That very ability to hear this voice marks, if you will, their membership of “The Group That Is Being Called To Step Out Of Babylon”: The Church of JAH!

When you are con-fused, mixed-up, caught inna Babylon, then you are volnurable for false doctrines even without you knowing it. For the very fact that you are a partaker in the Church System that the Bible describes as Babylon the Church of Antichrist, makes you receptible for that. You might believe in some spiritual reincarnation theory. You might believe in fixing up Babylon rather then stepping out of her, and you might not even realize how wrong you are.

Take for example the following quote, which was written on the CRC[9] messageboard by a Christafarian:

I agree with a lot of your criticisms of the modern church. I agree with a lot of your criticisms with the "Christian Industrial Complex" as you call it (...) I guess the main difference between you and I is you run away and criticize while I join in and seek change from within.[10]

Running Away, or stepping out, that’s the question....

Joining In, or partake in her sin, that’s the question...

Will you step out of Babylon or will you join in and be a partaker of her sins? In the mind set of this Christafarian, the brainwash was allready worked out well; He didn’t even see how he was violating the very same aspect that makes a church into what it is. For the word church means: “A Group of people who are being called out of”.

We see the same mentality or mind set behind the fruit of the Christafarian that we analyse in this chapter: “The Gathering” in Trinidad. A “Church 2.0”. Where the 1.0 obviously refers to Babylon’s Antichrist Church.

And as we have established, the Christian Industrial Complex is defined as Generating Economic Activity Out Of The Christian Life. The “Christian Industry” is truly a Church 2.0: The Clergy (“Professional Church Ministers”) on steroids...

The Christafarian bases his “Gathering” on his studies of the New Testament and Western Church History and concludes he has to reform rather than step out. Has he not heard the voice of JAH calling His People to step out of Babylon because he bases his spiritual identity on some kind of spiritual reincarnation theory?

Has he only heard from the True Church by listening to witnesses and is it therefore so, that he con-fuses test-I-money’s with witnesses of the Voice of Jah, the Good Shepherd, Who says to His People to step out of Babylon and calls this group “Church”, meaning “Group Of People Who Is Being Called Out Of”, in this case, the Babylonian Antichrist “Church”?

How right the quoted Christafarian was, when he said “I guess the main difference between you and I is you run away and criticize while I join in and seek change from within”, only JAH knows. But indeed, those who listen to JAH and consider themselves to be part of the Church of Yesus Kristos know themselves to be called out of Babylon. Those who can not hear this call will at best try to “seek change from within”, or “reform”...

JAH know...

But where this Christafarian Artist was still refering to what he thinks is the “Church”, Mark Mohr himself has allread passed that stage and simply makes use of the false church to forward himself in his “Purpose Driven Life”[11]...

The Gathering, as we learn, was not supposed to be a church at all! The Christafarian writes that: “They don't actually call it a church, because the church is the body of Christ--people not buildings”.

So what were they organizing there, on Trinidad? Who were they “gathering” for what reason? What about these “Four Key Pillars” that they built their “Church 2.0” on? What’s that “w.i.f.e.” system? And why can it only be called “Church” with this update 2.0 behind the name?

What are the Christafarians continually updating and with what are they updating it?

In the previous book, we allready briefly touched the “Wife Principal” that Mark Mohr claims to be the Four Key Pillars for The Gathering. We noticed how a particular situation with his wife Avion Blackman “led” him to Trinidad where he “planted a church”.

The Christafarian was very unhappy with this suggestion, he told me personally during our telephone conversation. With a voice that expressed disgust, he “established”: “And then you claim I named some philosophy after my wife”. I re-assured him that I absolutely did not intend to critisize him for that, I simply mentioned how I thought him to have a creative mind and wanted to give some “private praises to JAH” in this.

In short, I thought that Mark Mohr thought of this “W.I.F.E. Principal” out of his own meditation. This is the idea, that he gave in his public statements. But for the research for this book, we discovered how the whole principal is a product of the Christian Industrial Complex too.

When you search the Internet for the keywords “Worship, Instruction, Fellowship and Evangelism[12]” you will find the principal applied in many churches of the evangelical kind. One of them explains it a bit deeper as follows:

The four functions of our church are represented by the acronym WIFE (worship, instruction, fellowship, and evangelism).  The acronym WIFE also reminds us that the Church is the bride (wife) of Christ.[13]

This means, that the “Wife” is a referance to the True Church. Now where does this whole idea come from?

The phrase is coined by a man named Rick Diefenderfer. He wrote books like “Creating Christian Communities – A Simple Church System”. Diefenderfer offers an online “School Of Cell Based Church Planting” for almost $1500.- On his website, he promotes this Christian Industrial Product as follows:

We offer this Internet-based course of study in planting cell-based churches as a viable option for men and women who feel called by God to be involved in cell-based church ministry. We have discovered correspondence courses offered via the Internet, such as this, permit persons currently serving to continue serving while becoming better equipped to do so without the need of quiting a job, ending a professional career, selling all, severing close relationships, uprooting family, placing their children on school 'free-lunch' programs and furnishing their apartments with 'early-dumpster' furniture.[14]

Here we see the process of “Church Planting”. This is what the Apostle Paulus did on his journeys throughout Africa, the Greek peninsula, and other places. It is part of the Christian life. Paulus did not charge money for his “Church planting”. Paulus worked in the Tent Industry. Petrus did not work in any industry. But there were people who helped him go through life financially while he planted churches for free. Neither Petrus nor Paulus charged money for anything related to their “Church Planting”, because Yesus Kristos has said: “Freely ye have received, so give freely”.

So who is the husband of the “wife”? For as far as we know, there is a huge difference between a wife and a bride. This has to do with something called “day of marriage”. It is the day of the union between a bride and a broom. The day the bride becomes the wife and the broom becomes the husband. Is the true Church in it’s local gathering a bride or a wife?

This spiritual marriage will be spiritually fullfilled when the final union between Yesus Kristos and His bride takes place, which is yet in the future. However, when the bride doesn’t know the difference between being a bride and being a wife, the “bride” may very well not even be the True Church!

Anyway: when this part of the Christian life, namely the gathering of Jah Children, is done with the purpose of generating economic activety, this is the false prophets that Petrus warned us against: “They will make merchandize of you”!

The “Church Planting” that Rick Diefenderfer makes a living of, is called “Cell Based Church Planting”. Let’s shortly introduce it’s founder: a Korean named Yonggi Cho, another admitted teacher of the Christafarian. And well known for his New Age philosophies[15].

In the mind set of someone who thinks that “God” chose him to plug a gap in the Christian Industry, everything in the Christian life is to make money. That’s why it’s called “Christian Industry”.

Church Planting is big business too. The “many souls” are considered the “fruits”. We have allready seen how 80-90% of them fall away from the faith. This is not the real work of the real Holy Spirit, this is the antichrist “Christian Industry” at work, creating apostates at a succes rate of 80-90%!

Mark Mohr claims:

I think that one of the greatest strengths that we have is the ability to take those names and doctrines that we have in common with other cults and to use them as a gateway for ministering to others on their own ground using their own language.

A great example of the ministry opportunities that could be possible if the use of Jah was put in place by Christians when trying to reach rastas is the story of the tremendous church growth in Korea. In the 1860s, Roman Catholics had faced great hostility in Korea for using an imported Chinese term for God. This did not sit well with the Korean nationals, and church attendance was at an all time low. In contrast, Protestant missionary work to Korea began in earnest in the 1880s, and almost immediately there was a receptive response. One of the reasons for this may have been the Protestants use of the Korean term Hananim for God. The Choice of Hananim according to Don Richardson, could not have been more providential for Protestant missions in Korea. Preaching like houses afire in cities, towns, villages or in the countryside, Protestants missionaries began by affirming Korean Belief in Hananim. Building upon this residual witness, Protestants masterfully disarmed the Korean people's natural antipathy toward bowing before some foreign deity.

This event set the stage for the fastest church growth ever recorded. Led by Paul Yonggi Cho and his cell-group concept, an estimated one million people are being converted to Christianity each year in Korea. I truly believe that what has happened in Korea could happen in Jamaica with the redeemed use of the name Jah when ministering to rastas. Furthermore, we have a greater justification if we use an already Biblical name to reach this culture.[16]

So we see from our own investigation into the history of the western church and it’s description in the book of the Apocalypse, as well as Mark Mohr’s own referances to the history of this same church as “reformable”, just what it is he means with “church planting” in Trinidad. It’s not the True Church of Yesus Kristos, it is a “gathering of Jah people” in order to make merchandize out of them.

Let’s see the fruits of this attempt to create a Christafarian Sanctuary Church on Trinidad. While still starting up the Plantation, the Christafarian writes:

To plant more seeds I taught a one-day music seminar in September, and am now teaching a full blown class on songwriting and the Christian music industry at a local arts college. I will be sharing my experiences with Christafari, and will be providing the seeds of knowledge for others to undertake similar Christian music ventures. In addition, I am mentoring several upcoming musicians.”

The Concept: We have set out to virtually reinvent the church. There are no pews, no pulpit, no steeple--it is just a simple gathering of the people. The lights are dimmed, incense is lit, and candles are burning as the people come in. They are greeted and then encouraged to sit down on the chairs in the back, or on the pillows that fill the floor. We don't use any Christianese terms that will scare and confuse potential new converts.

Once the service is over, the DJ starts slammin' the Lion of Zion tunes


1) That Mark and Avion will continue to work together well in their new location, that God will be the center of their home.

2) That Mark will be inspired by the Lord to bring His wisdom to the leadership of their new church plant, The Gathering. That the church will become self-sufficient with strong leadership and sound doctrine.

3) That souls will be saved and lives impacted by the work they are doing.

4) That immigration officials will release Avion to return to the U.S. in God?s timing.

5) That the Lord?s work will continue through Lion of Zion, and the future administration of this business will be strong so that the world will continue to be reached through Christian World Music. Pray for potential future business partnerships.  

Thanks so much for your support. We covet your prayers.

Swimming in His Grace,

Mark and Avion Mohr  

P.S. Christafari and The Gathering are a ministries that survive primarily through the financial support of those who believe in our vision and purpose. If you have been spiritually blessed by our music and ministry and wish to help keep our work alive by blessing us with regular support or a one time tax deductible love-gift, please e-mail an inquiry and I will send you our support letter. Thanks for your consideration.[17] 

As you can see, there’s nothing related to Rastafari in all of the above. What he describes is more like a Roman Church or a hippie community in the United States: “The lights are dimmed, incense is lit, and candles are burning”. 

Now that symbolizes more then the fact that the Christafarian has no affiliation with Rastafari whatsoever but a commercial one. He sees potential in incorporating a carribean location in his empire. There’s a mention of “not scaring off potential new converts”, which is a mind set straight out of the marketing books from the so-called “Church Growth Movement”. 

Obviously, he is bringing something. “Planting seeds”, he calls it. It has to do with bands, the Christian Music Industry, and importing post-modernism into Trinidad. From an official Lion of Zion News Release, let’s read some excerpts about “The Gathering”: 

"After studying the Christian churches of Trinidad I found a major void," said Mark. "While many churches may have good youth groups, when a teenager finishes secondary school (high school), he/she is stuck with two choices: become a youth leader, or attend their church's general service which can be tough for a 17 year old teen who watches more BET than TBN. With the average age of many congregations around 45 (and the pastor may be even older), these youths are found searching for a message with relevance. There are some great youth events and concerts held for college age singles, but many churches in Trinidad and Tobago have a void in Christian education for those aged 16-32.

A pillow? "That's right, think about it," says Mohr. "When I am at home about ready to watch a great movie, or my favorite TV show, where do I sit? I choose the most comfortable spot in my house, the couch. In the same way, why shouldn't we be comfortable when we worship?"” 

I often start off messages with a clip from a popular movie like 'Lord of the Rings' or 'The Matrix' and always end with an opportunity for the audience to personally apply what they have learned," says Mohr.” 

We rotate worship leaders weekly and each one is a well-known Caribbean gospel artist. Their God-directed songs are becoming the praise and worship standards of this generation in Trinidad. I strongly encourage the artists to use their own material and possibly a few other Caribbean praise songs. I also discourage them from using American or western songs. I believe a significant problem with the churches here is so many of them have been robbed of their own culture by missionaries who instituted the western music they were accustomed to for praise & worship. Rather than have The Gathering imitate what is going on in America, I want to bring Trinidadian culture back into the church and make it a 'Trini ting!' As another key element in accomplishing that objective, I'm building up a Trinidadian leadership team and eventually phasing myself out. We already have several strong local leaders in position who can lead when I'm out on the road ministering with Christafari.

“"It is amazing. An hour after the service, half the people are still there talking and hanging out. This is after-church fellowship at it's best!" says Mohr.”

"I am not against the churches of Trinidad and Tobago. I believe the churches here work for those who are already attending. The problem is most churches are allergic to the word 'change' yet there is a spiritually malnourished generation being fed primarily by a consistent diet of movies, media and music. We aren't effectively reaching the lost. My studies at BIOLA University and my background of musical ministry with Christafari have prepared me to reach this demographic group through these mediums," said Mohr.[18] 

Now let’s take a look at what is actually being said here, how it is to be seen from a true Christian perspectiv. Let’s realize how the Christafarian is a worker for the System he himself fails to identify on so many crucial occasions. We can only conclude he is an avid partaker of her wickedness. 

He has a seriously con-fused or mixed view on “The Church” again. Oh yes, the Christafarian can tell you how all believers have to be considered members of the True Church. But he uses that fact to attempt to unify all the structured “churches” and denominations into one world religion.

The Christafarian describes how the youths are “being fed primarily by a consistent diet of movies, media and music” and how he doesn’t see anything wrong with that passiveness persay, because: “My studies at BIOLA University and my background of musical ministry with Christafari have prepared me to reach this demographic group through these mediums”. 

We have seen where his studies at BIOLA led him to: a confrontation with Buju Banton that might very well be seen as symbolical for the Christafarian’s ignorance about the very same “demographic group” he speaks about. 

However, through this ignorance that he blatantly has, he is obviously being used if he is not using it himself. After all, when you don’t think for yourself, someone else will. In this case, it might very well be that Christophari Columbus comes again to plant his “Geezus Christ” of the New World Order in the Carribean once more. 

Biola’s strong ties with the New World Order policy of George W. Bush, exposed by their own boasting how Biola is called “Bush Country” is confirmed by the publication of a Christafari Interview on a website And this might be very, very relevant! 

His background of musical ministry with Christafari isn’t that much better either. It is a background of Sanctuaryanism which is a culture that has absolutely no affinity or remote connection to anything remotely connected with Reggae Music or with Rastafari or even with the Carribean! This Sanctuaryanism is a very American thing, comming straight out of the satanistic Aleister Crowley kind of Satanism, neo nazism and other unholy aspects of the Pagan Babylon System. 

The Christafarian claims that he has learned to use the very same propaganda channels and methods as the Babylonian New World Order Propaganda Machine from the very same channels themselves! 

He follows the same pattern as Sanctuary, where the so-called worship leaders are well known artists and we have seen with Stryper and Vengeance how that went in Sanctuaryanism. In the Christian Industrial Complex however, “worship” is just another word for musical entertaintment under the guise of “worshipping Jah”. 

We also see in the Christafarians blueprint for the Christafarian Church, how he is heavily influenced by what is known as the Church Growth Movement, which basically turns what is known as “the Church” (meaning: all the local buildings that have “church” written on them) into an entertaintment house to “fill it with the unchurched[19]”. This arm of the Christian Industrial complex is spearheaded by organizations as Willow Creek and people such as Rick Warren, who wrote a book called “The Purpose Driven Life”. 

In the Church Growth Movement, “Seeker Sensitive” is the buzz-word. Marketing techniques are applied to get a bored, post modern people “into the Church”. Yesus says in the bible, that “The Father in Heaven is seeking for worshippers who worship HIM in truth and in their heart”. So when it comes to “Seeker Sensitive” and the Church, JAH is the Seeker. 

But Mark Mohr, as a loyal worker for the Babylonian Christian Industrial Complex, turns this around and makes a bored, post modern people that doesn’t want to hear about superficial issues such as false doctrine and merchandizing of the Christian Life determe what happens in the “Church”, eer “Gathering, not church”. 

Mark Mohr talks about a spiritually malnourished generation, who watches more BET than TBN, as if watching TBN would solve their spiritual need for solid food. As if watching TV could provide them with food at all! 

Pastor Mark talks about “churches” as if they are not entertaining enough. He con-fuses entertainment with a local gathering of Yesus Disciples which the Bible calls a Local Church. He talks about after-church fellowship at it's best, an after party. The whole setting is in hippie style “relax, relax” while the “Gathering” is being fed the propaganda from Babylon: “clip from a popular movie like 'Lord of the Rings' or 'The Matrix'”, for example. 

But behind the facade of this “relaxed” atmosphere that simulates some idea of niceness, it’s not relaxed at all. The Christafarian built up a Trinidadian leadership team that under his guidance became several strong local leaders in position! This is because he brings, as he says, bring Trinidadian culture back into the church and make it a 'Trini ting!' 

It’s a pyramide power structure in a pyramide power structure in a pyramid power structure. With Mark Mohr as “planter” there are a few “strong local leaders” in “position” so that: the mice won’t play when the cat’s away! But Mark Mohr is under the “covering” of “Sanctuary” and “Sowers”, who have to give accountability too. To the companies that owe them, for example. Or their “Pastors”... 

Let us not forget, how the Christafarian calls his very life “my life ministry”. This is how he views things, this is why he does things. He does not see things outside of his Purpose Driven Life. His goal is to fill the gap in the Christian Industrial Complex when it comes to “Reggae and World Music”. Music, that’s the main issue in his “life ministry”. Music and control... After all, he is a Pastor! 

So that is why he sees the colonialistic downpression of the Babylonian System only in the music and he thinks that he can fix this problem by Being a Trinidarian under the Trinidarian to fake some Trinidarian and with that Carribean image like on TV. 

That is why he claims that missionaries who instituted the western music they were accustomed to for praise & worship are the reason for the alleged “gap” in the Christian. 

In reality, he saw a goldmine for his newly founded business he named “Lion Of Zion Entertaintment”. Trinidad was filled with “famous gospel artists” and by tempting them into the Gatherings “Team of Worship Leaders”, he would have recordings and control over artists that would sound very good in the Gospel Reggae Industry. 

The artists in Trinidad saw how Mark Mohr taught seminars about the Christan Music Industry and they saw in the Christafarian a gate to America, ofcourse. Many saw the Gathering as some kind of “talent contest”. Under the guise of “Church Planting”, something completely different was going on. Just like the Sanctuary Church, here we have another example of Petrus’ Warning: “They will make merchandize out of you”! 

Our sources have told us how the Gathering in that times sometimes looked like a “Talent Contest” rather than a Gathering of local believers in Yesus Kristos. 

Now as Mark Mohr continually faces, so did he have to face in this time too, how his abuse of the Body of Yesus Kristos could only produce works of the flesh and would not as much be known by the fruits of the Holy Spirit. We see in the Bible how such a practise should not be seen as something to keep silent about: 

For the fruit of the Spirit [is] in all goodness and righteousness and truth; Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [them]. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. (Ephesians 5:9-14) 

The word for “reproof” here is the Greek verb “elencho”. It means, according to the Strong’s Dictionairy: 

"to convict, expose, rebuke, reprove," is translated "to reprove" (..) Eph 5:11,13, where "to expose" is again the significance;”[20] 

So let us now reproof the fruits of the Christafarian Church Plant. From the information that is gathered for this book we have come to know certain facts which we will have to expose to the general public, for the sake of love for the truth.

The Christafarian doesn’t really like the public to know, what happenned further at the Gathering. And he still manages to keep a low profile on the Gathering in the time this is written (june 2005). But from several sources, most of them are confidential and others deleted from the public’s eye yet archived at the CRC, a not so pretty picture comes to the surface.

Is The Gathering still “under the cover of Sanctuary and the Sowers”? 

Njet. And therefore, when we speak about the Gathering in this chapter, we do not speak about this current Post-Christafarian Gathering. 

Pastor Mark wrote a letter to Trinidad on apil 1st, 2005. It was a letter that one source called a “divorce letter”. There is no more spiritual connection between the Christafarian and the Gathering. The reason for this: Pastor Mark was not seen as “authority that has to be obeyed by all”... 

Mark Mohr is personally “under the cover of Sanctuary and the Sowers”, but his silent seperation from the Gathering means that this congregation no longer has anything to do with the Christafarian, at least not in the spiritual sense. 

There are still a lot of contacts in the business field. There are also problems in that area, by the way. Trinidad artists don’t deal with Lion of Zion directly anymore, either. They asked one person to maintain the contacts for them. 

The bizarre aspect is, that the public is not informed about this “official divorce” but rather kept under the impression that The Gathering still an official Christafari project. 

Another “superficial issue in the public’s eye”? 

There is correspondence in the off-line CRC archive, that is provided to us by a number of sources. We trust these sources but we will not mention their names. Some of the material that we use is never intended to be seen by a CRC Researcher. But we must expose it to the very same “public’s eye”, who is in my opinnion completely able to to discern what is a superficial issue or not. Especially since the public, this case, are we: readers of this book, lovers of Truth. 

On the Christafari Messageboard, there was some inside information from Trinidad which has been taken off by the Christafari Moderators. Let us repeat it here: 

“... technically “The Gathering” is not a LionOfZion/Christafari ministry though it has a close association and its CD came out on the label (which not all the local participants were too happy about). Though Mark started it was handed over (...) and has taken changes in format and presentation and added vision from local participants and further is completely sponsored and funded from (ED: Christafari Independant) funds in the states.”[21] 

Mark Mohr and some people around him, ran into a conflict with other members of “The Gathering” who were, according to one source, “glad to see Mark Mohr go”. There was a conflict resulting in a serious split. And now there is no longer any connection between the Gathering on one hand and Lion of Zion, Christafari and Sanctuary on the other. 

It’s official. But the Christafarian doesn’t want you to know. 

We saw how Mark Mohr told the readers of the Christian Press how he was Church Planting in Trinidad and how his Church Plantation was in reality bringing Trinidadian Culture to the Trinidarians. We saw how he was in fact exporting Post Modernism to Trinidad. The analogy with Christophari Columbus is easily made, and like in Jamaica where the Jamaicans didn’t want this, so it happened in Trinidad. 

Our sources tell us, how he Gathering did not accept this Import of Post Modernism. An inquiry just prior to the release of this book had one source confirm the word “abolished” in explaining the post modernism in “the Gathering”. What the Christafarian described in his promo’s has indeed been abolished now. 

The people at the Gathering also found out, what Mark Mohr was telling people in the USA and through his website and how different that was from what Mark Mohr told the people back in Trinidad. Our sources even use the word “opposite” in this! 

We can see in the quote that was deleted from the Christafari Website, how all that Mark Mohr claimed the Gathering to be was: “taken changes in format and presentation and added vision from local participants”. In other words, there goes Mark Mohr’s plug in the gap in the Christian Church Industry! There goes his chance to make some Carribean base for the “Christian World Music Industry”! As said, the word “abolished was confirmed” 

His hippie-style, post modern approach works well in the United States, where it is allready a classic in the Church Growth Movement. But, ofcourse it has nothing to do with Carribean Culture. And so, our sources tell us, there was a great relief when Mark Mohr went back to the United States to further his business right there. 

His claim: “My studies at BIOLA University and background of musical ministry with Christafari have prepared me to reach this demographic group through these mediums” turned out to be false. 

But did he ever retract them? No. 

Instead he silently seperated from the Gathering and individuals connected to this local congregation of Trinidad believers in Yesus Kristos. 

Official, but not public. 

You see this often in the works of the Christafarian. Every conflict, situation or even difference in opinnion has to be kept outside of the public knowledge because some image has to be kept up high. After all, to the Christians that form his “support base” some picture must be continually maintained as if the Christafarian is succesfully in his Life Ministry... 

In reality we must establish how his American Export of the Post Modern Church 2.0 did fail. The people on Trinidad abolished slavery once more. 

This conflict between the Christafarian and the people on Trinidad had not only to do with the “post modern redefined church 2.0” which was an abomination in the eyes of many within the congregation. 

It’s worse. 

Remember Roger Martinez and how he became a satanist? Pastor Bob Beeman and his posse really fooled him with some business deals. The Sanctuaryan Worship Leader was being turned into merchandize by his pastor and Mark Mohr has done exactly the same with the artists he signed to his church. 

Mark Mohr did some bad business to some of the local artists from Trinidad. They are probably the “worship leaders” that he used for his weekly stage shows mistakenly called “worship”, but we are not certain about that.  

What we are certain about is this: the Christafarian released music by these artists on his label “Lion of Zion Entertaintment”. The artist signed contracts, but they were “not amused” to find out just what that meant. 

Take this so called “worship CD” and often on the Christafari best seller list[22]. This is where the so-called “worship of Jah” ends: in the Christian Industrial Complex! Compare the words from the Christafarian about his church with the promo for the album: 

This innovative compilation is (...) jam-packed with new songs from (..) artists that have recently graced the stage at the Gathering in Trinidad. This clever collection (..) of (..) contemporary gospel music. In a one-of-a-kind Gathering, this Caribbean island's unique culture is transformed for Christ[23] 

Where Mark Mohr at the beginning of his “plant” was still speaking about how “he” would bring Trinidad it’s own culture, the customers in the Christian Industrial Complex are told some more truth: The Christafarian has transformed, destroyed, the culture of Trinidad by introducing some charicature of it as merchandize for his gap plugging life ministry! 

Poor Mark. He tried to set up a “Church” in Jamaica, and it didn’t work out. Then he tried to plant his seeds in Trinidad, brainwash some “local leaders” into Christafarianism to do the work for him, and that didn’t work out either. He wrote them a “divorce letter” when he found out how they didn’t want to subject themselves to him in this system of “Officially Ordained Sanctuary Pastors”. 

The Christafarian’s doctrines concerning what is known as “Church Government” can be traced back to Babylon’s Religious System. The “empty traditions” Mark Mohr claims to have identified within the system he mistakenly calls “Christianity” form the very nature of this religious Babylonianism. And whatever it is that Mark Mohr claims to do when he is “saving souls”, it surely means that he is making people members of the Church System. When they don’t end in Jail or worse, that is. 

Our sources tell us, how Mark Mohr wanted to “send” certain people “to the Bobo Shanti’s”, and how he wanted to “ordain” people into the very same “Order of Pastors” that he himself was initiated into by Bob Beeman. This is very important to Mark. So important that he seperates from people who do not accept this reli-fascism. 

In the correspondence with Bob Beeman that was partly published in the previous book , Bob Beeman wrote to us: “The purpose of his ordination was for establishing churches[24]. Without being an ordained Pastor, you can not “establish” or “plant” churches in this system of which Sanctuary itself is also a part. But this is a completely unbiblical thing. It is however one of the empty traditions that the Christafarian did not only overlook, but happily participates in.

Mark Mohr never really explained the Gathering how he was connected with Sanctuary International either. On the Christafari Website, however, we read how “The Mohrs Are Under The Covering of Sanctuary International and The Sowers International”. But our sources tell us that people who were closely associated with him had no idea how they were being used by the Christafarian to use what he himself described as a “Carribean Sanctuary”. None had ever heard what happened to Roger Martinez, for example. 

Our sources give us information that we combine with other data we have gathered. It seems that the Christafari Release “Gravity” contained some hidden reactions to his dissapointments in Trinidad. For this, we have to refer to another development in the Life Ministry of the Christafarian that he spread around the Christian Press: the fact that the Christafarian will no longer refer to the entity he calls “God” by His Holy Name JAH. 

In the telephone conversation that I had with Mark Mohr, he mentioned a lot of artists from Trinidad. I remembered some of their names from the Christafari Store but I do not recall these names. They’re not important either. What is more important must be touched, however. In a voice that exposed rage and deep frustration, he told me how all these artists were singing about what he called “a different god” and he clearly said that he was speaking about artists on Trinidad who were singing about JAH in the Gathering. 

Some more public statements by the Christafarian confirm this. 

DUBROOM: “Is the following summary correct: "We're not gonna sing the name of Jah anymore because the fruit of such a thing is the 'Rastafarization' of Christianity”?” 

CHRISTAFARI: “Yes, it is correct, depending on your interpretation. I will use the name when singing my past songs on stage and when personally ministering to a Rasta. I have not used this name in my recent recordings as an attempt to set a positive example for the plethora of young aspiring artists that I teach at music seminars in places like Trinidad and Tobago or Barbados, who think the best way to start off every song is by singing Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah... Now keep in mind, these guys are not dreads, nor do they know the Rasta culture intimately. They are not using this term to reach the Rastas, but to stroke the sheep. If they ever do talk about Selassie or Rastas, it is in a disrespectful manner that may make Christians laugh, but is at the expense of the ones that I am trying to save. Seen?[25] 

“... when I started Christafari and Lion of Zion ent., my primary goal was to see the rasta church become Christian, yet one of the regrettable fruits of my labor, (due to uneducated imitation by other artists) is the Christian church becoming more rasta. This was never my intention. It was not my desire to have a Christian congregation in Trinidad shouting out the name "JAH!" in their church services.[26] 

Our sources confirm that his public statement, how he “wanted to make the Rasta Church more Christian and not the other way around” was indeed related to one of the differences Mark Mohr had with the “Local Believers” in Trinidad’s Carribean Sanctuary

Take a look at the following quote by the Christafarian: 

You see, we have always used Jah as a culturally sensitive way to reach Rastas, (and still will individually), yet so many young gospel reggae artists are using our same ministry approach in trying to reach a completely different audience--the Christian church.[27] 

Mark Mohr was specifically speaking here about the Gathering, but (until then?) he failed to see how he himself was doing exactly the same: violating the commandment, to Not Use The Name Of JAH In Vain!

JAH is not a “culturally sensitive way”, JAH is His Holy Name. The way that the Christafarian applies this Name in his writings and other publications, reveal the little if any respect that he has for the Holy One from ZION. It reveals, how Mark Mohr uses JAH as if the Almighty One is some kind of special effect in some musical production. As if the Name of the Almighty One can be used for the vanity of marketing.

After all, Christafari says that they only use the Name of JAH to reach the Rastas with “God”. They surely do not want to have the “Church” sing praises to the Most High by His Name JAH! And they only “use Jah”, as they state it, to make the Rasta Church more Christian.

There is something seriously significant going on in this particular event. For we have to take into consideration how JAH is a Name of the Most High. And how “God” was the entity which was worshipped by the tribe of the Teutons, which gave us the current word “Satan”[28]:

The word God is derived from the old Teutonic form gudo which means that which is invoked (or worshipped) by sacrifice (cf. Oxford English Universal Dictionary, art. God, p. 808). This was adapted among the Teutonic tribes in the variant forms.[29] 

Mark Mohr knows all of this. Or at least, he should. This make it all so striking that he really says: “No More JAH, here is God”! However, in his book Christ and Tafari, he claims: 

I remembered back to the year of 1989 when I had first come out of my belief in the deity of Rastafari. I was zealous in my study of the Word as a newly re-dedicated Christian. In my rejecting of the lordship of Jah Ras Tafari, I had thrown out the Jah with the Rastafari. I strongly believed that using the name Jah was calling upon the name of a false god. I held this belief for some time until I met another dreadlocked Christian reggae vocalist who reminded me that Jah was in fact a biblical name for God. He told me to look up Psalm 68:4 and this passage quickly put me at ease with the further use of Jah within my vocabulary.[30] 

In the Carribean, many people call upon JAH, the Almighty Creator. Mark Mohr wrote this in his book too: 

In addition to the name Jah being used by Rastas, it is also a common appellation used within Jamaican culture. Due toits regular use in their dialect of Patois, this name is by no means limited to the Rastafarian culture, but rather it encompasses the majority of Jamaican culture, and other areas of the Caribbean also. For this reason, I have chosen "Jah Yard" as the name for the Churches that I am planting in Jamaica. 

A great example of the ministry opportunities that could be possible if the use of Jah was put in place by Christians in Jamaica is the story of the tremendous church growth in Korea. In the 1860s, Roman Catholics had face great hostility in Korea for using an imported Chinese term for God. This did not sit well with the Korean nationals, and church attendance was at an all time low. In contrast, Protestant missionary work to Korea "began in earnest in the 1880s, and almost immediately there was a receptive response. One of the reasons for this may have been the Protestants use of the Korean term Hananim for God.   

'The Choice of Hananim' according to Don Richardson, 'could not have been more providential for Protestant missions in Korea. Preaching like houses afire in cities, towns, villages or in the countryside, Protestants missionaries began by affirming Korean Belief in Hananim. Building upon this residual witness, Protestants masterfully disarmed the Korean people's natural antipathy toward bowing before some foreign deity" (Tucker, 445).

This event set the stage for the fastest church growth ever recorded. Led by Paul Yonggi Cho and his cell-group concept, an estimated one million people are being converted to Christianity each year in Korea (Tucker, 445). 

I truly believe that what has happened in Korea could happen in Jamaica with the redeemed use of the name Jah. Furthermore, we have a greater justification if we use an already Biblical name to reach this culture[31] 

Using the Name of JAH is only a “culturally sensitive way” of a total package that we call Christafarianism. In the case of Bob Beeman and His Holy Metal Empire, we call it Sanctuaryanism. It has a very thin biblical layer called “All Things To All Men” to hide the fact that they create a culture with our fan base: an evangelical correct way of enjoying the post modern pop culture

When we see how Mark Mohr describes his Carribean Sanctuary, it looks like any post modern new age hippie like “ashram”. With American movies to illustrate the message of his “Christianity”, the Christafarian entertains his audience with the post modern culture. By using local artists in his churches, he clearly gives a signal to the people on Trinidad, how “here is an American and if you want to have some record deal you must go to his Church”. He’s even teaching music seminars about the Christian Music Industry to them and was seriously considering setting up his own studio on Trinidad: 

We are still really praying about where our home is going to be--either Trini or Cali, this will decide if I bring my studio out here. And if I bring my studio out here--watch out![32] 

Cristophari, the Carribean Planter, was not succesfull. Even the Gathering wasn’t getting him where he wanted. But never did he tell the people about this major failure. Never did he realize how he, in his own words, “Threw Jah in the water”. His education at Biola and his initiations at Sanctuary led him to become the very slave and promoter of Babylon’s Religious System many recognize in him. 

The Gathering has no longer any connection with Christafari. The Christafari “Ministry” has never released this knowledge. They were the first to hail themselves about the “planting experiences” on Trinidad, they were the first to sell music and make use of the fact that there are Rastas working with the Gathering, they are the last to publish about the “divorce”. 

It seems like everywhere the Christafarian meets some real worshippers of JAH, he backs out as soon as he finds out how he can’t control them. Because the Gathering wasn’t the only organization that he started to get some kind of leadership position over musical artists who love JAH.


[5] In the bible, the Book of Enoch is quoted and called prophecy. For an in-depth study about the Book of enoch as it relates to the Church Histry, read the folllowing PDF file: LINK

[6] For an In-dept look at the history of Babylon and the Roman Catholic Church see this LINK

[9] CRC: Center for Research on Christ-Farisees, an anonymous Research Collective documentating the Christian Industrial Complex. The CRC also releases this book and has it’s website on

[11] The “Purpose Driven Life” is a best seller in the Christian Industrial Complex presenting all kinds of New Age marketing philosophies as Christian Truths.

[19] This term was originally phrased by the Roman Church

[24] Correspondence between Messian Dread and Bob Beeman, autumn 2004

[30] Source: Mark Mohr, Christ and Tafari

[31] Source: Mark Mohr, Christ and Tafari


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